Monday, June 16, 2008

Fall River Blog

It was several months ago that I first put together the basis for what would become Fall River Blog. The idea was to put the best of Fall River blogging all in one place! It's a site where you can instantly see what's going on in local blogging.

In the main area are Featured Blogs. These are some of the more established blogs and blogs that have a good history for focusing on Fall River. The list is subject to change or be added to as more blogs enter into the local scene.

On the top right we have a list of Fall River Area Blogs. These are other area blogs of note. Some are well established but don't really focus on Fall River. Others are newer blogs, not yet established but worth knowing about.

Both the Featured Blogs list and the Fall Area Blogs list are sorted by the most recently updated. Which means a quick visit to Fall River Blog shows you what new posts you need to read!

In the right hand column there's also a place to see some of the latest headlines from the Herald News, the Standard Times, and the Fall River Spirit. There's also an area to see the latest comments that have been left on some of the Featured Blogs.

Fall River Blog will also publish your blog posts. After all, everyone has an opinion but not everyone has a blog. If there's a Fall River topic that you want to share your view on, FRB is the place to submit it!

For Fall River Blog there are three objectives:

1. To give readers an easy way to keep up with the latest in local blogging.
2. To give bloggers an easy way to get the word out about new posts and new blogs.
3. To give a people a chance to express their opinions by guest blogging on Fall River Blog.

I hope you'll pay it a visit!


Dr. Momentum said...

Visited and blogrolled.

Best of luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!

Lefty said...

Thank you dr. momentum!

just jenn said...


Thank you. I love it!

I can get everything in one place instead of having a favorites list loaded with local blogs.

Thanks again!

Lefty said...

Thanks Jenn!

I'm glad you like it. Perhaps in the future you might be willing to submit a guest blog?

just jenn said...

ummm....maybe...someday...idunno... :0)