Monday, April 28, 2008


For the first time in a long time the main entrance at Government Center is open for use. Today's rainy weather kept me from taking more than just a quick look. However that brief glimpse revealed a welcome sight. Instead of crumbling concrete and and brick, a new more handsome entrance greeted me. The sidewalk is now striped with a brick colored concrete and the drab-gray skirting has been replaced with one that is a reddish sandstone.

Up the road the structure of the new Downtown courthouse is starting to take shape. The Downtown location is not one I supported. Still I have to think that this courthouse will bring more vibrancy to Downtown than did South Main Place.

With the Downtown area now part of the Arts Overlay District and with the Mayor's emphasis on city cleanup I'm hopeful. A new courthouse, a more attractive downtown and a renovated Government Center will help show our city in a positive light.

For so long it seems we've talked about enhancing our city and revitalizing our Downtown. Finally instead of just talk it seems like we're actually making some progress.


So What? said...

I got news for you, Bubba. If you think Mayah Correiah is all about progress, think again. He's about putting up an image and sailing through with a pension boost funded by us suckers. When a building falls aparts you either fix it, or become a slumlord. There's no kudos to be given.

Lefty said...

I never gave Mayor Correia the credit for the progress. In fact these projects started before he became Mayor. I suppose he deserves some credit in his role as Rep. but even then I wouldn't dole it out too generously!

The 'kudos' is to us. I know not everyone likes Government Center and I didn't support the courthouse location BUT, it's nice to see things getting fixed up and receiving some attention.

It's easier to like where you live if it looks like there's some pride there.