Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isn't there an election coming up?

Where are the debates? The commercials? The newspaper ads? Isn't there an election coming up?

Why is this so quiet? After all two of our state reps are facing challengers! How come I don't hear incumbents talking up their resumes, telling us what they've done? How come I don't hear challengers talking about their vision and telling us how they are going to do what the incumbents have failed to?

Shouldn't campaigns be in full swing by now? Instead all I see is a ton of Linda Pereira signs in the North End and after much searching a few campaign websites.

Now in the 8th Bristol District Mike Rodrigues has it easy. He is running unopposed. Things are different however in the 6th and 7th Districts.

In the 7th Bristol District Representative Kevin Aguiar should be facing stiff competition. Aguiar has only held the seat a few short months, thanks to a special election. Sure Kevin is a familiar name thanks to years on the school committee but he has not had time to build a reputation in Boston. If anyone wanted to make a serious run at this seat THIS is the year to do it. Instead Aguiar faces John Rodrigues in the Democratic primary and will face Republican challenger CJ Ferry before returning to Boston. Oh I suppose I should say the winner will face CJ Ferry but let's be honest. Rodrigues and Ferry have both run for office before and neither has ever stood in the winners circle. They're not serious candidates, or at least it's tough to take them as serious candidates. Rodrigues faced Aguiar in the special election and ran a quiet an ineffectual campaign. Ferry last ran for both city council and school committee and came in last in both races. If either man was serious about unseating Aguiar they should have come out swinging, instead we've heard next to nothing.

The most interesting race is in the 6th Bristol District, as incumbent Dave Sullivan faces City Councilor Linda Pereria in the Democratic primary. Back when Dave lost the Fall River mayoral race I predicted the vultures would circle this coming election. There is certainly a short list of people who could seriously challenge Sullivan for his seat. Kilby, Whitty, and Poulin could all make a race of it. So could Council President Joe Camara, who has run for the seat before, but Linda Pereira?! True, Linda is a veteran city councilor. She has name recognition and a support base. Linda has introduced ideas to the council and has been outspoken on issues. However Linda is also haunted by her own past. There is the infamous racist joke that she told in public. There is also the odd sitation where she claimed a Herald News reporter fabricated an interview with her. Maybe too much has been made out of the joke incident and in the case of the Herald, I'd hate to call her a liar, but it does cast some doubts on her judgement.

Another problem for Linda is that Dave Sullivan might not be as vulnerable as people thought. No longer in the shadow of Bob Correia, Representative Sullivan seems to be having a pretty good year. He's gotten good press with the passage of the Rolling Rock bill and continues to be the maverick with his lone stand against the recent home rule petition. But the best news for Sullivan is the passage of his buffer zone bill. This is a high profile accomplishment for Sullivan, that could be a death blow for Hess LNG. It look like if Linda wants to unseat Sullivan she'll need to do more than just wallpaper the north end with campaign signs.

If any of the candidates for office would like to like to tell me why they should be elected to office or to advise me of a campaign website, drop me a line at


Anonymous said...

Mike Rodrigues does have an opponent, former City Council candidate Mike Raposa.

Lefty said...


A Herald News article from May 1st reports that Raposa took out nomination papers. On May 29th, the Herald reported that Rodrigues was running unopposed. Yet, reports that Raposa is a candidate on June 24th.

May 1st

May 29th

Anonymous said...

This election isn't worth worrying about because everyone running is unfit to hold office...due to lack of intelligence

FRC said...


Don't forget the important Register of Probate election.

Anonymous said...

Where is Keri Rodrigues when you need her? The reason why nothing is being done is because she was the one to make these things happen.

General said...

I have found the election in the north end interesting from this respect. Linda has decided to run a whisper campaign against Sullivan.

Example, her husband actually is telling people, as he goes around trying to get sign locations, that Sullivan has done zero and has passed nothing. At one house a person told Louie that Sullivan just got the LNG bill threw. Not so said Louie, that was Haddad and Rodrigues.

The other thing she is using is a small group called (I believe) the Catholic Citizens. They are trying to sink Sullivan on the Gay Marriage issue. From what I understand they plan to create a voter guide and pass them out at the churches.

I guess this group is for anyone, even if they lie, tell racists jokes etc, as long as they are against the gays.

Anonymous said...

I believe the North End is smart enough to know Linda' s Game and vote against her. Just the fact that she is not an incumbent state rep and she is not campaigning except for putting up signs is reason enough not to vote for her. We do not need Linda representing us at the State House. Vote Sullivan

Lefty said...

I'm reluctant to accuse Linda of a whisper campaign when I have no proof of it. But if she is running a whisper campaign that would seem to be more than the other candidates.

