Thursday, June 26, 2008

Notable Home for Sale in Fall River's Highlands

Photograph by Shelley Dziedzic

Does your current home feel oppressive and cramped? Is your home not in the 'best' of neighborhoods? Would you just kill for a larger, more prestigious home, in the fashionable section of town?

Have I got the house for you!

The Charles M. Allen house in Fall River's Highland section is once again for sale. The 14 room house, located on French Street, sits on a large city lot. The house was built in about 1889 and is one of Fall River's most famous homes.

You're not familiar with the Charles M. Allen house? That's probably because its second owner christened it with the name by which it is more recognizably known, Maplecroft.


That's right, the beloved home of Lizzie Borden is once again for sale according to a recent post on Mondo Lizzie Borden! Maplecroft's current owner Robert Dube who purchased the home in 1980 is looking for close to $700,000 for the Fall River landmark.

Emma and Lizzie Borden purchased the house at 7 French Street from Charles M. Allen in July of 1893 for $11,000*. The sisters apparently moved there that Fall. Lizzie christened the home Maplecroft and had the name chiseled into the top step leading to the front door (something the society folks considered quite in bad taste!) In fact, despite their wealth, and their new home in the fashionable Highlands, the Borden's were more or less shunned by Fall River society. A disagreement between the sisters resulted in Emma leaving in 1905, never to return.

A two story addition and a wrap around porch were added in 1909. A garage was added in 1911. Maplecroft boasts beautiful wood paneling, several fireplaces, and a legacy like no other home in Fall River. Maplecroft would be Lizzie's home for over 30 years (until her death in 1927), no other owner would reside there as long.

If Mr. Dube should find a buyer for Maplecroft, hopefully it will be someone who is sensitive to the homes history and someone who will work to preserve it.

* The house was renumbered 306 French Street in 1896.

Sources: Lizzie Borden: A Case Book of Family and Crime in the 1890's
Joyce G. Williams, J. Eric Smithburn, M. Jeanee Peterson, editors

Lizzie Borden Past & Present - Leonard Rebello

7 comments: said...

Robert Dube is a friend of mine and I've been fortunate enough to be inside several times. He is a gracious host with an eclectic collection of art. The tin ceiling in the kitchen is the same as the little bathroom under the staircase in the main foyer. Lizzie had the curved archways installed, including the one leading to the large parlour which she moved about 8 feet. It's all about the woodwork in Maplecroft which is magnificient. Robert and Shirley, who lives with him, have maintained the house beautifully. Maplecroft has only had 5 owners in its long history, not counting Grace Hartley Howe and Helen Leighton who inherited Lizzie's half ownership when she died in 1927.
-Faye Musselman
Payson, AZ

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