Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mike Lund - Riding the (Radio) waves

Yesterday, Councilor Mike Lund went on WSAR's afternoon show to put an end to the questions concerning his residency. It turned out to be almost the easiest hour of his life.

Of course this became the hot topic of the day after the Herald News ran an article about a YouTube video that calls Lund's residency into question. Now the Herald article didn't dig deeply enough and questions remained. By the time Councilor Lund walked into the studio at WSAR this had been a much talked about topic and lots of discussion revolved around records that show Lund's Swansea address. Despite this Lund received no scrutiny or hardball questions. Instead he received the equivalent of hugs and kisses and a host that would try to answer all the tough questions for him.

With "Mr. Hurricane" leading the proceedings, while a mostly mute Fast Eddie just stood by Lund stated more than once that this was a tactic deployed by firefighters to discredit him and that his residency was 700 Shore Drive prior to his taking out nomination papers to run for city council. But Lund never said much more than that and the hosts at WSAR never questioned. Lund never attempted to explain why from 2002-2006 corporation documents for Borden Light Marina show 96 Cedar Cove Road in Swansea as his address. Never attempted to explain why state records for campaign contributions again show his address at 96 Cedar Cove Road. The Hurricane never bothered to ask just how long that "period of time" he lived in Swansea was, never asked how he could have records for a 6 year span show his address in Swansea while the voting records show he voted in Fall River.

This needs to be explained!

Instead of asking some tough questions the Hurricane floored me by observing that it really didn't matter where Lund lived because he paid lots of taxes in Fall River and asking (in reference to the Arts Overlay District) why shouldn't he be able to advocate for something that will benefit him just because he's on the city council. Wow, "to the victor go the spoils." Sadly, in frustration I turned off the radio only to find out later that Keri Rodrigues called in to ask some direct questions. However she wasn't able to get direct answers.

It's time that Councilor Lund answer the hard questions. Why is there a paper trail showing that from 2002-2007 his residential address to be in Swansea while he claims and voted in Fall River? Mike Lund needs to realize this conflict is of his own making. However he can clear this up simply and easily by explaining the use of his Swansea address and by showing a paper trail that establishes his residency here in Fall River such as income tax records and bank statements. This isn't about whether or not he could run for city council and it's not even about where he sleeps at night. This isn't about 6 months. This is about 6 years. This is about possibly residing in one place and voting in another. This is about his integrity.

If Councilor Lund can clear this up I would urge him to do so. Otherwise I agree with Keri, it's time for an investigation.

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Dr. Momentum said...

I have to admit, I didn't think much about this controversy until I heard the end of that show Friday afternoon. But instead of answers, I came away feeling that Mt. Lund really does not want to tell the story straight for some reason.

It can't be a good reason, can it?

Anonymous said...

Ratings. Rodrigues is looking for ratings at anyone's expense.

Anonymous said...

Because she isn't bowing to the political machine that runs the city and owns the radio station as well as the other radio personalities that work there???

Some guy with a pen said...

You know, the idea that this is being done for ratings is not only farcical, its ignorant and idiotic.
So, all for ratings, Keri decided to have Mike Lund falsify his residence? For ratings she had him propose an addition to the arts overlay district that coincidentally benefits him and his family? For ratings she had him forget the name of the committee he's not only on, but also heads up?
For ratings she had the Herald News write an article about this?
That's as ludicrous and as thoughtless as posting stupid and unfounded comments on someone's web log.
During his campaign, she'd mentioned it and it got swept under the rug. Like so many other things of note in this city, people are content to either call it a lie or conveniently forget about it while blaming another person for something else. You wonder why this city is in the financial state it's in? Situations like this.
People with questionable integrity being able to skate because that's the way it's always been done.
Hell, Hurricane's attitude during that softball hugfest of an interview said it all; his family has done a lot to renovate the waterfront, why shouldn't he benefit from becoming a city councilor?
I don't know, possibly because elected officials are generally put there by people who believe that they'll do what's best for the city and for it's citizens and not jump at every opportunity that presents itself to use Fall River as a personal piggy bank?
But that's just me and my opinion.
I like my politicians to be accountable to the citizens in the democratic society that put them there, and not to each other.

Anonymous said...

I Must say that I am not impressed at all with WSAR's choices of on-air personalities. The morning show is tolerable, but this Hurricane character could do well by taking some public speaking classes. He's a big blow hard. It was painfully obvious that he and Mr Lund are good friends, Hurricane even said this much. In the end, Mr Hurricane (AKA Blowhard)came off looking exactly like what he really is, Mike Lund's Butt Boy. Now then Mr Hurricane and Fast Eddy, do us all a favor and just get off the air already. You guys are terrible.


Anonymous said...

