Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eric Poulin for City Council

Two years ago when Eric was running for Mayor I was impressed. Right from the start Eric had a well thought out platform that not only detailed what he wanted to do, but how he would achieve it. There was no doubt that he was putting his six years of experience as a mayoral aide to work. As the campaign progressed I was constantly impressed with his grasp of all the details of what it takes to make our local government function.

Less than a month ago Eric announced that he is seeking a seat on the City Council. He is already demonstrating the same qualities that made him such a likable candidate in 2007. On May 19th Eric issued a press release "publicly calling on the City Council to invite the city’s state delegation to give a presentation to the Council and general public on the status of the state budget and potential cuts that the city may be facing." Two days later he appeared on Hurricane's Highway Home and did a great job of explaining why he thought this was necessary and displayed an understanding and knowledge of the workings and relationships between city and state government. (as a side note, I have to say it was a really good interview and if you missed it, it is worth listening to the podcast on WSAR - Lefty)

Lefty's View: It's a good idea and you have to scratch your head and say 'why isn't a sitting councilor calling for this?' Really, the proposed cuts will be devastating to Fall River. Is it too much to ask for our state delegation to come down and speak to us, to hear our concerns and have us better understand the decisions they're making? Apparently the old saying 'it doesn't hurt to ask' rings true and from what I'm being told don't be too surprised if something along the lines of what Poulin is calling for comes to fruition.


Representative David Sullivan will be bringing the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government to Fall River on Tuesday, June 2nd at 10:30 a.m. to Building G at Bristol Community College. The Committee will be discussing, among other things, a municipal relief package. My thanks to Eric Poulin for sharing this information!


Anonymous said...

Herren has come a long way on his radio show i dont think anybody thought he would last this long,not only has has he lasted this long but his show is funny,newsbreaking,and informative.Herren has also reached out to other canidates who ownership does not support..like Eric Poulin and Steve Camara.With Keri long gone and Barry Richards on his way out Hurricanes Highway Home is the most important and entertaining on WSAR!!I know that will infuriate members of the blogging community but whats right is right!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I really liked Herren's idea today for fighting urban blight with a strip club..wicked smaht.

Anonymous said...

Eric Poulin is a VERY BRIGHT, enthusiastic, capable leader. We need more like him, and I regret he has decided not to run for mayor.
Please----we need to do away with the parochial corruption that is flushing this city down the toilet. Do NOT vote for a donut or chow mein sandwich----make your vote count and base it on substantive ISSUES.