Thursday, March 20, 2008

Media Changes - What do you think?

I think by now everyone is aware of the changes in our local media. Long time morning host Mike Moran is no longer with WSAR and is now penning a column for the Herald News. Keri Rodrigues is leaving her afternoon slot to revitalize WSAR's morning lineup.

What do you think? Mike's first column was in today's Herald News. My thinking is this is a good move for the Herald but is it? Over at WSAR Eddie Garcia and Mike Herren have been getting ample time in the afternoons. Will they be the next afternoon fixture? If WSAR needs to fix its morning ratings why not put a new host there and leave Keri where she is, in a spot we KNOW works great for her? Do you agree?

If you have an opinion on it check out the polls up above.


What do you think of Mike Moran's Herald News column?

The thinking man's Dion! I'll be a faithful reader - 25%
Um, there's a reason he's not with WSAR and now it's black and white - 40%
Too early to tell - 22%
Maybe he should stick with radio - 11%

What do you think of the lineup changes at WSAR?

This is great, Keri will bring some much needed energy to the mornings and I like Eddie and the Hurricane - 8%
The morning show needs a change but leave Keri on in the afternoons - 14%
I don't want any changes, bring back Mike Moran! - 28%
Keri in the mornings is a great idea but now the afternoons suck - 48%


Anonymous said...

I know I won't be listening in the morning. Keri's talk show style is not my cup of tea especially at 7:00am. Maybe the change in format will afford her less time to give her opinions.Good Luck Heck!

RadioKeri said...

What was the column about? The fact that Kevin Aguiar is a new legislator and needs to learn the ropes? And that his success is tied to the success of the rest of the delegation -- and will determine whether or not we get anything out of Beacon Hill?


This column would have been great about two or three weeks ago. That is -- if it addressed any of the big issues Kevin will have to face as a new legislator from Fall River, rather than just the to-do list of any newcomer to the state legislature.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Ridiculous I say, Ridiculous... Blasphemy almost....

Ok, here's a good business strategy: Take your number one host, who is doing great in evening drive time, and move her to the morning drive time. What is the strategy here? Lose listeners? You lost this one until she returns. I tried to listen to Eddie back when Keri was off the air due to having her child. It sucked, I stopped listening. So the strategy worked well. Kill the radio time, and make people tune in elsewhere.

So you are looking for someone that knows local news, and can fire up the morning slot? Hmm, let me think.. Oh right, Lefty would work there. He was on the radio at least once, and I'm sure beats the heck out of "The Hurricane." I can't listen, I just can't do it. I heard him talk about sports, which is a mundane useless passtime. Sports are obviously very important to WSAR, because they played the Red Sox game instead of breaking in with important news, like who won the September elections. Don't worry, we might, maybe, depending on how important we think it is, break in during the 4th inning stretch. But who knows when that is? Meat head sports fans, that's who. They won't be listening to who won the election, unless that election is for the MVP or the All Star game.

My advice to WSAR. Leave Keri where she is, and find a new local talent to fill the morning spot. I suggest Lefty, whom you have already had on at least once. Eddie wasn't even capable of talking about local snow issues. He just wants to rant on and on about how left leaning he is. He calls up people from far out of town that have no clue about local issues, to talk about issues that don't matter to Fall River. The Hurricane talks about sports, wow, hard core stuff there.

Keep the channel local, you aren't in the Boston market. Your listeners are far more interested in the city officials most recent mistakes, than they are in the most recent Obama gaffe. If they want that, they listen to a Boston channel.

Much like I will, until Keri returns to drive time.

General said...

Why have they decided to ruin WSAR? They cannot be serious about Mike Herren?!! Someone please send him back to school to learn how to speak english.

Anonymous said...

I will be tunning into the Providence Station in the afternoon. I can't stand to listen to Ed Garcia and Mike Herren .
As far as the morning show, I will not listen either because Hec does not bring anything to the airwaves to me.

Vicki said...

I thought the same way a lot of you did about Eddie at first and I can also tell you all that I honestly do see a VAST improvement on how he's doing. He's not 100% there yet, but I think he's getting better everyday.

I wasn't too sure about "The Hurricane" either but you know what? I think that Mike and Eddie have a great chemistry and people--they can be funny as h-e-double hockey sticks. I say give the guys a chance--hey--they can only get better right? I think it's great that these two guys called the city councilors on the cell phones the other day. They had me rolling.

I like Keri but I won't listen to her in the mornings. I decided that after listening to her show on Friday. She will drive me to drink. She's very passionate about things--which is great--but she's annoying and obnoxious at times and I just can't stand that early in the morning.

