Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Keri's gone, who should WSAR bring onboard?

With the sudden departure of Keri Rodrigues, WSAR once again finds itself in need of some on air talent. Today several listeners called in to lobby for the return of Mike Moran. So the question is, who should WSAR bring on board to fill the morning slot?

An anonymous commenter, who suggested this topic believes that Keri's successor should be someone who is viewed as independent from both the Karam's and the Correia administration, otherwise the station's credibility suffers.

I think, given that this is someone who would probably host the morning show with Hec, and then host the 1 hour talk program, someone with knowledge of the Fall River area is essential.

Leave your comments and tell me who YOU think WSAR should bring on board!


sunshine's grandaughter said...

I don't know you from a hole in the wall but I enjoyed you and ed garcia. So I throw your hat in the ring!

FRC said...

Honestly, I think WSAR should offer yet another time slot to the Hurricane because I could listen to him all day.

phayemuss said...

I think local historian and author Kenneth Champlin would be absolutely perfect! Ken has a wonderful speaking voice, a quick and witty sense of humor, and an expert on Fall River history and politics. He has worked with many civic and private organizations within the City, as well as public institutions and through state and federal grants. He is also very well informed on the "underbelly" of Fall River, i.e., the hidden agenda networking that powers the city's engine, so to speak. ;)

Ken currently works for the EPA, commuting to Boston daily.

He has a quick wit, sharp eye and kind spirit.

Dang. I think I might call him and persuade him to apply. :)

Anonymous said...

Well...who else is looking for a county job?

New England Bites said...

Lefty, I think YOU should do it. You'd be perfect. I love your blog.

Laura :o)
New England Bites

Lefty said...

Thanks Sunshine, Thanks Laura,

I had a lot of fun in my 3 hours with Eddie Garcia. I also realized that it's not as easy as it seems and can be a lot of work.

I would love to have the opportunity to do it again, but abandon my blog?! We'd have to work on that point.

Anonymous said...

Two names come to mind immediately: Marc Monroe Dion and Bob Kerr. Tough gets for sure though, but that'd make damn fine radio.

Anything is better than Herren. You're right on with that horrific Lund "interview" Lefty. That was a disgrace, and the perfect summary of everything that is a Herren. Whoever goes to fill Keri's shoes needs to actually know how to report, not just slober over politicians their friends with.

Or maybe it's a coincidence that just a few weeks after that Lund deal that Herren and Garcia did a remote from the counsilor's house bout?

Anonymous said...

I bet WSAR couldn't afford either Dion or Kerr. Those guys don't work for $10 an hour.

ThirdMate said...

I haven't seen his resume, but Jim Hummel from Channel 6 just quit because 6 was getting too "sensationalistic."

"Old school," champion of the little guy, no job. Sounds like just the kind of guy they need.

Of course they could just call Giammarco back from WPRO. They have some problems with Arbitron, and WSAR doesn't seem to care about ratings.

Lefty said...

So far here's the list:

Lefty - local blogger
Hurricane - WSAR radio host
Kenneth Champlin - local historian
Marc Monroe Dion - local columnist
Bob Kerr - local columnist
Jim Hummel - formerly from Channel 6
Paul Giammarco - former WSAR host

Lefty said...

I'm a little surprise no one has echoed the call for the return of Mike Moran.

Anonymous said...

How about Herald News editor Lisa Strattan?

phayemuss said...

Keri's personal blog has been taken down. I find that disappointing and wonder why.

Also, I am suspecting that one of the "Anonymous" posters here is Skynet74
who posted such venomous untruths about carry at:

She knows how to use her networking skills. She knows how to manipulate for her career advantage. I find absolutely no fault in that whatsoever. As a single mother raising a son in the 70's and 80's, I did the same. Men do it everyday. No one thinks twice. It's a gender thing.

I wish Keri all the best in her new endeavor. She'll do just fine.

Anonymous said...

