Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Someone 'Poulin' My Leg?


Is someone 'Poulin' my leg? Just yesterday I'm reading Eric Poulin's latest press release and thinking that it's great to see a candidate come up a solid position and today I'm reading in the Herald that he has taken out papers to run for School Committee!

Now Eric isn't dropping out of the City Council race he's simply pulling out papers to enter the School Committee Race. Eric told the Herald he decided to explore the School Committee race because of his concern over the lack of candidates.

Well, I'm concerned about the lack of candidates too. The Fall River school system is in chaos and I'm afraid all parties concerned need to show more of a commitment to the mission of our schools and to our children. However, as much as I would like to see new faces and fresh approaches within our school committee, I firmly believe Eric Poulin needs to concentrate solely on a City Council run.

Two years ago one candidate, CJ Ferry, decided to enter both the school committee and city council races, he wasn't taken serious in either. Eric Poulin is far too good of a candidate for city council to have that happen to him.

Eric served six years in the Mayor's office and has a terrific grasp of the day to day operation of our city. Two years ago his platform for Mayor was by far the most detailed, most specific, and I believe the most realistic.

By running two races Eric takes a chance of dividing the votes he might otherwise get. As voters enter the booth this September they'll need to figure out if they want to vote for Eric the Councilor or Eric the Committeeman. If Poulin is lucky perhaps they'll vote for both.

Fall River needs bright, energetic, forward thinking leaders and Eric Poulin is worthy of consideration for your vote but he needs to decide what race that is going to be in.


Anonymous said...

Most likely he would have been elected to the city council, but running for both could make it look like he is unsure of what he is doing.

either way he has my vote for city council.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Eric for both positions, but I am not thrilled about his entrance in the School Committee race.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he has decided he is in the City Council race for sure. I agree that there is a serious lack of interest in the School Committee race and that is discouraging given the problems outlined in the recent report from the state.

I have to ask you Lefty though and others I've talked to today that indicated that they liked or are/were Poulin supporters in 2007, if you would vote for him to be Mayor to run the city and to be Chair of the School Committee then why wouldn't you vote for him for both positions now? If he was qualified before then why isn't he qualified now? I liked most of his mayoral platform especially the pieces that I remember that were about education.

Conventional wisdom is not to run for both but maybe with the lack of interest in reforming our school system we need something unconventional. And C.J. Ferry? To compare Poulin to C.J. Ferry I don't think is very fair to either person for a number of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Eric Poulin is way too caught up in himself.He is arrogant and self righteous and has done trememdous damage to his credibility.What has he ever accomplished ?Is finishing fourth in a split mayoral race his crowning achievement?Working in city hall for 6 yrs and eventually getting fired by Ed Lambert is his most significant resume item?I know the blogs and forums like this have been pro Poulin in the past but this decision must make it difficult to view him favorably.

Anonymous said...

Eric Poulin has lost my vote forever.He is power hungry and a ego maniac just like the rest.What a major disappointment!

Anonymous said...

Eric, your intentions are admorable, however, big mistake here. Signed, A friend.

Anonymous said...

I think some people would probably consider running for mayor at such a young age to be out of the ordinary as well as actually doing well in a race with many veteran politicians. Commenter, what were you doing when you were young? Had your head inside a keg perhaps?

It seems to me the only thing that is arrogant and self righteous is trying to argue that elected officials should get pay raises while we lay off police, fire, dpw, teachers and more. Seems like people are upset with Poulin after his appearance on the radio where he argued with a host against giving elected officials raises during this tough budget and asking councilors to sacrifice by giving up health care. Now all of a sudden people are scrambling to bash him because he dared talk about removing perks for a few people.

People that want to serve for the right reasons, that's the definition of humble and not arrogant. I suggest you consult your dictionary commenter at 8:09 p.m. because you don't sound like you know what you are talking about at all.

