Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's on the radio? Who's on the radio?

One of the great things about blogging is the chance to share my opinions and my thoughts on the topics of the day. Last Friday I had the chance to share, not from the safety of my keyboard but from a live microphone at WSAR!

I'm sure anyone who has listened to talk radio has had that 'armchair quarterback' moment about what they would say to that caller or what opinion they would share. From the comfort of your car or from your house being a talk show host might seem like a pretty good job. In a lot of ways I think it is. However, I have a new found appreciation for what it takes to talk for 3 hours a day. I don't claim to have a new found knowledge!

I don't think we at home appreciate all the prep work that it takes to be able to tackle the variety of topics that fill out the show. I don't think we realize the skill it takes to keep the conversation moving and get people to call in. It is something that I think takes a natural talent and the time and experience to hone the skill.

I'd like to thank Keri Rodrigues for giving me her soapbox for an afternoon and I'd like to thank Eddie Garcia for putting up with a rookie for those 3 hours. It was a lot of fun and I hope to have the chance to do it again.



Dr. Momentum said...

Yet another reason to be sorry I'm not able to get that station from inside my office anymore.

Lefty said...

Well I'm not sure I was the highlight of the afternoon. There were 2 callers who asked where in the world Keri was!

Hey, I gave it my best shot.

When/if WSAR starts streaming that will solve your problems. You could always look into the geeky solutions from

Papamoka said...

Congrats on the radio show Lefty! I could never do it and often wonder how radio folks do it day after day.

kestrel9000 said...

Late to the party:
I thought you did real well, Lefty.
Anytime you're a substitute for a regular host, you'll get calls asking where the regular host is. I'd not read too much into that.
You managed to bring an alternate view to my default hard-to-port stance.
I thought it went great.

Lefty said...


Thanks for the feedback. I was pretty happy with how it went. I mean hell it was the my first time and it was the first time that we had ever met!

If I could go back in time I would like to have had more prep time! I've also come to the conclusion that if you're going to have a Democrat vs. Republican conversation you don't let the Democrat pick the talking points! LOL.

It really was a lot of fun and a positive experience. I gained a lot more appreciation for what takes to do radio.

Thanks for putting up with me for 3hrs.