Sunday, March 16, 2008

Too Reasonable for Radio?

For those who have missed, over the last several weeks, the reasoned voice of Mike Moran on WSAR don't despair.

With big changes in store for WSAR's morning lineup Mike's time at the mic came to an end. WSAR stated that they tried to work something out with Moran but scheduling conflicts necessitated a parting of ways.

Slowly but surely those who listened to Mike have expressed their sadness and outrage. There are those of us who looked forward to an hour of discussion and debate with someone who wanted to further the conversation, not win the argument.

There are people who value the insight and perspective that Mike Moran brings to the table. If WSAR is no longer able to give Mike a vehicle to share his opinion, it seems that the Herald News is offering to replace Mike's mic with a keyboard.

In a large ad on page A2 of the Sunday Herald News, the paper announces that a "community icon now in the Herald News." "Mike Moran is now writing for the Herald News." The ad goes on to say that Mike's column will run every Thursday starting on March 20th and that he'll be "bringing an intelligent, reasoned approach to the happenings of Fall River."

Lefty's view: This is a great move by the Herald News. Mike has a built in audience and if it's not a big enough audience for WSAR, it will certainly help sell a few more newspapers. I have no doubt that Mike will be a great asset for the Herald but will Mike Moran columnist hold the same appeal for those of us who liked Mike Moran the talk show host? I'm looking forward to finding out!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to Mike's column in the HN and could not agree more that this was a smart move on the part of the HN. I have not listened to WSAR since Mike left. I think the station is going downhill. You are unable to get your point across on any other talk show. I prefer a stress free day so off with WSAR.

Anonymous said...

When people are let go it is usually for a good reason such as poor ratings. WSAR can sugar coat it and give whatever reasons that they like but plain and simple if I had to guess his ratings probably stunk. He certainly seemed to have a lot of elderly callers and listeners but if your demographics show a high listenership for people 65 and over and all of the other age demographics are in the toilet then you really can't sell that to advertisers. This seemed to me to probably be a business decision. If you can speculate that he had a lot of listeners then I get to speculate that he didn't. Only time will tell if this was a wise move by the Herald. If WSAR cut out the dead wood and the Herald picked it up then the paper was fooled and will lose out in the end.

Lefty said...


I agree the parting of the ways at WSAR is certainly related to demographics. If WSAR's morning programming was pulling in the 'right' numbers why change?

How many listeners did Mike have? I'm not sure but he certainly there was a core audience.

Here's the thing how many listeners doesn't matter, not for the paper. There is a larger audience that might not have tuned in but they were aware that Mike was on WSAR, and occasionally they might catch a show. There are those who might not have listened but are now curious about his departure. The radio station depended on Mike (in part) to deliver an audience for several hours a day, as part of the morning team and for his own 1 hour show. The newspaper on the other hand is counting on Mike to enhance the paper. They are not depending on Mike to sell newspapers all by himself.

This is a good move on the part of the Herald because they will sell copies and generate buzz just because people will be curious about Mike's new column. For the Herald this is a low cost, low risk move, that will generate buzz and even some good will.

This is the equivalent of the Red Sox signing a veteran player for a low cost to see if he can still put up some numbers and help the team.

RadioKeri said...

I'm interested to see how Mike does as well. It was no secret that Lisa Stratton was a huge fan of his.

Mike's program was mostly an "open line" with no real topical direction. He's not really an opinionated guy -- and you can't really write a column without an opinion. This is going to have to be different. He's going to have to actively search for things to write about -- and carry the whole thing by himself without any callers to help the "flow of conversation." He's got great connections in the city -- but with those connections come a tendancy to worry about pissing people off. I'm interested to see how he handles it.

Either way -- I wish him the best of luck.

Fall River Community said...


I didn't listen to Happy Hec and Mike because it was either too early or it was too much fluff. I enjoy news, opinion, and analysis, not listening to callers trying to guess songs from decades ago.

That being said, I did enjoy Mike's 9-10 hour when I did get to listen to it. I thought he was very good at considering points of view and reaching a reasonable conclusion.

Finally, Mike will be a good edition to the Herald News. At the very least, he is capable of using spell check, which is a skill that other Herald News writers lack.

