Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lefty's Rules of Local Blogging

There seems to be a sudden surge in local Fall River blogging! I've seen this before. A new blog appears and maybe after one or two posts it just sits there abandoned. Still it's exciting to see new blogs and new bloggers. It's interesting to see what topics they've chosen to blog about and to read their take on something of local interest.

In the interest of encouraging my fellow local bloggers I offer some advice, some opinion, and some conclusions. I encourage you to learn from my experience, heed my wisdom and to take this all with a grain of salt.

Lefty's Rules of Local Blogging
1. Blogging is Hard!
2. Blog Opinion, not news. The expiration date on news is too quick!
3. Use the Bloggers Code of Conduct as a guide.
4. Write assuming that no one will click on the links
5. Try to respond to comments.
6. When putting your work out there for others to read, realize there will be critics.
7. If you want to build a readership, you need to post with some frequency.
8. Firefox has a built in spell check.
9. Don't blog about a hot topic unless you have something to add.
10. Blog about what interests you otherwise the effort isn't worth it


just jenn said...


I like this post. You are right, it is a great disapointment to find a local blog, get interested in it, then watch it sit idle until you just stop looking.

I am a little disapointed in a post on the SCO blog about the rules of local blogging... but what can I say other than they are certainly entitled to their opinion.

That is, after all, what blogging is all about.

Lefty said...

Thanks Jenn,

It was fun thinking up the rules. Really they're meant to be a bit tongue and check and give you an idea of my approach to blogging.

As for those who decided to take this negatively, see rule #6.

Lefty said...

tongue and cheek...too bad rule #8 doesn't catch such errors.