Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deadline passes: Who's running??

With yesterday's deadline for submitting nomination papers now passed we can officially declare, thanks to the Herald News, that some are running and some are not.

Certainly if you're Steve Camara and you've just picked up your morning Herald you have to be pleased. Not only have you just been promoted to President but you find out that the Mayor didn't turn in his papers! Hey, this Mayoral bid may have just gotten easier!

Shortly after I read "Fields remain deep after deadline" I was contacted by Fear and Loathing, who summed it up - "This is the worst article ever!"

When I spoke to another friend he remarked: "did the HN Daggett this story too?" I instantly knew what he meant and now define Daggett as: to state, declare or otherwise report without ascertaining all the facts or verifying the reported information.

Apparently those who did not return papers by yesterday's deadline are:
CJ Ferry
Eric Poulin (School Committee)
Mayor Robert Correia
Brian Bigelow
Pat A. Casey
Michael Lund
Linda M. Pereira
Victor M. Farias
John Luddy
Christopher Marcelino
Richard M. Urban
Mark Costa
Joseph Martins
Bobbi Boday

Amazingly the Herald somehow classifies some of these folks as 'late dropouts' and lists the others as still in the race but reports that they didn't file their nomination forms! What is the difference? Interesting to note that it's all the challengers who are classified as dropouts.

Yes, I think the Herald did indeed Daggett this story too.


Anonymous said...

Great point, the Herald needs a do-over. So who really is running and who has not returned their nomination papers in time= which is different than having the signatures certified?????

Anonymous said...

A paper is as good as its editor.
Nice job, Lisa Strattan.
At a real newspaper, you'd be the receptionist.

Anonymous said...

Anybody read the Sterile Loser web site today?
There was a shooting on N. Main St. at 7:30 monday night.
18 hours later, it was on the Sterile web site.
Why does this loser paper even have a web site