Sunday, May 03, 2009


Comment Moderation

Over the 3 years since I first created this blog I have tried to let others have their say. I look forward to others sharing their comments and their opinions. However from time to time I have had to delete comments that I felt were inappropriate. Most of the time people respect my right to decide what is appropriate and what is not, but recently I've had a commenter decide that he would post whatever he wanted to. This person has stated that he would continue to post objectionable comments regardless of what I say or do. Since this person refuses to be respectful, I've recently made a change to the comment setting on A View From Battleship Cove. Now before any comment will be published it must be approved by me. I apologize for the inconvenience.


A View From Battleship Cove recently published its 300th post! I don't think that when I started this little experiment in blogging that I ever could have thought about 300 posts later, or that thousands of people would read them.

Be on the lookout....

Political season is here! Don't be surprised if over the next few months you see plenty of comments for or against different political candidates. In fact, there has been some discussion amongst us local bloggers that you might even see blogs set up just for political gain. Be on the lookout for blogs that get started during the political season and promote some candidates and discredit others.


Speaking of start up blogs, I've said it before blogging is hard! People think I'm exaggerating but to maintain a blog and post on a regular basis can be work. The reality is I've seen more blogs come and go than come and stay. This was sent over to me by a friend!

Progression of a Wannabe Blogger
I'm gonna do a blog, I can't wait, this is going to be great, this is so exciting, Hey everyone, read my blog!! Read it! Hi, this is me, my name is Jennie, HI HI. Why isn't anyone reading.... argh... wtf.. ok fine... I'm not posting anymore!

Not as easy as it seems!


ThirdMate said...

Congratulations, Lefty!

Lefty said...

Thanks ThirdMate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lefty, Love your blog but i think will kill it as far as the posting of ideas and comments. While I understand why you are doing it, I think it makes people less likely to post opinions and I have seen several local blogs just dry up fast - when comments are unable to be instantly posted. It is not an easy dilemma to solve. i think it is important to vet some of the comments but if time is an issue which it is for most, then that goes out the window and not having that instant gratification wains people's interest in being interactive. So, ultimately, by raising the quality of your blog's reponces you just may be loosing some of the attractiveness if has offered.

Lefty said...


I'm not happy to have to moderate comments and I agree it may hurt the volume of comments I receive. It comes down to I have to be able to say what goes and what stays. I try to be very liberal in that and very fair but I have to have the final say. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to turn comment moderation off. In fact I'm already exploring other options!

Be patient! I appreciate the feedback!

Anonymous said...


I understand the reason you need to moderate the comments. We are, unfortunately, in an era when too many people think that freedom of speech includes the freedom to libel and slander anonymously, without accountability. If you can't make your point without doing that, you need to re-think what you're writing. You, Lefty, are responsible for the content. We who post are guests here. Do what you must to maintain order. I know you will do so without needless censorship.

Papamoka said...

Trust me it is no fun having to moderate comments Lefty. In my particular case, I give a warning shot across the bow of people attacking the messenger and not the message. It's one thing to debate political issues and it is entirely different and unacceptable to attack the writer.

Congrats on all the success you have here. I enjoy visiting and reading the site. Blog on my friend.

Anonymous said...

LEFTY, please define what you think the word
inappropriate means.

Lefty said...


I would prefer that comments remain on topic but understand that often the comment thread becomes a conversation point of its own.

I personally find personal attacks, rude or crass remarks, and vulgarity inappropriate. I find remarks that attack a specific person or groups of people inappropriate.

Now just because I find something inappropriate doesn't mean I instantly delete it. I have often let things stay that I didn't approve of. My goal is not to censor, nor have people comply with my sense of values. However sometimes things go beyond what I'm willing to tolerate.

I have no issues with people disagreeing with me or expressing views that I may find offensive, it's how they do it that I have the issue with.

I guess a good way to look at it would be is your topic something you would say in mixed company? Would you say this aloud if you were in a nice restaurant and could be easily overheard? Would you say this in front of children? If the answer is yes, chances are I'd be fine with it too.