Friday, December 05, 2008


Lately I haven't felt much like blogging.

It seems that the only thing going on in Fall River is the debacle with our school department. Frankly, I'm sick of talking about it. It's not because of a lack of interest but the bickering and the finger pointing is not resolving anything. I think our local leaders are content with telling us that they don't have the money to offer the children of this city the education they deserve. Instead of finding solutions they are content to find who to blame. Maybe it is time to let the Superintendent go. I still have very little faith in our current leadership to pick a replacement. More to the point, when are our school officials going to start working on improving the quality of education in this city?

Lately I just haven't had time to blog.

I heard on the radio today that the national unemployment rate was over 6% and that is predicted to hit 8% in the next year. Well luckily I recently started a new job. The new job comes with a longer commute and of lots of new stuff to learn. It's left me with less time to even develop a view never mind share it. Of course, the holiday season is just busy for everyone.

Lately, I've just kind of been hibernating.

I was hoping that the school thing would subside and we could move on to other topics instead of repeating the same points, which obviously no one in charge cares about. It also didn't help that a recent trip out of state left me struggling to find reliable internet access.

The problem is bloggers can't hibernate. People visit blogs for new opinions, new material, new comments. It's about time I get back to work.

Thanks for your patience.


Tom Paine said...

Good to see you are back. Get ready, while the holiday season is upon us right now, you know what is right around the corner??!!

A very hot political season is about to start!

Roger Williams said...

Why is Fall River still playing with the pretense that they can educate their youth? It's time they simply shut down the city's schools and turn out the kids to be raised by wolves. It wouldn't have much of an impact on the existing dropout rate, and what's more, it will save the city a mint in the monies currently wasted on its horribly futile attempts to educate its children.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Roger William this comment was a futile attempt at humor. I am a parent of public school students and I am tired of having to spend all my free time fighting for the education they and all others deserve.

Papamoka said...

Congrats on the job thingy Lefty! I'm very happy for you even though the commute is a pain in the butt.