Thursday, August 21, 2008

Made in Fall River

Support jobs for Americans, buy products with the "the made in the U.S.A." label, support your local farmers and buy produce from your local farmer's market. Apparently one local clothes manufacturers is adopting that philosophy to help promote their product line.

Karen Warren
is a local company that features clothing made only in the Bay State, with manufacturing based right here in Fall River. The product line wears a label that proudly boasts 'Made in Massachusetts, U.S.A.'

Karen Warren knows it's cheaper to do the manufacturing overseas but they believe in investing in their local economy. Fall River certainly needs that investment.

Here's wishing much success to Karen Warren, 'Made in Massachusetts, U.S.A.', right here in Fall River.


Anonymous said...

What type of clothes do they make?

Where can you by them?

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about good ole Northeast Knitting - aka the old Fall River Knitting Mill. They are one of the last sweater manufacturers in the US.