I rarely agreed with Keri, but I was impressed with her passion for getting to the bottom of the truth. When she switched to the morning time slot, I stopped listening to WSAR. I went back to listening to WPRO AM. I would like to see WSAr try to hire Matt Allen from WPRO AM. He would bring a different view of things into WSAR.

Anonymous said...

What about some of the former mayoral candidates that filled in for Keri last year? What are Bill Whitty, Al Alves or Brad Kilby up to these days? I actually thought Al Alves was pretty funny although he probably didn't intend to be.

New England Bites said...

Uh oh ... I know Skynet74. Hmm ... I think I have some investigating to do.

Audie said...

First off, all good choices.

I think we're all overlooking the people that would make the station entertaining and fun to listen to.

1- A "Hannity and Colmes" style show with Dave Kane and Sean Fensil

2- Danny Robilard Show - WSAR does not have any handicapped hosts. This should be rectified.

3- The Mr. Russell Show. Mr. Russell is the Afro American who walks around in fatigues with the Black Power flag.

Marc Dion claims he, "doesn't do radio" so he's out.

Ken just bashes anyone who is not a liberal (like Kerri) and I think everyone knows he posted the above about how he deserves the job.

Nobody cares about him being on the raido.

Maybe Chris Herron could do a show with his brother for the daytime.

New England Bites said...

FYI - I just found out why the Hurricane has been away from WSAR. He was on vacation!

Laura :o)
New England Bites

Audie said...

The Huricaine is awesome. One of the funniest shows on radio.

Here is my review:

Equal Parts:

Stuttering John Melendez
Al "Four Touchdowns in One Game" Bundy
Hank "The Angry Drunken Dwarf"

Howard Stern should have Hurricaine join the wack pack!

Anonymous said...

Dion used to do 15 minutes with Mike n Hec a few years ago...on Mondays...he was good

Anonymous said...

Mike was NOT on vacation.

Skynet74 said...

Well while it's no surprise that I've never been a Keri fan, I can guarantee you that I have never posted a comment here before. My friend just told me that my name was brought up and sent me the link. I did not even know this blog existed until 10 minutes ago when I got the message. So any anonymous posts have not been written by me. I always include my user name.

Anonymous said...

I am still intrigued by the idea of former mayoral candidates either filling in or one of them that isn't doing anything taking the spot. Al Alves was funny and he could complain about how $3 dollars is still too much for Fall River Celebrates.

I don't know which one of the mayoral candidates from last year could be considered the most knowledgeable about Fall River issues but Al would certainly be the most amusing. His opinions on the issues are always interesting and different to say the least.

Anyone else got any ideas on who would make a knowledgeable talk show host in terms of mayoral candidates? I don't know if any of them would do the type of research that Keri used to do, that may be a big drawback if people are looking more for information than entertainment.

audie said...

Dion cowered when confronted by Dave Kane.

Kane would call him and Dion would just say, "I don't do radio" and hang up like a moron.

As Dave Kane said, he's a "cowboy hat wearing jackass".

Anonymous said...


Phillomena said...

i feel some of need to read my blog

Anonymous said...


Dion played Kane for laughs...Kane kept talkng about Dion on the air, trying to draw Dion into a feud and Dion just sat back and let him talk

Anonymous said...

how about having Sean of Rainbow's End back?

He works for free.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for a new person not in the media already.

get rid of the hurricane already. From what I have heard so far he lacks the intelligence.

They can't afford talent like Hummel and Giammarco. Not to mention Giammarco has a nice cushy job at WPRO.

It Said said...

Giammarco would be a complete and total fool to leave WPRO and head back to the Titanic that is WSAR..I hear a lot of the crew is getting ready to take their deck chairs and head out the door..

Anonymous said...

Who could pass the Karams puppet test?

