Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas' the night before Christmas

Twas' the night before Christmas
I was out running errands
Hoping I didn't bump into Mike Herren

The doors were all bolted
The windows shut tight
While Fall River bloggers all huddled in fright

We shared our opinions
Our speech should be free
Instead we feared a Hurricane crime spree

The city was covered in winter's first snow
Which greedy Bob Correia hoped would melt into dough$

On my way home what was I near
Is that Miller Green or McGovern Square

Councilor Pat Casey lay in her bed
Visions of a 'Veterans compromise' danced in her head

Our Schools have no money
In our city no jobs
And the council majority dare not question Mayor Bob

For the Spindle City this year has been bleak
Thank goodness 2008 only has one more week


RadioFree said...


Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Makes me giggle. Merry Christmas Lefty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, happy holidays and merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Lefty fear not my friend. For soon the new shall be here and with it CHANGE. The money you seek for your schools and the jobs for your city, shall arrive with all the speed of santa and his reindeer. The new administration will bring an end to all of your worries.

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me..if they did i would have died a thousand deaths on this blog and several others.My intentions were to give an oppurtunity to several of the bloggers to come on my show and talk about the role of bloggers and other un conventional news sources.Lefty has been invited ,a gentlemen who runs a newspaper out of Swansea has been invited as well.Unlike other people who have had my time slot we have an open door policy on my show,,ask Paul Viveiros,OmariWalker,etc...Infact Paul had a restraining order put on him by the former host of my time slot but on my show he was giving an oppurtunity to state his case as Omari will..So the door is open if you want it its there and again with all the rumors,lies, and hate on these blogs i would think it would be not only fair but prudent to get to meet the person who is the focal point of all this discussion.The door is open to come on the radio.Also i would love to answer any questions the blogging community has for me and set the record right about the many lies and rumors about me much of it being public record..I am here ,out in public every day i anxiously await your response

Anonymous said...

Hi Lefty,
Just as Ed Garcia stated on another notable blog, "I have no dog in this fight". Just offering some advice to a blogger that has always been fair and just. Carry a big stick and assume you will need to use it.

Anonymous said...

i would think it would be not only fair but prudent to get to meet the person who is the focal point of all this discussion.

I don't know about the bloggers but my focal point is not the Hurricane, it is the city politicians and patronage for me.

Anonymous said...

Swansea has a newspaper that should be an exciting interview.

Anonymous said...

Hey Herren, Lefty has been on the radio before, he was invited on by Keri back when the station had ratings, you know, before you took over and things went into the toilet.

vision said...

1. people either hae or love MIKE HERREN
2. People either love or hae KERI Radio Free rod.
3. Mike is obsessed wth what is said about him.
4. Keris obsessed with what Mike says.
5. Keri is obsessed with what people write about her
6. Mike is bsessed with what Keri says about him.
7. A lot of the comments on this and other blogs has to do with either MIKE or KERI, cuz many people are obsessed with what each of them has to say, has said, or is having said abou them.
8. Both are Single...

Anonymous said...

9 Herren has a blog name now - Hurricane
10 Why don't you set up a blog where you can all discuss this in one place and we don't have to read these high school posts. There are more important things to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Mike, why are you posting the same crap on every blog? How lame!

Anonymous said...

Lies? Hurricocaine, the only "lies" are the ones stuttered and stammered by yourself on the airwaves. Btw, what is up with your heavy mouth breathing?

Having the best years of your life during high school is pathethic. Living your life as a high school hero is very depressing. Hopefully you will able to move on from your glory days.

I hope you get the help you need and get your life in order.

Concentrate on being a better person, and stop using your tired tough guy act.

If you continue to try and give this radio gig a shot, maybe some speech lessons would ehance your show. I will admit I have a difficult time understanding your unique dialect.

Perhaps a reality show on local cable access would be an idea.

Lefty said...


let's be nice!

I never intended this post to be an attack on Mike Herren. The reason I wrote the parody was just to have a little fun with some current events.

Truthfully, I'm shocked that Herren feels this was some sort of 'low blow'. If he feels we should have all seen the 'tongue-in-cheek' humor in his statements, then I'm puzzled how he failed to see this for what it was, a little levity.

Nancy said...

We are just having fun. Hey some of the comments made about people on wsar aren't so nice. Barry and you spent alot of time basing Ed Lambert non stop!!! This mayor however gets alot of softball questions.