Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bud's by the Beach

Normally I would leave the restaurant reviews to my friend Laura over at New England Bites but I just had to share a new favorite spot.

Bud's by the Beach is located on 9 Bridge Road in Westport. It's just before Horseneck Beach and in sight of the Back Eddy.

A few weeks ago We found ourselves out in Westport and looking for a place to eat. When my first choice turned out to be closed we decided to try Bud's. Bud's is a little beach shop with maybe a half dozen outdoor tables. Even with the water hidden from sight you can simply feel that you're near the ocean. The atmosphere is casual, informal, and comfortable, I love these types of places.

A quick peak at the menu and I knew I had to try the scallop plate at $11.99, She ordered the fish and chips at $9.99. We also decided to try to cups of clam chowder, sorry I don't recall the price. In just a short amount of time our name was called and I went up to the window to get our food. The scallops were fantastic. I can't recall the last time I have had scallops that were better! Perfectly cooked, they were sweet and meaty and tender. The fries too were to our liking, crispy and hot but not overcooked. The cole slaw was the one disappointment not bad, just bland and a very small portion of it. Her fish was lightly battered and crispy, the fish itself flaky and very tasty. She thought it was very good and the portion well worth the money. The chowder too was very tasty, a good creamy broth, and each spoonful was full of potatoes and clams.

We enjoyed it so much that the next time we found ourselves thinking of lunch we both knew where we wanted to go. This time she decided to get the scallops and I decided I would do something different. The menu is diverse. You can get sandwiches and paninis, a polish plate and lobster rolls, in the end I decided to go with....scallops! They were so good the first time I couldn't resist! Again, the food was ready quickly, this time we noticed that the fries were different, still good but we preferred them more the first time. I didn't regret my order at all! The scallops were just as good as the first time maybe even better. A few minutes later we both felt pretty lucky, apparently we had ordered the last of the scallops. A few minutes later and it might have been a sad day! This visit we decided to try the clam cakes and like the cole slaw we found them disappointing. They weren't bad, but they were plain and on the small side.

On both visits we were able to pull right in and order. We noted that the Back Eddy lot was full and again on both visits noted that the nearby Bayside was PACKED! What this means is that Bud's by the Beach is unknown treasure, a 'best kept secret'. I'm almost hesitant to blog this, I'm afraid I may find my new favorite spot too busy to go to! But by the same token I would hate to see Bud's close its doors because everyone has decided to keep this place all to themselves.

So please go and try it and tell me what you think, but if you can.... leave me some scallops!


New England Bites said...

Ooooh, thanks, Lefty! This place sounds awesome. I'll definitely let you know when we visit. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried it out. just for onion rings though. They were excellent but the order was small--can't remember the price-- I think 4 bucks or so...-- I was let down. There were 7 onion rings. Very tasty.