Thursday, May 29, 2008

B-Lund-ered Again!

It was back when Councilor Mike Lund was simply candidate Mike Lund that I first heard whispering that he didn't really live in Fall River.

The whispering included enough circumstantial evidence where I thought this was a legitimate concern. I already had questions about what Lund's motives were in running for the council now I was concerned about his ethics.

I was sure this would become a big campaign issue. I was certain that this would be brought up by other candidates, and that the local media would have a field day with this. None of that happened and unquestioned, Mike Lund was elected to the city council.

Now, the Herald's Michael Holtzman decides to write it up ONLY after someone puts together a scathing YouTube video. If Holtzman were writing a blog post I might give him some credit. In fact when I came across the 'Lund videos' I considered blogging about them. However, Holtzman is a paid reporter, with the time and resources, (and legal protection) to do some investigative reporting. His story fails to probe the inconsistencies between what Councilor Lund states and what the paper trail would indicate.

Assessor’s records in Swansea show that Lund and Darlene Patenaude, whom Lund married more than four years ago, purchased a single-family house at 96 Cedar Cove Road, an address the YouTube video points out.
Lund said they fixed up the house, lived there for about six months and have rented it out since then.

Lund says that he has voted in Fall River since the age of 18 (16 years) and has lived here all that time, with the exception of 6 months that he lived in the house he purchased in Swansea that he currently rents. However, records filed with the state from 2002-2006 for Borden Light Marina list Councilor Lund with the Cedar Cove Road, Swansea address.

Making clear he believes firefighters that protested the chief change are behind the smear campaign, Lund said, “I took a vote in good conscience on something, and it’s their approach to go after me instead of strengthening their approach.”

Councilor Lund can blame whomever he wants for putting this issue in the limelight but until those inconsistencies are explained it's a story that deserves some investigation.

Lund 2001
Lund 2002
Lund 2003
Lund 2004
Lund 2005
Lund 2006
Lund 2007


Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

The most damning evidence here is where in 2005 Lund himself signed the corporation papers with his address being Swansea. 2005

Several of these documents show his residence as Swansea. People leave paper trails everywhere. Connect the dots. Find every public record and see where he attested his address to be. He is lying here, it is clear. He either is lying about living on a boat, or he is lying about where he lived in the corporation papers.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that the truth is in the middle.

Is he lying? In my opinion, YES. But there is some truth mixed in to the lie so that he can effectively deceive the public.

I believe as his corporation papers show that he lived at 1 Ferry Street (House Boat) until 2002. He then got married and moved to Swansea with his new bride in 2003 (as his corporation papers show). Then in 2007 he decided to run for City Council and moved to the The Landing at 700 Shore Drive (just as his corporation papers indicate).

So when he says I lived on a boat, he's telling the truth. When he says I lived in Swansea, he's telling the truth. When he says I'm living in Fall River currently he's telling the truth.

But... in my opinion he was living in Swansea and for approximately 4 years voting in Fall River. There is the deception. If he admits to living in Swansea and voting in Fall River elections, he admits to some sort of fraud and probably opens himself up to some sort of criminal complaint. At any and all costs he must deny living in Swansea for more than a short period otherwise he could be in trouble.

He would have been better served with the standard "no comment". I get the feeling he'll be pleading the 5th sooner or later.

General said...

I agree about the Herald News article. It is down right awful. No explanations, no research. Like last weeks article on city audit. It is a shame that the Herald News calls itself a news paper. Their reporters just touch the surface of an issue and that is it.

Bravo to the people who have uncovered the info.

FRC said...

Anonymous has stated the issue about as clearly as I have seen it so far.

I think the documents do show that he lived in Swansea longer than he is admitting, and there could be trouble if he continued to vote in Fall River.

If we are to believe that he only lived in Swansea for 6 months after he purchased the property in 2003, and that he moved into Shore Drive in April of 2007, where did he live from 2003 to 2007?

Are we supposed to believe he moved back to the houseboat on Ferry St.? If so, why does the Swansea address keep appearing on so many documents?

He'll only admit to living in Swansea for a "period of time" but he has not sufficiently defined the time line.