And this stuff about Mike Moran? You know what? I liked Mike. He was always respectful and thoughtful when he discussed things with people--note that I said "discussed" and not that he shoved his opinions down the callers throats or talked over them. That is the absolute WORST thing about WSAR. Isn't it supposed to be about DISCUSSING the local issues? Well there isn't a whole lot of discussing going on when the hosts are screaming at and hanging up on callers who they don't necessarily agree with. Don't the people who call in have the right to discuss their hopes and fears without someone basically telling them they are wrong, they have no right to their feelings or leave them with the impression that they, the caller, is stupid for even thinking a certain way about an issue? How are people going to learn and maybe change their views if they're made to feel foolish?

That's just a question I ask every day when I find myself drawn in again--LOL.

I don't think Mike's first column will set the world on fire. Keri's right in that it would have been better two to three weeks ago. I'm going to give him a break though, after all it's his first column so he needs to really get his feet wet.

Well, that's what I'm thinking right now.

Anonymous said...

What was the point of Mike's first column? It seemed like he just "phoned it in" as the saying goes. Seems like little to no effort or passion was put into it. It was terrible, it stunk, what other adjectives can be used? It was a waste of space, it accomplished little or nothing, said nothing, did nothing, didn't tackle anything groundbreaking. It was a terrible start!

Anonymous said...

WSAR would be smart to covert to the Imus/True Oldies format that recently hit the airwaves in Providence..the Karems would have better cost controls in place, and a product they could actually sell..

As far as the September elections, WSAR broke into the Red Sox game twice that night and then spent two additional hours discussing it..but in the end, did it really matter who won? What exactly has changed lately? Anything?

Faye Musselman said...

Sounds to me like they want to shake up the morning ratings and Keri can do it. Plus I hope she pulls no punches on presidential campaign developments. Acerbic and caustic can be good. I'll be there'll be a real spike in call-ins.

On the other hand, as a new mommy, I myself would prefer those afternoon early evening hours.

Faye Musselman
Payson, AZ (yes, I can get WSAR on my 'puter).

Lefty said...

Mike, with his first column certainly didn't hit it out of the park. Maybe it will take Mike a few attempts to find his feet, at least I hope so.

I have to admit, I wouldn't have moved Keri from afternoons to mornings. I'm curious to see how this will work out.

As for the afternoons I have to say I've talked to Keri about this and PLEADED that it be kept local. I don't tune into WSAR to hear music, Imus, Rush or anything else. I want LOCAL radio.

I have to say that Eddie and the Hurricane are much better together than I had anticipated. Thinking of my own turn at the mic with Eddie I wish I could have struck on the same chemistry. Certainly the two together are much better than either separately .

Dr. Momentum said...

I'm looking forward to being able to listen to Keri more often, since I'm rarely near a radio from 3-6 anymore.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

They should discuss things more and not create controversy when introducing topics and creating a talk forum! I mean, that's how every other talk show that sells advertising does it, isn't it?
I personally love Keri!
I think that the way she introduces topics, out debates those that try to counter her points and completely dominates those that choose to talk down to her, or belittle her is great!
I'm sick and tired of a male dominated field that just fuels sexism on any form of media.
I don't care if she moves herself to the middle of the night, I'll listen.
Convert to Imus, why so we can hear some shriveled old half wit get racist and try out other people's comedy routines for shock value? He's about as sad as a handicapped kid with Parkinson's eating applesauce in front of the High School football team.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

Wow, anonymous 6:28. Making fun of the handicapped, at the same time you are trying to defend against racism? That is the most offensive thing I have heard in a long time...

Anonymous said...

Mike's 2nd column was better than his first but then again that's not saying much, it probably couldn't have gotten worse. However, this one while better was still lousy. Here's my summary: "How about Mayor Bob Correia and this whole nude dancing thing? Poor Bob, he has a tough job aheah of him." So far Mike Moran just isn't doing it for me as a columnist.

undergroundFR said...

The underdogs of talk radio are on the fast track of success. Fast Eddy and the Hurricane are red hot. They are driving conversation, policy, and briging fantastic stories to the table. The show is mostly local and hurricanne's feel for the city is right on. They led the crusade to save Morton, drove the MMA topic, beat all the news scources on the story of the homeless men saving the baby from the drain, and the pajama story was hillarious. Many people on this site took turns trashing them but there is no denying their growing popularity.

Lefty said...

Well I like them as a team. I've said that before but 'growing popularity'? That I'm not sure of. They do get a fair number of calls but calls are really not a good indicator of listeners/ratings.

As for the topics they've championed:

Morton? Yes they promoted but I give the Parent's most of the credit

The Homeless men saving the baby? You're just wrong on this one. The incident happened on the evening of Saturday, May 3rd and the Herald had a story up by before the night was over.

MMA? Well the story was first reported in either the Boston Herald, or Globe. I'm not sure which. And I could be wrong but I remember Keri bringing this up first. Hurricane and Eddie may have drove the topic but they also provided most of the hype.

Overall I like Mike and Eddie and think they do a decent show but as for their succes? I think it's too early to tell.