Sunday, June 07, 2009

Feeling Bad for Bob

I'm sure by now you've heard:

On Friday afternoon Mayor Bob Correia got into a little fender-bender at the intersection of Davol St. and Central. The police cited the Mayor for being at fault.

It seems almost everywhere I went yesterday I heard some sort of mention of this, usually followed up with the joke "I guess he needs that driver."

The Herald News comment board has run amok with readers who are having fun taking pot shots at the Mayor.

The reason I feel bad for Bob is that intersection is horrible! I hardly ever attempt to take a left there. Usually I use the right hand lane and go straight, that way I have a better view of the northbound traffic on Davol Street and more time to react. It was a minor accident that could easily have happened to anyone, yet now this is the benchmark for the Mayor's competency and fitness to lead.

It was a minor car accident!

Now the Mayor does sound like he's getting a little defensive about this. I'm not surprised, getting into a car accident and having to hear jabs about your age and mental state can't be fun. He is also being accused of changing his story which I'm not sure I believe.

A Herald News article reported that the Mayor told police he was turning left, the Mayor later said in a news interview he was going straight. The Mayor's spokesperson reported he didn't see the driver, the Mayor is quoted as saying the driving at a high rate of speed. Let's not make a conspiracy theory out of this. He didn't see the driver, Kyra Cabral, until after he pulled into the intersection and then judged that she was driving too fast. Her speed is simply his opinion, and I think most of us, being shocked at seeing a vehicle about to hit you, that you didn't see just a moment before would say something similar. In fact I was at that intersection just a few weeks ago and commented to my passenger that there should be a 4-way intersection there. It really is THAT tough to see someone coming when you're in that left lane. After all this is the 5th most dangerous intersection in Fall River. However, the Mayor incorrectly called it the 5th most dangerous in the state but it is actually the 19th. Was Bob lying or did he just misspeak? How many thousands of intersections are there in Massachusetts? Isn't 19th bad enough? Why would he feel the need to lie about it? Where would be the benefit? I chalk this one up to just a slip of the tongue. Was he taking a left or going straight? Kyra said he was turning, and the paper said that is what the Mayor told the police, the Mayor was never quoted as saying that. Couldn't the Herald News be wrong, or couldn't the officer have misspoken? Looking at the photos of the Mayor's car it doesn't look like he was in the middle of a turn. The Mayor, in an interview, says he was going straight. I don't see any reason to doubt him, nor do I see how it would make much of a difference.

Lefty's View: Mr Mayor take my advice, when asked simply reply: "It is a tough intersection and I stopped but I didn't see her coming and it's my fault." Hopefully that will get people focusing on how you're running the city vs. how you drive. If it doesn't we may have to set up a drivers test for all the candidates for Mayor.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor had the stop sign. It is a difficult intersection. You slowly inch forward. From the beginning the Mayor has tried to blame the 18 year old girl.

Oh, and everyone seems to be forgetting that the Mayor and his friends then met with a Herald News reporter and did not mention the accident.

This minor car accident simply shows how the Mayor has governed during this term, 1) blame others, 2) avoid responsibility, and 3) keep secrets.

Lefty said...

I agree that Mayor needs to accept blame and put this behind him.

I'm not surprised it wasn't mentioned at the HN meeting. I agree the Mayor certainly should have at least mentioned it.

Jefferson said...

You are missing the bigger picture here Lefty. If this was anyone else, it would indeed be a minor accident. But there are a great many people frustrated and angry over the manner in which he has governed our city during a time of crisis. People want validation that their anger matters.

We often ask people to get involved in government. We want them to care, to participate. Yet, when they tried to do these very things, they were met with dictatorial arrogance.

This is not about a man's minor accident. It is about a population ready to pick up pitchforks and oust the king.

Anonymous said...

By oldlizardking

This senile old fool is the most detestable sack of garbage I have ever seen sit in executive elective office. He gets time to arrange everyone on the city side's stories, which took three whole days, then lacks the guts to say this stuff, this rat puke, himself...What a gutless wonder. I mean, I don;t ever want to hear him portray himself as this tuff and gruff ex-marine again...he probably played the accordian in the marine corps band!

He is the most gutless person in public life i've ever seen.....and he knows that this could lead to his swan song...he cannot think fast enough on his feet to face direct questions...he's such a tool...blaming the person he hit...she's just a kid, you idiot.....some hero you are! I hope you feel just great about the other profiles in courage in the car with you, you moron. They dimed you faster than a guy in Las Vegas who feeseS up to the cops that the girl he's with REALLY isn't his NIECE, but a hooker! That's what your fellow pols thin k of you, you disgusting coward.....hiding behind the skirts of your press person...lmao..tuff guy!?.... big bob, big SH_T!.....It's all staring to fall apart now, isnt Mayah Mc CryBaby....the blood is in the water and the sharks are going to start circling...those who were once friendly will now take the first bites out of your behind, or should I say, out of your kimodo dragon tail....those who don't like you will hammer you with how out of touch and feeble you are, how you have no real strength of character, how you are failing the residents of Fall River across the board...And you are. You are lower then the mung trail left on a sidewalk by a snail! You disgust me...own your crap, you coward...even your supporters are dodging thios one...maybe that's what's most telling...even your minnions are not defending you very much...even they know your best days are long past...even they know it's been put out there, that you are only in it to pad your retirement, you've been seen for what you really are...a feeble, uneducated, swine of a greedy phony! No one, and I mean No one, likes an entiletled overgrown little boy. Retire. Don't embarrass yourself or this City any longer...

Tom Paine said...

I believe that Bob was in the marine reserves, and not for long.