Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change for a Dollar

Twenty dollars for breakfast? Thirty dollars for a clam boil? Fifteen for a spaghetti dinner?

There's no doubt about it running for office is an expensive undertaking and these types of events are a big part of how candidates for office fund their campaigns.

But here's a news flash for all you candidates, times are tough!

I like those free events that allow me to go and listen to a candidate, and maybe meet them personally and ask some questions. Still, I realize that those events cost money and the money has got to come from somewhere. Many of us would like to show our support for a candidate. We'd like to feel that we can make a difference. Maybe at these free events candidates could put out a collection box that would allow the rest of us to contribute whatever we can afford. The candidate can always thank everyone for coming and mention that there was a donation box for those who wished to contribute and that any amount would be appreciated.

Incumbents of course, have the advantage. Name recognition helps sell those tickets a little easier and many already have a war chest to draw from. Challengers have it rougher. They need to build name recognition and the need to purchase signs, pins and bumper stickers and all the rest that comes with running a campaign.

In 2009, Fall River has plenty of challengers seeking political office. Many of them deserve our attention and our support. To bring in change and have a challenger win costs money, but I can honestly tell you I will not be purchasing tickets to events like the ones I mentioned above.

Times are tough here in the Spindle City and suddenly how I spend every dollar matters just that much more. I'm betting there are lots of people that no matter how much they like a candidate will be hard pressed to donate twenty or thirty dollars or more.

For all you challengers out there find a way to let the little guy support you. Let him know that his contribution matters to you just as much as that of the guy with deep pockets. Call it "Change for a Dollar" and Let him know that it is his support that is going to make the difference in your campaign.


Anonymous said...

Pass around the collection basket like in church!

Anonymous said...

The irony is that free events attract nobody because people having free events are probably doing it for reasons like you mention, to get to know people or talk about issues and those are the type of folks that probably can't fix your pothole so they are considered worthless in Fall River. If an incumbent has a political event charging x dollars they will get people there, even if they don't get a lot of people they will get people there because people want something from them and the more powerful the person and the position are perceived, the more people they will get to their event. It's sad but true. People say they want change but in the end they just want someone that can fix their parking tickets in exchange for a $10 or $15 spaghetti supper ticket.