It is easy and not difficult to view Poulin favorably because he is so different from the people that we have in office right now, as much as that irks you because you sound like a strong pro-incumbent person that is the truth and your credibility is now damaged on this blog by making silly arguments that can't hold an ounce of water.

Anonymous said...

The big mistake was WSAR having Poulin on the station, why is it newsworthy that someone simply pulled papers for two offices? Tell me why? Did C.J. Ferry get this kind of attention when he did it? Ferry didn't even get this kind of attention when he submitted papers for two offices and Poulin from what I heard hasn't even submitted for both offices, he just pulled papers to explore. Why does he get so much attention over all other candidates for office? WSAR is either backing him or if they were trying to bash him they failed miserably as soon as Hurricane started talking about raises for elected officials. That was silly and I don't know how many people he lost with that argument. Makes me wonder if he was intentionally trying to make Poulin look good. This is all pretty curious.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last commenter, Poulin is not even the only one in this race that has pulled papers for two offices. There are other candidates this year that have pulled papers for two offices. Pulling papers for two offices is not uncommon, submitting papers for two offices might be but what was the rush to have him on the radio? How was this newsworthy and if it was then why not have all the people on the radio that pulled papers for two offices? How is it fair to the others that have two sets of papers that Poulin gets all this attention?

Anonymous said...

The newspaper was devoid on political race news. the radio was void of election news. Poulin pulls a stunt, gets lots of exposure and has not met the "standard" for reporting which is not when you take out papers but when you return them.
So who played who?
Poulin 1
media 0
vote from me none
Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I also score it poulin 1 and media 0 but I did like his health care ideas and what he had to say about education in Fall River, elected officials staying out of hiring or being forced to put it in writing and create letters of recommendation. At least we have a candidate who is saying something and who is clever enough to get the lazy local media to do some coverage of this year's races because going by the local media you would barely even know it's an election year. I don't know if that's because people have nothing to say or because the media is lazy and not covering much. Probably some combination of both to blame.

Anonymous said...

From what I could see Poulin explained on his website why he did it and in a clear fashion, I don't believe it was a "stunt."

Was it newsworthy that he pulled papers for 2 offices? Probably not, but does he control what gets reported? I would say no. It is up to the media to determine what makes the "standard" for reporting.

I also read the press release on his website dealing with health care and ideas like that are one reason why he is getting my vote. I would think those ideas were more newsworthy and Mr. Poulin probably would've liked them covered by the media but I guess they determined it didn't meet the "standard." I would like to know what their standard actually is because I think the media in our city doesn't have a clue.

Mr. Anonymous' Rebutter

It Said said...

No one has mentioned that Kevin Augiar continues to hold a pair of offices..the seventh district state rep slot and one on the Fall River School Committee..

I don't think civilization will collapse if Eric Poulin runs and wins a seat on both the school committee and city council..he has my enthusiastic vote for both offices and I will proud to cast them..

Calling Poulin power hungry and an egomanic is stupid..he is neither..Poulin is one of the few people in Fall River who be an effective change agent..for all the whining about how things should be done in this pathetic little Peyton Place of a city, its amazing that when someone offers himself up as a means to do something different..this sort of nonsense starts..

Lefty said...

The thing that bothers me about this is Eric is a very good candidate for City Council. By pulling papers for School Committee Eric is going to turn off some people and confuse others.

Some voters are going to feel that Eric, no matter what his stated intentions, is hedging his bets.

Why did Eric get more news coverage? Because he was a strong mayoral candidate who excited a base of voters, because he has remained an involved activist and is perceived front runner. Honestly because a headline about Eric will sell more papers than a headline about an unknown.

I'm not happy that Eric has decided to explore a school committee race, but I like Eric and will give his candidacy to both offices careful consideration and wouldn't hesitate to give him a vote for both offices.

Anonymous said...

I think the criticism is realling coming from the fact that if he ran that he might have a good shot at winning both. That has to really scare those who closely guard the status quo. Others didn't get the attention because no one thought they could win. The case is different with Poulin.