Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letters to Lefty

When I first started working on Fall River Blog in the Fall of 2007, the idea was that it would be a 'one stop' for local blogging. I envisioned it as a place where people could keep up on what was happening in our local blogosphere.

By the time I launched it, I had come up with the idea that Fall River Blog could also be a great place for people to share their views and their thoughts, a place for people to blog, without having to maintain a blog. I still think it's a great place for that!

So here's my question. Who would you like to see contribute to Fall River Blog? Recently I thought about recruiting some posts. There have been a few topics that I thought about blogging about, but felt there were others whom I would rather hear talk about it. Then recently I got a comment where someone wanted to know why all the local blogs seem to share the same opinion. We do all seem to be on the same page, but I'd more than welcome someone with a differing opinion!

Who would you like to see contribute? What topics would you like to see touched on? I'll make an effort to contact these people and ask them to consider sharing their views on a topic. And if you have a view that you'd like to share send a submission to



Anonymous said...

Lefty, I love the Fall River Blog. I use it as a jumping off point to get to all the other blogs that I like to read.
Thank you for putting it together and maintaining it!

Lefty said...

Thank you!

However I would like some suggestions on who you'd like to see guest blog! Also I need help in maintaning Fall River Blog. If anyone knows of a 'Fall River' blog that should be included drop me a line!