Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who's running for office?

This is the dilemma for a blogger with not enough time on his hands. I was going to blog about City Councilor Steve Camara officially announcing his mayoral bid, and suddenly ever story in the Herald seems to be about someone announcing their intentions to run for some office in Fall River.

So, a post dedicated to Mr. Camara will have to wait, right now let's luck at who is running for office.


Mayor Robert Correia - There are those who still believe that Mayor Corriea will not seek a second term. There are some who do not believe he'll even finish out this term. I on the other hand have long believed that Bob will seek re-election and will work hard to win. I know he has eroded any goodwill people felt for him and has ticked off a great many people, but I'm convinced that he has been laying down the groundwork to rehabilitate his image. With the Mayor officially pulling his nomination papers, he will walk into the campaign season with the biggest war chest and I think he'll be tough to beat.

City Councilor Steve Camara - I found it amusing that there were those who derided Councilor Camara for 'not knowing' if he was running or not. To me it was a forgone conclusion that Steve Camara would be jumping into the mayoral race. Steve Camara has a lot of passion for the city of Fall River and he's been very vocal in his criticism of the Correia administration. Honestly, Steve is a shrewd politician who I think realizes that now might be his best shot at the 6th floor office. He has been a dedicated activist, and certainly has a vision for the future of Fall River. Is he the right guy for the job? I can't wait for the chance to examine his platform.

City Councilor Cathy Ann Viveiros - I find it amusing that in today's Herald Mike Moran is saying that he is surprised that Steve Camara is running but had figured that Cathy Ann would. I, on the other hand thought the exact opposite. Oh I figured Cathy Ann could be a candidate, but she sided too much with Bob and there are too many complaints that she moved back from Westport just for political gain. That said, I like Cathy Ann. Councilor Viveiros strikes me as one of our better prepared councilors. She is someone that does her homework, offers up ideas and can intelligently explain how she arrived at a decision. When she ran for her council seat in 2007 she exuded energy, determination, and confidence. Let's see what she brings to the table this time around.

Will Flanagan - Poor Will, he was the first candidate to announce and has gotten very little media coverage. That's unfortunate because to his credit he has issued out a few press releases that should have generated more buzz. Flanagan called for a town hall meeting on the budget and also was putting together a volunteer program to help seniors shop. It's a good start, but he really needs to do more to get his name out there and in the voters mind. Although I am appreciative that he has sent me his press releases. Some people have told me I've been too hard on Will for not giving more details on what he'll do and how he'll do it. However, he is now running against several established names. If he wants to seriously challenge, he needs to show that he knows the city and its issues and has real workable solutions. I'm still waiting to hear more.

The rest - maybe it's dismissive to lump Manny Alves and Michael Raposa but neither has ever shown an interest in mounting a serious campaign. I think the Herald's Marc Monroe Dion said it best when he said people like this run for the obituary write up. "You know, so-and-so, a former mayoral candidate"...

City Council

Eric Poulin - Here's been the question for the last 2 years, would Eric Poulin run again and if so for what office. The question is answered Poulin will be seeking a seat on the city council. I've suspected this for a long time and even contacted Poulin a month or so ago and knew he was considering it. I'm also appreciative that Eric sent me his press release. Although Lefty prefers to recieve such things sooner than 4 hours after is goes on the Herald's website. Two years ago Eric brought a unique understanding of the day to day operations at Government Center. He was the first to release a specific and detailed platform. In the end he missed advancing to the general election by a few hundred votes. If Poulin runs with the same convictions and strenghts as 07, I see him winning a council seat.

Mike Miozza - Mike remains my biggest disappointment from the 2007 elections. Miozza ran a great campaign doing a much better job of getting his positions out there to the voters and he just didn't get the votes that I think he should have. Mike is a Fall River success story. He's a guy who grew up in the projects and went on to get his college education and have a successful career. I hope the voters give Miozza another look.

Jamie Boulay - When Boulay ran for council in 2007, my first thoughts were he may be running for council put he's already thinking about running for mayor. Jamie commented on my blog post saying that wasn't the case. I later attended a candidates forum where I walked away with a much better impression of Mr. Boulay. I had intended to do a follow up post on him after the primary, but he didn't make the cut! There's a Lefty screw-up! What I can recall about Jamie's campaign platform was there was a lot about doing more with the resources we already have. In particular having waterfront attractions all summer long. I'm not sure if I agree with that, but in tough financial times electing a candidate who emphasizes using what we already have could be a good thing. Is 2009 Boulay's year?

Brad Kilby - former city councilor Atty. Brad Kilby has already stated his intentions to run a council seat in 2009. I like Brad! I thought he was a decent city councilor and a decent school committeeman. His 2007 mayoral bid was marked with some solid platform ideas but an uninspired campaign. Strong name recognition should give Kilby an excellent shot at returning to the council.

The rest - I need to do some more homework on some of these candidates! Kris Bartley, Robert V. Boutin, David Dennis, Christopher Marcelino are all candidates I know little about. Marcelino has a cable show and seems to be asking for or just receiving too much credit for the Miller's Green thing. David Dennis just ran for Register of Probate. Ronald Cabral and David P. Meade Jr. have both run for office before without much success.