There are multiple errors daily and the quality of the writing is inferior to the Durfee Hilltop!

Anonymous said...

I think Mike Moran had opinions and expressed them with class. He respected his callers and gave them the ability to present their points of view without shouting over them and believing it was only his opinion that counted. Mike was a gentlemen and let everyone speak their mind as long as it was backed up with facts. I miss him and the tradition that he represented in this City. He understands and supported his community on and off the air.

Anonymous said...

Mike Moran is going to create buzz all right, that's spelled buzzzzz. Insomniacs will appreciate his new column in the Herald. Read it at night before bed and it will put you to sleep just like his morning show made you want to go back to bed. It will be interesting though to see a columnist that will be the direct opposite of Marc Dion. Marc liked to bash politicians and Mike tried to kiss up to as many as possible. I hear they are still trying to pry Mike's lips from Ed Lambert's butt and he has been out of office for several months already!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are probably the new listener to WSAR who thrives on the screaming, yelling and often foul language that comes from it's talk show hosts in the past few years. I like to follow a talk show format that allows the callers to talk and actually voice their opinion as well as the opinion of the host. It should be a station that you do not have to turn off when your children are with you. Mike showed respect and courtesy to all whether he agreed with you or not.

Anonymous said...

I don't thrive on screaming, yelling or foul language. Nor do I thrive on a Mike Moran who was quite boring because he showed a little too much courtesy to local politicians that gave him his talking points. It would have been nice if he had an opinion of his own once in a while on local issues the way that he did with national and state issues but unfortunately he never wanted to offend any of his buddies so he would regurgitate all of the boloney they were feeding to him. That is hardly a sign of intelligence when you fail to question local authority figures at least every once in a while. Now we get to read his gushy, kissy love fest with local pols on the pages of the Herald News. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Mike Moran's
column and as of this Monday Lite 105 from 5:30am to 10:00am.

Lefty said...

Mike on Lite 105? I'll have to check that out, but certainly it's not going to be local talk radio so I don't know how much interest I would have in it.

Mike's first column was in yesterday's Herald. Any thoughts?

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

I didn't listen to his show, and I am not going to read his column. Your intrepid blogger here had to force me to read the first one. And I do mean force... I think coercion with guns is quite illegal, but that doesn't seem to stop Lefty...

Ok, he didn't use a gun, but he might as well have, with that droll garbage I was forced into reading so that I could 'comment' on it. My god, it was awful. And it won't get much better.

BTW: Keep Keri on from 3-6. Or else yours truly will be forced to go back to listening to Jay Severin which is hardly easy to listen to as it goes in and out on the hills of Fall River.

Anonymous said...

anonymous from march 20th at 2:34 a.m. said "Now we get to read his gushy, kissy love fest with local pols on the pages of the Herald News. Yay!"

anonymous from march 20th at 7:58 a.m. said "I look forward to Mike Moran's column."

Guess what? The very first column was basically a gushy, kissy love fest for Kevin Aguiar. Still looking forward to reading this crap every week? I hope to God it gets better, it can't possibly get worse could it?

C'mon lefty where is your opinion on this? I know you were partial to Mike but perhaps even you have to admit that this first column was a huge disappointment right?

Lefty said...

My opinion...

Well I can't hide from my earlier statements. I said I thought this was a great move by the Herald and [gulp] I'm sticking to it.

However, now that his first column is out there I have to say I was really disappointed by it. Mike in his column talked about Kevin Aguiar being a student and someone pointed out to me that Mike is also a student. It's a great point and so I guess we'll have to wait and see. On the other hand Keri made a point about the differences between Mike the host and Mike the columnist. After reading his column her observations seem dead on.

Bottom line is Mike's next few columns need to show some improvement.

Anonymous said...

Lefty, I agree with you 100%

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the blogge(s) who felt Moran seemed to get cushy with local pols _ I felt this way for years. While I'm no Republican, Moran would critique Bush and co. with a fine-toothed comb. But when Lambert came up, the comb seemed to be replaced with mssage oil. I loved the "grilling the mayor" segment on Monday mornings. I swear the only thing grilling was hotdogs!