Hey maybe Linda would be a great Rep. but she owes it to the voters to make the case. As do the others.

Anonymous said...

General, the whisper campaign against homosexuals is nothing new, Bob did it when he ran for Mayor, it all came out after the fact in a publication called Bay Windows with one crazy right wing group claiming credit for Bob's great mayoral victory. It doesn't shock me that Linda would stoop to the same low tactics. That's what a political machine does though, anything they have to do to win a race and to help their cronies win a race.

Lefty, your points are valid too but isn't this fairly similar to what happened in last year's Mayor's race? There was maybe one candidate that had a platform from the very beginning and the media practically had to drag platforms out from the rest of them? If it weren't for Keri Rodrigues as well as the newspaper running weekly Sprint to the Sixth Floor and other types of segments then I doubt we would've heard much at all from the candidates themselves.

The media hasn't done much with this state rep race and I think the old school style of campaigning is just to hold lots of fundraisers and throw up lots of yard signs. I'm sure there is more too it then that but it is peculiar that we have heard nothing from the media as well as the candidates.

I think what helped to break things open last year was one of the mayoral candidates challenging the others to a debate and then the Herald and WSAR got on board and then the candidates followed suit. I doubt though that you will see either Linda or Dave challenge each other to a debate, I think they both know that their debating skills are awful. As awful as they are though we need to go through the exercise but I don't see the Herald or WSAR stepping up to the plate unless they are challenged to somehow. I don't anticipate Linda or Dave volunteering for a debate.

puck said...

Lefty, you say a whisper campaign is better than no campaign at all? You can’t mean that, can you? The reason to “whisper” is because what you’re saying won’t stand up to public scrutiny. It’s sneaky and underhanded. Which makes it a perfect tactic for a woman who has made those traits her trademark: breaching confidentiality of a foster family to an HN reporter, lying about her breach, then asking another reporter to lie for her in her attempted cover-up, not to mention her willingness to “sacrifice a young man's reputation in a bid to save her own state job.”

If Pereira had to defend her actions in public, she’d resort to her usual, "I am not talking about that at all." Or, regarding her racial slur, she “has no interest in rehashing the episode now.” (See the Ken Hartnett article link for these quotes.)

In the same article she defends her character by saying she has "never taken a dime," has never used her influence to get jobs for her children and that she is not a druggie or a drunk. Wow! High praise indeed! That may be good enough Bob Correia’s support, but the rest of deserve so much more.

Agree or not with Sullivan’s stance on every issue, he appears to be an independent thinker and to vote his conscience. And, really, it’s nice to think that one of the candidates actually HAS a conscience.

Anonymous said...

Would it surprise you to know that WSAR sat on the platforms of mayoral candidates when they were sent to them as early as April, May, and June of 2007? If you doubt this, ask the candidates. The Karam brothers had an agenda from beginning to end. Get Bob Correia elected. They had no influence on the sixth floor for 12years.

Lefty said...


Anon 8/15 @ 8:24
I actually did a blog post about the claims of the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action. But, I certainly don't give them much credit for Bob's victory.

I agree with you that this is shades of the mayoral race. I agree that the media is not doing much and no one candidate is pushing for debates or getting his or her platform out there. Certainly if one were to do so, the others would feel a need to do the same. But! If you're CJ Ferry, or John Rodrigues, don't you need to push your platform and call for debates? I certainly think so.

You know, in that last campaign cycle, with all those people running for council, and mayor, and school committee, I didn't get ONE campaign person come to my door. Not one. Now, the signature drive for the home rule petition, someone showed up.

Do I applaud Linda's effort in an alleged whisper campaign? No. My point is just to highlight my frustration that I don't see the other candidates doing anything.

I think Linda's 'legacy' will follow her. She can't run away from it. However if there is a whisper campaign going on, isn't this reason for Sullivan to promote himself?

Anon 9:21
If what you say is true it still shouldn't have mattered. These candidates had multiple avenues to get their message out and some simply did a better job than others. Bob did not win office because the Karam's wanted him to. Bob won because he had great name recognition, an experienced campaign team, had more money to spend and due to the flaws of his competition.

The Karam's may have supported Bob Correia but we as a city elected him.

Anonymous said...

The point is that their "talking heads" called repeatedly for detail proposals from cahdidates. They received them from at least four candidates for mayor, but did not acknowledge them, They continued to claim that candidates were not providing detailed plans. In fact one talk show host read from public testimony concerning LNG of one mayoral candidate while passing it of as her own ideas. Don't you think that this is less than honest?

General said...

Although I do not live in Sullivan's district, a friend of mine did get to talk to Rep Sullivan. He is actually going door to door and had a flyer with him. So I do know that one candidate is going door to door.

Anonymous said...

