Monday, February 02, 2009

Three Years Old

Break out the cake and ice cream! A View From Battleship Cove is 3 years old today!

I never suspected that when I published my 1st post in 2006 that I would still be blogging 3 years, and 287 posts later!

It's exciting to have some refer to this and other blogs as important sources of information. It's exciting to have people tell me that they hear people discussing blog posts at coffee shops and around the 'water cooler'.

I'm amazed that this blog has gone from 'my experiment with blogging' to something that is read, and searched out and talked about. In my first year of blogging I thought if I was lucky maybe a handful of people would find my blog. And I thought those people would be from outside of our area. In fact, the title A View From Battleship Cove was not chosen because I live on the Big Mamie or Heritage Heights, but for a way for people outside of our region to identify where I was coming from. I figured that Battleship Cove was probably Fall River's best known landmark!

Now, A View From Battleship Cove receives several thousand visitors a month! And those visitors are predominately from our city and our region. A View From Battleship Cove has not just become a topic of discussion but a forum where discussion can take place. And it is not alone. 2008 has shown the emergence of local bloggers in our community. This past April I launched Fall River Blog as a way to keep track of our growing blogosphere. Blogs such as Fall River-tastic, Fall River Community, and Radio Free have all been instrumental in our online discussion.

As I embark on year 4, I see plenty to blog about, the city's financial issues, & the upcoming elections immediately jump to mind. I'm excited to think about the role local bloggers will play in offering views, shaping opinion, and inviting discussion on these issues.

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ThirdMate said...


Scout said...

Congratulations, Lefty!

Jefferson said...

Keep up the good work Lefty. Do not be deterred by those who try to intimidate because we choose to question the status quo. Carry on!

just anonymous said...

Congratulations Lefty!

Here *raises glass* is to many many more years!

shamrock said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Tom Paine said...

Keep up the great work you have been doing. Your site has aloud many of us to debate important issues facing the city. Congrats!

Roger Williams said...

Ironically, this blog's future is brighter than Fall River's.


Faye Musselman said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog the past couple years and find it consistently evokes intelligent, informed discourse from the locals, although we must all suffer through some of the more base, emotional responses. But that adds to the mix in an entertaining, if not positive way.

You've done a remarkable job in remaining fair, unbiased and level headed. (insert curtsy)

I look forward to more posts that inform and challenge responses. I particularly like that you give specific details that allow the reader (moi) to further search the facts out on their own.

Thank you, Lefty. And continued best wishes.

-Faye Musselman
A non-local who fell in love with Fall River 40 years ago and cares about its future.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Lefty, does this mean you are not a 'novice blogger' anymore?


Lefty said...

Thank you all for the kind words!

To respond to some of your comments:

I do try very hard to be objective and fair, and take great pride in the intelligent conversation that has taken place here.

Honestly I thought the 'novice' tag had worn off a while ago, despite the criticism of those who feel I don't blog enough. I would point out that many of those critics blog quite a bit less!

It is more than fitting to have Roger Williams comment. Not only did he comment on my 1st post but he is the person who convinced me to try my hand at blogging.

o'girl said...

A man of true conviction is a rarity indeed. Happy happy happy!

Anonymous said...

"3 years, and 287 posts later!"


808 days without a post = LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

287 posts divided by 36 months equals about 8 blogs posted per month. Not bad at all. Not lazy at all. Dear Anon Commenter, I eagerly await your blog where you have committed to posting more than 8 blogs a month.

Anonymous said...

and with actual thought provoking subject matter that normal people want to comment on and complete sentences!!!

Anonymous said...

It's quality not quantity that matters.