Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fall River Community

As some of you have already discovered the Fall River Community blog is down this morning and Blogger is telling you it has been removed.

Fear not.

FRC sent me word that the blog accidentally got deleted while he was trying to link his blog to an email account. I believe that he should be able to have Blogger restore the blog with no loss of content etc. but in the meantime he has set up a new home for the blog at So please use this link to see the latest content from Fall River Community until further notice.



Anonymous said...


The link does say it has been removed. I know there was an
interesting post on there
about Tammamy Hall.

Lefty said...

I got a msg. from FRC around 3AM, so at this point I haven't talked to him. However, I'm pretty sure that Blogger can restore the blog for him but I'm not sure how long it will take. In the meantime I was able to send him a copy of his latest posts so hopefully he'll put them up on the new site.

phayemuss said...

I am not commenting on this article per se but to "Fall River Community" in general....and I am somewhat fuming at Michael Holzman's article in the FR Herald today on Maureen Ryan Estes' "presentation" on her vison for Fall River tourism.

First of all, as the former city community coordinator who formed her own company to promote and establish her "vision" she seems to have been unsucessful in even promoting her presentation as less than 40 people showed up.

Secondly, she conducts her presentation via a slide show on....are you ready?.....wait for it.....a laptop!! Not even a projection screen. A phriggin' laptop!

Thirdly, she fails to mention - and here's the craw in my butt - the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast for which I have a personal affection and years of experience with their outstanding hospitality and best bang for the buck of B&B's. In fact, Fall River is stop on the map for many travelers who have a singular purpose: In search of Lizzie Borden...and so they visit "The House" at 92 Second Street. It draw more people to Fall River than Battleship Cove. And this ditz doesn't even mention. Instead she mentions the Borden Flat's Lighthouse and Ponta Delgada Gates Plaza. Please. Kill me now.

If this is the best shop the Fall River Community has for promoting and increasing're all in trouble.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Oh I read it, and there were many comments on the site as well.

I still do not understand what the point was, is she bidding on a pr campaign and to the upscale traveler?

just jenn said...

The referendum petition is available on FRC's site.

Anonymous said...


You are really going to like the
article about bcc geotourism.
Ms Estes is going to teach that