I do remember Bobby Karam calling in one day to bash Poulin and Sullivan. It was during one of the joint Barry and Keri segments. The problem was that Karam didn't identify himself and when Poulin called in to call him out Barry hung up on him. It was very interesting radio that day and one of the few times the hidden Karam agenda got exposed. Most people don't have the balls to expose them though for who and what they are... Let's just say they didn't make their millions by being the nicest guys in the world, especially Bobby. It was more about latching themselves to certain politicians and making sure that pol did their bidding.

I know many people that weren't huge Ed Lambert fans but at least respected him for the fact that he frustrated the Karams for 12 years by not doing every little thing that they wanted. Bob Correia is going to be the exact opposite, they will get just about if not every little thing they want and that's why they wanted him in office, he was willing to play ball with them.

Anonymous said...

It would seem John Rodrigues can't make up his mind what he is. He's run as a Republican,and Independent, and now a Democrat. He has not had much success and don't expect him to do any better in September.

Radio Free said...

When John Rodrigues was on my show last year he could barely answer the simplest of questions. He knows nothing about local issues, nevermind the statewide situations facing the Commonwealth. Kevin Aguiar is a genius compared to John, and that's saying something -- considering Kevin could find his own rear end with two hands and a map.

That being said, a couple of months ago when I was on Beacon Hill, I watched Kevin on the floor of House. He looked miserable. He's already made it clear that he will always vote with the Speaker, regardless of how it may impact Fall River. Take the gambling issue for instance.

Until Kevin gets a serious challenger, expect him to keep the seat. CJ Ferry is not a serious candidate, regardless of how the Republicans may try to portray him. This is the same guy who ran for School Committee and City Council at the same time last year. He's a decent parrot of MassGOP talking points, but the MassGOP is devoid of ideas anyway.

In regard to the Linda and Dave situation, I find the whole thing to be a bit bizarre. Linda has not held a single press conference and basically refuses to discuss the race publicly. That will change as my sources tell me her daughter Shelia is lobbying a particular talk show host to skew his coverage her way. Apparently They can't hold any major media events because the Herald News *will* remind everyone of her racist/lying past. She can't afford it.

It's sad because Linda is now beginning to show her motivations politicly. First Registrar of Probate, now State Rep -- what's the motivation here? The whole thing is weird.

But look beyond the surface and you find something even more interesting. Bob Correia has endorsed Linda ... Ed Lambert has endorsed Dave. Is this just a political war by proxy? I'm interested to see.

For the record, say what you want about his track record as mayor -- Ed Lambert has one of the most brilliant political organizations ever to run Fall River. An organization he allowed Bob Correia to co-op in his campaign for mayor -- until Lambert got a job at UMass. Now that Correia has used his legacy as a political pinata to cover up some of his serious mistakes, Lambert is not happy.

As the world turns ...

Faye Musselman said...

Just popping in to ask what y'all think of WSAR's new website?

Also, Keri has not yet started at the D.A.'s office. I've tried reaching her...I think she's on vacation with Matthew. Anybody know? I'll be in Fall River again next week for a couple weeks and would like to see her again.

New England Bites said...

I really like it. I think that Patrick Stone did a great job with it. It's 100% better than the previous page.

Laura :o)
New England Bites

the doctor said...

Ha! New website, eh? Well, you know what they say - you can't polish a turd. They could have the best site this side of the Mississippi, but the content of the station is always gonna be piss poor so long as Messieurs Karam own it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why the new website is up and running yet... it doesn't seem to be finished! Plus, what's with all the different font styles? It doesn't look very professional...

Get Real said...

Radio Free: CJ Ferry, in fact, is a viable candidate. Unlike Aguiar, he's doing something for Fall River... he's making our government be responsible for its actions. Take, for example, the overcrowding in the schools that Aguiar voted for.

Doesn't it bother anyone that Kevin Aguiar doesn't even try to represent the people that elected him? Take a look at his voting record: his lips are firmly attached to the Speaker's ass and his personal gain is all he's concerned about.

Also, CJ Ferry ran for two positions --- as he clearly indicated from day one --- for the ability to gain more face time to expose the issues the current batch that the "better the devil we know" incumbants keep perpetuating. In this current election, he's running to take on an incompetent (based on actions) legislator that's holding two positions. Kevin Aguiar is on the School Committee and a State Representative. He holds two offices but fails miserably at both of them.

Dismissing a candidate because he's Independent, Republican, Veteran's Party, Libertarian, or anything other than Democrat is pure ignorance.

I have more faith in the people of Fall River than to dismiss them as being a bunch of ignorant fools. We are a strong, intelligent community of people that need to take back our government by voting for someone that actually gives a damn about the city's future and not just their own.