Saturday, April 12, 2008

Media Changes II

So the dust has settled and Keri is on in the mornings, 'Fast Eddie and the Hurricane handle the afternoon drive, and Mike Moran appears every Thursday in the Herald News. It's amazing how an effort to revitalize WSAR's morning lineup created this domino effect.

But what of these changes? How successful have they been? Back when I posted the first 'Media Changes' post I also ran two polls. The results of those polls indicated that 25% approved of Mike Moran's column. Meanwhile only 8% approved of the changes at WSAR.

Let's breakdown these 'media changes'.

Mike Moran - Columnist for the Herald News
I'll admit it, I was not happy to see Mike leave WSAR and thought the Herald was pretty slick in bringing Mike into the fold. I loved Mike's radio show - intelligent discussion! Mike could present a point of view and then walk away from it and play Devil's advocate. He would allow you to present your own view, and poke at it, question it, and challenge it, but hardly ever ridicule it.

However, Mike's move to the Herald shows that what he does best is discussion and debate and writing is about opinions and narratives. Mike's first column was a bit of a disappointment and while the succeeding columns have been better none of them would make me run out to buy a copy of the Herald News. I had high hopes for Mike's move the Herald News, right now I'm still hoping.

Fast Eddie and the Hurricane
When I first learned that Keri was moving to the mornings the one thing that made my blood run cold was the thought of 3 hours of some syndicated national talk show. I listen to WSAR for local talk, and Eddie and Mike certainly have focused on local topics. However the initial feedback I got on them was negative. Remember only 8% supported the changes at WSAR, but 48% thought Keri in the morning was a great idea. I certainly understood the criticism. Eddie had struggled with local topics and leans hard to the left. Mike might have a solid grasp of the local but he has the worst voice in radio. It's like Bea Arthur with a 5 pack a day habit. Except of course Bea is a better speaker.

Still, right from the first show these guys did together I thought they had a great chemistry. They work well together. Either by themselves might be a little overbearing but they have a certain charm together. And they're getting better with every show. I think that WSAR may have found a solid replacement for the afternoons but the ratings will tell.

The Bristol County Breakfast Club
Here is the reason for all the 'media changes'. In an effort to shake things up and improve their morning ratings, WSAR moves Keri Rodrigues to mornings. I was lukewarm on this idea. Why take your highest rated host and move her? Why mess up a good thing? Truthfully, I still feel that way. While Keri's own 1 hour show starts off talk-show row with a bang I've always felt the 1 hour time slot was too brief. The real problem is the BCBC seems to me to be Hec and Mike but with Hec and Keri. I think the chemistry between the two of them is good and getting better but the format seems little changed and I fail to see the point.

That's not to say that I don't like Keri in the morning because I do but I also liked Hec and Mike. I guess as long as Hec is there the format just isn't going to change much, to be fair I don't get to listen to the whole show, so maybe I'm missing some of the 'change'. Bottom line is, if the old show wasn't pulling in the ratings can a few minor changes really make a difference?

Has Mike Moran become a staple of your Thursdays? Is the Bristol County Breakfast Club now part of your mornings? Is WSAR still part of your afternoon drive?
So what is your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to read Mike's article. Frankly, don't read the paper at all. The news in the paper I find to be old, I liked the format better when it was an afternoon paper. BCBC has become part of my morning routine. i'm trying it on for size, but I find it sometimes too confrontational so early in the morning. I think the one hour slot for Kerie alone is far too short. Mike & Eddie are ok, trying to get used to it. Would have liked to see a right & left view in the afternoon v. left and more left. This coming from a very far leaning left.

New England Bites said...
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New England Bites said...
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Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the Bristol County Breakfast Club much. I only listen to the radio in the morning when preparing to go out and then in the car.

I never listened to Mike and Hec much and there is no difference there with Keri and Hec. For similar reasons, I have not listened to Keri much at her new 9am slot. It's too bad I don't get to listen to her as much since I liked her 3-6pm slot and listened regularly.

For the afternoon, Fast Eddie and the Hurricane are clearly better as a duo than they would be if they did the show solo. However, the quality of the program has diminished severely.

I enjoyed when Fast Eddie and the Hurricane were randomly calling City Councilors on the city-issued cellphone - that should be a regular feature! The accumulating offers to entice the surrender of Anthony Flye was also a good show.

The negative of the Afternoon Drive is that they don't do their homework.

Finally, Mike Moran at the Herald News. I look forward to his Thursday columns. The first column was a dud, but I enjoyed the most recent column about Governor Patrick's premature book deal.

