Friday, May 30, 2008

Fall River TONIGHT on 20/20

There I was, discounting the power of WSAR, I thought for sure there was no way 20/20 would visit this little town of Fall River. 20/20 has pointed it's lens towards little ole Fall River, MA, to show the story of Mixed Martial Arts and Gillett's studio.

Tonight on 20/20, 10PM Channel 5

Episode Detail: How Young Is Too Young? - 20/20 Reports on age-appropriate behavior and adult pressures placed on youngsters include profiles of two teen paparazzi and a teenage in-line skater who was given steroids by his father. Also: Salma Hayek and Sarah Jessica Parker on how they deal with paparazzi wanting pictures of their young children; John Stossel on campaigns against the teaching of mixed martial arts to minors; and (from 2007) reporter Bill Ritter on child prodigies.

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It will be interesting to see how they handle the story tonight. My sources tell me that it is going to have a positive spin, rather than the WSAR intended negative spin. Watch tonight to find out.


Fear and Loathing in Fall River


RadioKeri said...

John Stossel is an asshole. I wonder how he will spin this to blame "librulz" for attempting to take away parent's rights to let their children beat the ever-loving crap out of one another ...

Hmmm ...

Dr. Momentum said...

Stossel is well known as someone who peddles his editorials as news, editorials which are often rife with errors. Not coincidentally, such errors are nearly always in favor of his ideological preconceptions.

This is the guy whop claims the poor have the same access to health care in this country as the rich do.

Stossel: "Our system does sometimes fail poor people, but the truth is that when someone is denied care, it makes headlines because it's so unusual."

Does anyone believe that BS? Every time a poor person is denied care, it triggers a news story? He clearly doesn't know any poor people.

Check out for more of Stossel's reign of error.

Anonymous said...

King Bob sounded like a real boob.and looked like one to.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you stand on the issue one thing is clear, John Stossel made Bob Correia look stupid in front of a national audience or rather Bob Correia made Bob Correia look stupid and by extension the city looked stupid for having elected him.

Anonymous said...

If Boob Correia cares so much about the kids, why doesn't he make sure that children in our city wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. I am an adult whom always wears a helmet when biking. I see numerous kids in the city who bike without helmets. I see that being a bigger danger. At least the children on the 20/20 show were wearing protective gear.

Anonymous said...

I love when Stossel asked him if he had ever visited the martial arts studio. Bob's answer was no. Way to form an opinion without looking at both sides. Boob Correia is an appropriate nickname after all. I would prefer a Mayor who at least attempts to look like he educated himself with regard to both sides of an issue before forming an opinion, especially in front of a national audience.