Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall River Eats

From chow mein sandwiches to 'chourico and chips' subs, Fall River is a great place to eat. Those of us who live here know just how great the food in this area is. However, those who are quick to dismiss Fall River as a 'tired old mill city' never bother to divert off the highway and as a consequence our great cuisine is a local secret.

A new blog focusing on Fall River food may help change that. Fall River Eats has just been launched. The blogs author is a frequent visitor to the city who has discovered all the joys that we take for granted and is now sharing them.

As a local I enjoy blogs that focus on the eateries in our area. Often the post is about someplace I've been and it's interesting to see if the author agrees with MY opinion. Sometimes things have changed since I've been there last and the review serves as a reminder that I need to go again soon! Sometimes the author is reviewing a place that even as a local, I haven't. Here is a great opportunity to find out about someplace I may need to visit!

I urge you to check out Fall River Eats and wish them much success!


New England Bites said...

It's great to see another food blog out there!! I'll link them to my site. I actually work right across the street from Roger's (their latest entry), and I haven't been in years!! I'm going to check it out.

Laura :o)
New England Bites

Faye Musselman said...

Except for this past year, I've always had at least one meal at Estoril on Pleasant in the Flint. It's interior is quite elegant, the staff surperb, and one can feel welcomed dressed formally or in levis and a sweatshirt or tank top. The shrimp mozambique is my favorite - and oh that warm portuguese bread. Prices are surprisingly cheap considering the quality and portions.
Good wine selection. Lunch or dinner I never was disappointed.

And Laura, I really enjoy your blog and usually copy down some of the locations and "check them out" when in Fall River. I can give you a list of some of my personal favorites "out of the way and little known" that I've discovered over 30 years in visiting Fall River. Oh, and what about those Hartley's meat pies! yummm!

Faye Musselman

New England Bites said...
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Shelley said...

Thanks for the welcome Laura. Your blog was my inspiration.