Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dear Herald News, It may be time to screen your calls.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I checked out Fall River-tastic this morning. Mayor Correia has a letter in the Herald News today and Shamrock's feeling on this were pretty clear.

However I wasn't chuckling when I read the Mayor's letter. The Mayor, prompted by a Herald editorial to reach out to the community is reaching out to the paper to "end to personal attacks."

"Certainly The Herald News and the city’s mayor should share a common bond.
We are both committed to promoting our city, raising its vision to what in the
past was only a dream, and caring for its citizens, both young and old. We
jointly wish to preserve Fall River as a safe and peaceful place with great and
generous people."

Mayor Correia believes that the mayor of the city and the paper have many common goals and because of that should remain civil. The Mayor needs to remember editorials are supposed to question and offer opinions. The Herald has both praised the Mayor and been critical of him.

A WSAR editorial back in December made the same argument, that the Herald was nothing but critical of the Mayor. It's worth revisiting a blog post on Fall River Community that was a response to a WSAR editorial. That post, written over a month ago, could easily be substituted for a response to the Mayor's letter to the paper.

While the Mayor may seek an alliance with the paper it would seem that any such partnership would be one-sided

"As I seek the alliance you suggested in your recent editorial, I must be clear
that I will remain unwilling to mortgage my principles to win your favor or the
vote of any constituent. Were I willing to do so, I am most certain you would be
my first and most fierce critic. Compromise to avoid criticism is an act of
moral cowardice. It has no place in the mission statement of a public servant."
Certainly one would hope that no politician would 'mortgage' his or her principles to avoid criticism. However, compromise is something that every politician should be open to and willing to consider. I would suggest that there is more cowardice in refusing to consider views contrary to your own than there is in compromising.

By all means I hope the Herald News is willing to work with Mayor Correia during these difficult times and for the sake of the city. However, I hope the Herald continues to scrutinize the Correia administration and praise it when justified and criticize it when necessary.


Anonymous said...

"Compromise to avoid criticism is an act of moral cowardice."

In real=world public service, no. Sorry. SOPHISTRY FAIL. Like when you refused to change your vote on the vote on gay marriage. LOSER.

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