Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can Two Wongs Make It Right?

There is nothing like Fall River style chow mein. Its golden crunchy noodles set it apart! It's kind of funny that in a city that is so identified with Portuguese culture and food, these fried noodles are certainly one of the most notable foods from our city. It's something you can't get anywhere else! People who move out of the area have friends and family ship them care packages of noodles. Fall River seems to have an endless supply of Chinese restaurants and of course we couldn't live without having the occasional chow mein sandwich.

I can't imagine not having Fall River style chow mein.

What a shock it was to find out that the Oriental Chow Mein Company on Eight Street, the place where all these noodles are made, suffered an early morning fire that has shut down the operation.

Travel down Eight Street and you could easily pass it by. It's an unassuming building, the home of a decades old family business. The loss of the business is more than the loss of a favorite menu item or even more than the loss of a dozen or so jobs. It's the loss of something uniquely ours, something that sets us apart.

I hope the Wong family is able to quickly reopen. The city and the Fall River Office of Economic Development need to step in and offer whatever assistance they can. Not only is this a landmark, not only is it a successful small business, but I have to believe that it is an important supplier to hundreds of restaurants in our region. Such a Fall River favorite deserves our support.


Anonymous said...

i am sure the damage would have been less but the fire dept truck broke down while trying to fight the fire. E-2 is down so a reserve truck was put in service and it failed at the fire scene that plus less men to fight the fire made the damage worst

Anonymous said...

I thought the city council approved funding transfers for fire trucks??

Dr. Momentum said...

So sad! The Wongs were always so friendly whenever I stopped in to get noodles and other ingredients at the 8th St. building.

I hadn't been in a year or so, and just last week we were driving by and I reminded my daughters of the little bags of freshly fried noodles that they would be given if they showed up with me.

I hope they recover quickly; they are one of the best things about Fall River.

Dr. Momentum said...

Oops - don't know if my comment got posted. 2nd try.

I am sad to hear about the fire. We were always treated right by the Wongs whenever we showed up a the 8th st. building looking for ingredients for asian dishes.

We drove by there a week or so ago and I reminded my daughters of the little bags of fresh noodles the nice lady would give them if they accompanied me on a shopping trip.

Good people; this is definitely part of the best of Fall River.