Monday, July 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

In September of 2007 the Fall River Community blog was launched. By this time I had traded lots of emails and IM's with Fall River Community and he had commented frequently here on A View From Battleship Cove.

Almost two years later and many blog posts later I'm sorry to hear that FRC has decided to close down the Fall River Community blog. FRC has told me several times over the last few months that he was going to hang up his keyboard. I had hoped that maybe the excitement of a new political season would keep my friend typing away for a while longer but I guess that's just not the case.

FRC has a tremendous talent for finding the story missed by everyone else and a gift for research. FRC points out that there are more opportunities now for Fall River residents to share their comments and thoughts but it is his unique perspective that we will miss.

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