Anonymous said...

all of the vicious attacks against the hurricane enogh already first of all anyone who underestimates his intelligence is foolish and does not know him even his harshest critics know how smart he is..second he has a national future in radio whether its sports or his current format and finally he has more people calling the show asking where he is than this blog has readers..also a friend of mine at the pvd journal says he has a book deal in the works..people have hated on this kid for along time but dont underestimate his popularity and name recognition

Anonymous said...

let's see how popular hurricane is when his current "activities" are made public.

Anonymous said...

"he has a national future in radio whether its sports or his current format..."

You're kidding right?

A "national future"?

Please cite a source that has told you Hurricane could be syndicated..

Hurricane is "Fall River Famous"..nothing more..

"also a friend of mine at the pvd journal says he has a book deal in the works.."

Mike has all kinds of "deals" in the works on a regular many of them pan out? The guy is a hustler..but a book deal? About what?

"dont underestimate his popularity and name recognition"

No one is arguing that Mike has a certain talent..if he would focus on it, some of the points you make might one day manifest themselves..if he can keep his nose clean...he has powerful friends in the Karams, but a major screwup could even make them have second thoughts..

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... what about Gus Suneson?

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you are aware that Gus Suneson is seriously ill and has been fighting cancer for almost a year. His prognosis is not very good. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Lefty said...

Wow, lots of comments to catch up on here.

I think a former mayoral candidate could be interesting. I think Whitty could be interesting. Poulin could be interesting. I just don't see either of them doing it.

I really don't see any former hosts returning to WSAR.

Herren national future? book deals? more listeners than I have readers??!

Seriously I would be shocked if he had a national future. Although I suppose he could in a sports format. He's certainly got appeal, but I think it's more local guy, local issues, local passion type of appeal. I'm not sure if he can expand that to national appeal.

I also wonder what a Hurricane book deal would be about? Any info on that?

More listeners than I have readers? No kidding! According to the official numbers my numbers suck in the afternoon drive slot. I guess people just won't read blogs and drive at the same time.

Gus on WSAR? Unlikely since he is banned from calling, but he would certainly be independent and entertaining.

I saw Gus at a public even not too long ago and had heard he was recovering and starting his show again. I assumed he was winning his battle. I hope I'm right.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time you heard a stutterer on national radio?

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a serious discussion about the troubles at WSAR and the implications for it as a medium. Are there any now who will challenge the current administration? Is there any edge or even substantive conversation? Eddie is gone from the afternoon show and Herren's solo appeal is limited. He'll fizzle out shortly after the novelty has worn out. Barry is too tied into all things Republican and is a broken record. Kerri is gone and there seems to be no rush to replace her. Just a series of guests and fill ins. You can now leave the radio off and know you haven't missed a thing. Right or wrong?

It Said said...

"Are there any now who will challenge the current administration"?

Not if you want to keep your job..Bob Karam is in closed..Why do you think Keri is gone? The Karams made sure they put the guy they wanted on the sixth floor at Government Center..and they want to keep him there..for whatever reason..

"Herren's solo appeal is limited. He'll fizzle out shortly after the novelty has worn out".

I predict he'll give up the afternoon gig before the end of the year..filling three hours with non sports related material is proving to be more than he can handle..if he could scream about Manny every aftertoon..that's a different story altogether..

WSAR will likely either be sold or be nothing but brokered programming within two years..

The Herald News will be an internet publication before then..

Just my two cents..

Skynet74 said...

To the person a few posts above me who said: "when was the last time you heard a stutterer on national radio?"

My answer would be "Stuttering John" from the Howard Stern Show who has since gone on to become the official announcer of The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno.

Anonymous said...

There you have it, Mike Herren, soon to be the announcer for Conan O'Brian once he takes over for Jay Leno. That Hurricane kid is going national!

Anonymous said...

can herren read ? i seriously doubt he can write...he is surrounded by morons who have been his drinking and drugging buddies since he was 10 yrs old, apologists who worship durfee jocks, and protected by the karam family. he is an intellectual midget with an ego. so very sad...
this is the best the karams can offer