Monday, September 29, 2008

Questions and Answers

If you listen closely, you can almost hear it, the sound of people running for local office. Dave Sullivan has easily defeated Linda Pereira and will go unopposed on the November ballot. Mike Rodrigues never really faced any competition so he too, will go unchallenged come November. Things are a little different for Kevin Aguiar, he is facing a Republican challenger in CJ Ferry.

Listen closely, you can almost hear them campaigning! It’s kind of like the old saying “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If your running for election and the media doesn’t pay attention does - you get the idea.

Where do these guys stand? What are their positions? What issues do you as a voter care about? Let’s consider this an exercise in citizen journalism. Tell me what questions you would like to get the answers to. I will submit the best 5 (in my opinion) to both candidates and ask them to respond. The candidates will be asked to limit their responses to 500 words. I will then post the responses on

Thanks for participating!


Anonymous said...

Which candidates are you going to submit the questions to?

Lefty said...

Kevin Aguiar and CJ Ferry.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, can we also do this for potential candidates in the city council election. I would also include mayor but there does not appear to be any word on an opposing candidate.

kestrel9000 said...

Although I have voted Republican less times in my life than I have eaten squirrel, I made an effort to get to know CJ Ferry's policy on issues, just to be informed.
But after the political stunt of filing charges of conspiracy to commit child abuse against school committee members, one of whom is his opponent in the November election, the only vote he'd get from me might be, "Least Likely To Succeed."

Anonymous said...

My question is how come the South End of Fall River didn't produce better candidates for the office of State Rep? Why is my choice between Dumb or Dumber?

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the child abuse charges against the school committee? Are they being pursued or will they be dropped?

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on the charges filed? I knew of the overcrowding issue but did they file child abuse charges??

kestrel9000 said...

Nothin on his campaign website about the DSS complaint, but I've got someone looking for it.
We got a press release when he filed it, along with a partial copy of the complaint.

Anonymous said...

interesting, while I agree with bringing attention to the overcrowding the child abuse is a stretch!!

Lefty said...

Kestrel, you should eat squirrel more often :)

Does anyone have any serious questons to offer?

Anonymous said...

Boxers or briefs?

Lefty said...

I DON'T want the answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

I want to know where they stand on state aided public housing. What do they think of the current demolition plans for Watuppa Heights? In addition, Fall River has a disproportionate amount of public housing with more public housing than Boston when Section 8 is considered. The state has notoriously underfunded repairs for their sites, although Pleasant View has recently been renovated. Where do you see Maple Gardens and Corky Row in the future?
Thanks Lefty!

Anonymous said...

I guess we know where Kevin Aguiar stands, but the vote was taken soon after he took office. What do the candidates think of resort casinos and economic growth in Massachusetts?

Anonymous said...

State funding seems to go to other communities

What SPECIFICALLY will you as a candidate do to ensure funds for Fall River ?

New businesses in Fall River now receive tax incentives but only hire 3-10 people and not fall river residents. How will you ensure jobs in Fall River in larger numbers and better pay rates for Fall River residents?

How will you promote economic development for Fall River??

How will you

Erin B

Dustin Werstler, Campaign Manager said...

Lefty and friends,

Thank you for taking the initiative to "pay attention" to the Ferry/Aguiar race for the 7th Bristol District's Representative seat.

It has been difficult getting media coverage, so it's been voices like yours that have stepped up to the plate to fill in where the traditional media has largely chosen to fail.

CJ Ferry is preparing responses to the questions submitted to him so that you, the citizens and voters of this city, can be better informed.

As an additional update, CJ appeared on "The Richard Urban Show" which can be viewed, streaming, at You can even download the 30 minute show.

Kevin Aguiar has been formally challenged to debates on WSAR's Barry Richard's show and FRTV's "The Richard Urban Show". As of yet, no response has come from the Aguiar campaign, though CJ Ferry has made it clear that he will debate anywhere, any time, and for as long as the host's time permits.

Once again, the responses to your questions will be promptly forthcoming. Also, we are eagerly and actively working for debates.