Sunday, October 19, 2008

Questions and Answers - the update

The race for the 7th Bristol district has remained painfully quiet. A lone debate will take place hosted by the Herald News and available only on the internet. This is so disappointing.

About 2 weeks ago I emailed Representative Kevin Aguiar and challenger CJ Ferry questions provided by you the readers of this blog. Mr. Ferry responded within a short time, and after a few days sent me his responses. I never heard back from Representative Aguiar and 5 days ago sent him a second email, this to his official state rep. email address. To date I've yet to hear back from Kevin.

Now, as a blogger I'm not surprised or upset by Kevin Aguiar's lack of a response. This blog isn't one of the recognized official media outlets. I don't have the universal respect of our local politicians. However, as a resident, as a voter I'm very disappointed that one of our local officials didn't have the courtesy to at least email me back and decline! Particularly because these are YOUR questions!

Kevin Aguiar has run a very quiet campaign. Perhaps he feels that re-election will come easily and he doesn't need to take the time to explain his positions to the voters. If so I'm very disappointed. Much has changed since he won the special election and I, like many Fall River residents, am concerned about the present and the future.

CJ Ferry has one hell of an uphill battle ahead of him. For his campaign debates were essential to help him get his message out. It is my understanding that his campaign made several attempts to get debates scheduled. It is also my understanding that he offered to make himself available to whatever times were good for Representative Aguiar.

Mr. Ferry has received the endorsement of former State Representative Candidate, Ray Leary. He has also received favorable mention on the Fall River Parents and Citizens for Change blog. I really wanted to have the answers from both candidates, however it seems unfair to Mr. Ferry to not publish his answers. So on Tuesday I will post Mr. Ferry's answers on, If and when I hear from Mr. Aguiar I will post his as well.