Thnx Kerri Rodrigues for blowing this way out of proportion. Let it go.

Lefty said...

How is she blowing it out of proportion?

Mike Lund is the one who says with the exception of 6 months he's lived in Fall River since he was 18. Yet, it's Mike Lund who has used a Swansea address on public records from 2002-2007.

So what's the truth? Did he live in Swansea and vote in Fall River? Does he live in Swansea now while he sits on the council?

If Mike Lund can't clear up something as simple as where he lives then what else are we in the dark about?

sunshine's grandaughter said...

While this blog brought up WSAR's ratings what is the rating status of the morning & afternoon shake up? I find myself tuned into the morning, but never get the chance to listen to K-Rod's one hour & to be honest the afternoon is impossible to listen to unless mp3 is there or keri is there waiting for the hurricane to show up late for work.
Lefty, what are your thoughts?

sunshine's grandaughter said...
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Lefty said...

sunshine's grandaughter,

I think the ratings will be officially available in the next few weeks. I, like you, am interested in knowing just how well all these changes have worked out.

I'm not sure what to think!

I like the afternoon show but agree that it can sometimes be hard to listen to. On the other hand I liked the old morning lineup but feel that the morning show with Keri has more energy and that her hour of talk probably draws more listeners than Mike Moran's.

Bottom line is I'm going to assume that the morning show and the 9-10 slot will see an increase in ratings and the afternoon show will see a drop.

Anonymous said...

I think Lund needs to answer these questions.
I consider myself to be an educated Fall Riverite, without any political ties on this issue. If the documents are credible, Lund should answer. lefty who is the proper authority to investigate this matter. State Ethics,Atty General...?? Who will make this call?
Just curious are there any political or business ties with J. Karam, Bogan, and Lund or Lund's Father's business??
I found it funny that Herren, hereinafter referred to as "The Warm Breeze," or simply "Hot Air," was riding the proverbial high horse on the subject of MMA Fighting, yet H.A doesn't have any issues with voter "fraud."
Ahhhh! Fall River The Greatest Puppet Show On Earth!
Thanks, i

FRC said...

Recently I wrote a post on Tammany Hall to show how the corrupt politicians of the past HATED Civil Service reforms because it took away their power to create, appoint, and terminate jobs, and to use those powers to influence people to act accordingly.

Mike "Mr. Hurricane" Herren should read the chapter on Honest and Dishonest graft. For "Mr. Hurricane" to suggest that there was no problem in Councilor Lund's attempt to expand the arts overlay district, is simply foolish.

"Just let me explain by examples. My party's in power in the city, and it's goin' to undertake a lot of public improvements. Well, I'm tipped off, say, that they're going to lay out a new park at a certain place.

I go to that place and I buy up all the land I can in the neighborhood. Then the board of this or that makes its plan public, and there is a rush to get my land, which nobody cared particular for before.

Ain't it perfectly honest to charge a good price and make a profit on my investment and foresight?"

Ain't it perfectly honest that Mr. Lund had the foresight to run for office and now can benefit himself and his family by proposing zoning amendments?

"Mr. Hurricane" seems to think so, and it is logic like that which finds me bang my head repeatedly from 3-6pm.

Anonymous said...

I was tuned into WSAR while Mike Lund was on the afternoon show but like Lefty, I had to shut it off. It was the most ridiculous talk I've heard in a long long time. What was the point of having him on the air?? No questions were answered and all Lund did was spin the whole time. When tough questions were asked, Hurricane answered and defended Lund!! If Lund plans to be in politics in the future, he needs to learn how to defend himself. That hour was ridiculous and extremely frustrating. Hurricane usually calls a spade a spade but obviously he is friends with Mike Lund and sees nothing wrong with this situation.
I'm glad I did not vote for Mike Lund especially now that his integrity is in question. He needs to get his facts straight and he definitely needs some political grooming.

Anonymous said...

Lund provided no specifics during his campaign and is turning into what I thought he would: nothing more than a pretty face. Suprisingly he did very well for a first-timer, but then again substance and results aren't typical things Fall River voters focus on in the voting booth.

If you wait long enough, things go away said...

Well this is the story that died. Too bad. I think fraud, especially when it comes to residence, should be a prime concern of the press. Shame, once more on the Herald News.

Lefty said...

if you wait...,

I agree with you completely.

Councilor Lund says this is all just smear tactics but the paper trail brings up more questions than answers.

This should be investigated. If you live in one town and vote in another it's illegal. If done intentionally it's clearly fraud.

If this is nothing but smear tactics Lund should be the FIRST one to want this cleared up.

Sadly the Herald News story didn't probe it applied a layer of Teflon and Lund should pay Herren for the easy treatment he got on WSAR.