Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Revisiting the Rules

A year ago there were easily 8 local blogs commenting on the local happenings of Fall River. I was excited to see so many new local bloggers join our blogosphere. It's interesting to see the topics others chose to write about and to read the opinions they chose to share.
I'd seen new blogs pop up before but for the most part many just fade away after a few posts. With all these new bloggers on the scene I decided to post some observations and conclusions I had about blogging. I called them Lefty's Rules for local blogging.

Lefty's Rules of Local Blogging
1. Blogging is Hard!
2. Blog Opinion, not news. The expiration date on news is too quick!
3. Use the Bloggers Code of Conduct as a guide.
4. Write assuming that no one will click on the links.
5. Try to respond to comments.
6. When putting your work out there for others to read, realize there will be critics.
7. If you want to build a readership, you need to post with some frequency.
8. Firefox has a built in spell check.
9. Don't blog about a hot topic unless you have something to add.
10. Blog about what interests you otherwise the effort isn't worth it

It was meant to be somewhat humorous, a collection of some of the conclusions I had come to after a couple of years of blogging. One blogger didn't see it that way.

Oh boy! I ticked somebody off I do take issue with the term 'novice'....

Apparently this wasn't taken in the spirit in which I meant it! I suppose that is how I think blogging should be handled but I certainly wasn't trying to impose rules on anyone.

Gee I wish I were more active, but heck I aim for 4-5 posts a month and have put out 100 posts or more for the past 2 years! I don't get paid to do this, consider it a labor of love, or a hobby. I still have to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. If blogging could provide me with a living I'd be posting daily! After this post I seriously considered getting vanity plates that said KOASCB! Oh it bothers me a bit when Shamrock or FRC put out a really great post or get a scoop, 'novice' envy I suppose, but otherwise I'm having no problems dealing with the friendly competition. However there was something in there about my unfounded assumption.....


New England Bites said...
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Anonymous said...

Boring... Get back to blogging about local politics, that's why we come here. What about the Mayor's race, Council race, School Committee race?

New England Bites said...
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Lefty said...

That's what rule 6 is all about :)

Dr. Momentum said...

Oh, snap!

LOL, thanks for the laugh, Lefty!

Lefty said...

you are quite welcome!