Lefty said...

I agree that Keri's one hour of talk just isn't enough. I thought the same thing with Mike Moran. I really wish they would expand her show from 8am-10am.

I think Mike and Eddie have good chemistry and they tend to stick to local topics. How popular are they? Well yeah they seem to be getting a decent amount of calls but I don't think that equals ratings. Plus, all the callers seem to know Mike personally! I still here people tell me how much they can't stand listening to them. Like I said in the post, the ratings will tell.

Sadly, the one constant thing I hear about the morning show is that people don't listen because they don't have time to listen. It seems people I talk to tell me they liked listening to Keri in the afternoons but can't or don't listen to morning radio.

Anonymous said...

I miss hearing Mike Moran in the morning. I liked his style.
I don't read the HN. Not now, not ever. There is not a drop of journalism in it. All re-hashed AP stories.
Therefore, no Mike Moran for me. Oh well... I will get over it.

The afternoon? I used to listen every day... the entire 3 hours.
I work in a quiet office and was able to do that. Now I don't listen at all. I simply cannot bear it.
My radio is now set to a country station or I skip the radio alltogether and listen to my iTunes.

I miss Keri in the afternoon...

The BCBC? I listen to about 10 minutes a day... right around 9 am as I drive to work.

Basically ~ I think it was all a bad move,and the ratings will probably reflect that.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, you have one person at that station who is the star - and she can't be on all the time. I don't know why she's not on a bigger station, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I think Keri is very ignorant. She's brass, in-your-face, and arrogant. She belittles the people of this town if they do not agree with her. I think the move was great because now NO ONE is listening to her. The ratings will show that. I can't wait until she gets let go. She is what is wrong with that station.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm sick of hearing about that goddamn kid. Its like she met a guy, got knocked up and gave birth to a genius. Doubt it. Save the mommy talk for your boyfriend - if he's still with you.

Lefty said...

If you don't like Keri that's fine. If you think she talks too much about her kid, her personal life or whatever you are welcome to your opinions. However let's keep the conversation a little more civil.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'm not crazy about Keri I do miss her in the afternoons Eddie and Hurricane are ok and I don't want to sound mean but I just wish hurricane could speak a little clearer and it's to bad he has such a stutter They have had some great local issues

RadioKeri said...

Wow. How does it feel to be so angry at someone that you take it out on their kid? And I'm ignorant?

You know, you can stop listening any time you want ... all you have to do is shut off the radio. In fact, I'd encourage it. You want to talk "brass" (and I think you mean BRASH) how about being so cold-hearted as to attack a baby on "teh internets" because you're so wounded about something someone said on the radio.

In your face? You bet your ass.

Big tough guy writing anonymously on a website picking on a kid because you don't agree with his mother -- you're officially a bad person.

Anonymous said...

In your face? You bet your ass.

Wow, where was this spunk when grandmama threatened to get all "nasty" on ya?

Heh heh that was some funny radio right there...

Anonymous said...

I've read several of Moran's columns and they just seem to be vanilla. I want spice! And being super critical of President Bush who has little involvement with Fall River doesn't count.

Moran just doesn't take it up a notch against local leaders and doesn't apply the same vigor with local politicians as he uses towards national leaders. Case in point is the lack of critical analysis over the years with Lambert, Menard and all the rubber-stamp, lifetime serving, City Council members! What's happening in Fall Reeve impacts my family significantly more than what's happening nationally.

So let's keep it spicy, let's keep it local, and let's keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I like WSAR but don't like the recent changes. I liked Mike's style but didn't get to listen to him all of the time.

Keri makes you think though I don't agree with everything she has to say. The one hour in the morning is not nearly enough time for the topics she discusses.

Finally, fast Eddy and the hurricane. They are getting better and I like that they talk local issues, this is the best part of their show. Sometimes they are over the top but like I said they are improving with each show.

Anonymous said...

Why all the hand wringing over WSAR and the Herald News? Both will be gone within five years..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have to be the harbinger of truth here. But Keri, you opened the door to discussing your family life. You are a public figure, and I fully support your privacy. But if you are going to talk about your personal life ad nauseum it becomes a matter of public discussion.

I certainly don't advocate anyone entering into your private life because you talk about it. However, speaking about your personal life opens the door to the discussion.

There are far worse things this guy could have said. At least he seems to be keeping it relatively civil.

Don't expect privacy, and go on the radio and talk about every detail of your pregnancy, and your life.

RadioKeri said...

You're right. I do talk alot about my family on the radio. Therefore, it makes sense that my 5 month old child should be ridiculed for simply existing.