The School Committee race hasn't really taken off yet, but I would hope and suspect that after an embarrassing year that some challengers will come out of the woodwork.

I have no doubts that we'll see more challengers for School Committee and City Council, (several are already rumored) and perhaps for Mayor as well (Councilor Hague?). The race has just begun!


Taurus3254JA said...

With the many announcements over the past few weeks of Mayoral, City Council, and School Committee Candidates seeking election or re-election and the many inquiries from potential candidates into the process, I wanted to inform the voters of Fall River to Remember, Overcome and Change!

Fall Riverites need to “REMEMBER” during this upcoming election season several points; How the current City Council incumbents have voted, many in favor of the administration and not representing their constituents. The many controversial actions of the current Administration, such as the Storm Water Fee (Tax). The reduction in our Fire and Law Enforcement Personnel leaving the public safety of our citizens at risk.

Fall Riverites need to “OVERCOME” their fear of electing a possible candidate based solely on one's lack of "experience", look closely at where that so called "experience" has left the City of Fall River. Have we improved over the past several decades?

But most importantly Fall Riverites need to vote for "CHANGE" and seriously consider all of the options, by researching "NEW" candidates and voting for the best candidate based on their platform and not one's nationality, race, religion, longevity in politics, hair color, shoe size or any other wacky reason many Fall Riverites elect who they elect! With this mentality, The City of Fall River will never move forward! By re-electing our current Mayor, Members of our School Committee, our City Council or returning to office past City Councilors, or by promoting any City Councilor to the 6th Floor. what do we accomplish? Nothing! For this is the reason The City of Fall River has been left behind! It’s time to stop and be forward thinking during this election season and bring Change to Fall River!

Anonymous said...

I agree many of the incumbents will not be getting my vote. I would like to see new faces on the council and the school committee. Fall River has so much potential. When it comes to the Mayor’s race Bob Correia will not be getting my vote. He has just mismanaged the city from the get go. Cathy Ann will not get my vote either. She has supported Bob Correia for the majority of his term and for her to now run against him just lacks sincerity. Steve Camara is a candidate who I think really wants to be Mayor however he may be a little too far left for me. If he can come back to the center it will benefit his campaign. Will Flanagan is a candidate that I am taking a strong look at. He is young and has an impressive resume. Need to know more about him and hopefully we can learn more.

Poker face said...

Anon 11:16 -
I agree Steve Camara has some crazy left wing ideas like recycling, peace, and equality. However he is also a fiscal conservative. Seems like a good combo to me.

Here is a tip: Be careful playing the "left card". Flanagan has been involved with one of the city's biggest left groups, the Coalition for Social Justice. They do good work and Steve has supported some of their causes as well, just be careful calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Okay, a little FYI:
The mayor will definately be running as he has delayed his announcement to make sure he can go on the radio freely wihtout causing equal time statutes to kick in. Expect him to announce in June.
Kris bartley is the son of former narrows volunteer curator, James Bartely. Chris is a regular at many community events often volunteering and he used to do the website for the narrows, not sure if he is still involved there.

Anonymous said...

Fiscally conservative? Doesn’t Steve want to implement progressive taxation? That is another way of saying, “spreading the wealth.” I don’t mind paying my fair share but why should I have to pay for everyone else?

Anonymous said...

to update my fyi, just got this info

When: Sunday, May 3, 2009, 10:00 a.m.

Who: Committee to Elect Bob Correia

What: Mayor Correia’s Brunch

Where: White’s of Westport

66 State Road, Westport, MA 02790

"Please join over 1,000 supporters of Mayor Bob Correia for a very special occasion where he will announce his intentions for this year’s mayoral race."
This is for his Sunday breakfast at White's

Anonymous said...

That is actually good for Fall River because of our low incomes.

Also, how are people able to eat while Bob is announcing his mayoral candidacy...unappetizing.

Anonymous said...

Correia will win re-election. Poulin and Kilby will win Council seats. Maybe one other on the council. Prob. Mitchell. Camara will not be President much longer.

Anonymous said...

bobs announcement at whites----------join over 1000 supporters of mayor correa!!! anybody know how many people actually showed up??

Anonymous said...

The Herald News has Correia's announcement on their website...only 8 hours after it happened...Why does that paper even have a web site?

Anonymous said...

Correia had the 1,000 people at $25 bucks each. He has had huge numbers for events that he has charged $50 or $100 bucks for so it is going to be very hard for anyone to beat him when he can afford to run ad after ad telling everyone of his greatness. I am not a Correia supporter but not 1 person that has announced yet actually stands a chance of beating him. Read Marc Munroe Dion's column for a hint at a City Council candidate who if he entered the mayor's race could beat Correia and all others. Too bad there can't be a draft for mayor. The blogs should start one.

Anonymous said...

i heard he had a time at Mesa 21 and there were very few people there