Again, you want to get angry with me because I went after some hack politician you support -- that's fine. But making rude comments about someone's kid? Grow up.

And turn the dial if you don't like it -- no one is forcing you to listen. You do know how a radio works, right?

Anonymous said...

Why yes, Keri, despite your elitist liberal attitudes, most of us here have the intellegence to move our radio dials..

Its why mine is never on WSAR..

Face it, sister, your little enterprise is about as amatuer hour as it gets..

Any truth to the rumors that an All Sports Format flip is set for the 4th of July?


Anonymous said...

Hi Keri,

I have to say that anonymous told you something that a lot of listeners have been thinking. I was actually going to say something about it myself but my computer was acting up so I couldn't. I also think and hope I would have said it a lot nicer than Anonymous did. The joy and love you feel for your family is apparent and that's wonderful, but...people aren't tuning in to WSAR to hear all about your son--no matter how adorable he may be (I've seen the pics and he IS gorgeous). We aren't tuning in because we want to hear you talking for almost half an hour about how your fiancee dislocated his knee and the Hurricane helped him out. We're tuning in because we want to talk about the local issues and Keri, your family is NOT a local issue. I honestly hope I'm not coming off mean here because that is not my intent. I'm just telling you in what I hope is a nicer way that maybe you should pay a little bit of attention to what anon is saying.

Your job is as a radio talk show host and you're the program director, right? I know it's something like that. Then as a program director it is your job and your duty to make sure that your listeners actually DO come back to your radio station. That's what your advertisers want and I assume, what you want. Job security and all that stuff, you know? So try not to throw out the baby with the bath water. What anon said has to be taken into account and you are failing in your job if you let your personal feelings get in the way.

And of course that woman calling you and threatening to get nasty with you--that must have been scary and God knows you don't want to give crazy people like that any information about your home life. Who knows what they'll do. (Freaking crazy, whacked out people.)

Now--one thing that anon up above said is very true--MOST of the hosts on WSAR talk OVER the callers. And if they don't like what a caller is saying they've been known to hang up on the caller. I don't know if I've heard you hang up on anyone, but Barry has, Eddie and the Hurricane have and that's just wrong! Everyone should be treated with the utmost respect and that even means if you don't like what the other person is saying. For example, the whole mixed martial arts thing--I remember listening to Eddie and Mike as they were talking to a parent who's child is in Tim Gillet's school and I felt like they were very rude and condescending to the woman and about her because she let her kid take the mixed martial arts. That's just wrong. You do NOT have to agree with the woman, but you also don't have the right to ridicule her. Let her have her say without interrupting her 1000 times and then let her go. That's how information flows--the whole give and take thing.

Anyway, I hope you take into account what has been said and I hope your feelings aren't too hurt. Have a great night.

RadioKeri said...

LOL ... it's funny.

I wish most of the people complaining about WSAR would spend one day listening to another radio station. No other radio station would cater to local issues the way that we do -- no other radio station would let anyone -- and I mean *anyone* on the air (all calls would be screened and if you don't fit the demo -- you're out!) and most of the hosts do all of the talking -- including long diatribes about their wives/children/families/dogs etc. God -- even the national folks do it on a regular basis.

WSAR listeners have it made -- and yet still they complain. Because I try to show the human side of the people you listen to on a daily basis. Try calling WPRO or WBZ and see if they let you talk about a local issue -- let alone if you sound like you're over the age of 60 or have an accent. Or if you sound too boring for the call screener or fail to make the host look good.

But point taken. No more Matthew talk. No more family talk -- period.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!!! It's about time. Good riddance to that crap.

Anonymous said...

That is so rude! I don't think that Keri should talk about her family for long periods of time, but I don't mind her mentioning them in relation to what's going on in some stories. You can tell that she is very happy with her home life and children and that's wonderful. While I don't think she should talk about them as much as she does I do NOT think it's crap and it's very rude and mean of you to say it the way that you did. There's no reason for you to be like that. No reason at all....*sigh*

Rob said...

I've been a WSAR listener since September 11th 2001, I would spend the entire day listening to nothing but WSAR, it was Happy Hec and Mike during my drive to New Bedford, then when I was ready to make my deliveries around 10:00 it was time for Barry's show, then the afternoons during work and the drive home was spent listening to Keri, But now I find myself listening to other stations during the morning since the changes! and for the afternoon show, I can't stand to listen to Fast Eddie and the Hurricane, so in my opinion it's been a bad move... you lost a loyal WSAR listener here!