Monday, March 24, 2008

Credit where credit is due

Anyone listening to the Keri Rodrigues Show this morning heard the story of a Fall River woman, identified as Janet by Keri, who was involved in an accident with a Fall River Police officer. Janet claims that the officer reversed at a high rate of speed and crashed into her but that is not what the officer stated in the official report. The report blamed Janet for the accident.

Janet and her husband Rob tried to resolve the issue on their own but feeling they were making no progress and not knowing where to turn Rob contacted Keri Rodrigues. After Keri got involved Rob and Janet were contacted and a reconstruction of the accident pointed out the flaws in the officer's report. The result was Janet was found at no fault, and her car repairs will be paid for by the city's insurance. Keri played a key role in this injustice getting some attention and getting corrected. This is not only my opinion, it is not just the opinion of Rob and Janet, it's also the opinion expressed by Chief Sousa when he called into Keri's show.

This is the story you heard today on the radio, and if you're a reader of this blog it's a story you read about a week ago in a post that Keri authored. However it is not the story that Will Richmond decided to write about for the Herald News. Richmond's story, which was written and posted online today, makes no mention of this blog, WSAR, or Keri Rodrigues.

I'm proud that Keri posted this story on A View From Battleship Cove, and I'm proud that all of you had the chance to read it here first. I'm perturbed that Will Richmond failed to note that the here is where the story broke first. However, I have no delusions of grandeur. This is Keri's story. Not only did Keri break it, she got involved and was an active participant. Not only did she report the story, she played a key role in how the story developed.

If the Herald News doesn't want to tell you that the story broke here first, fine my ego will recover. If the Herald News doesn't want to tell you that Keri broke this story 'mainstream' on WSAR this morning I have to assume it's competitive pettiness. But for the Herald News not to report that Keri broke this story, for them not to tell you the role she played in helping a Fall River couple, not only are they not reporting the story, they're not giving credit where credit is due.


just jenn said...


This move by the Sterile News does not surprise me in the least.

In order to give credit where it is due in this case would have required a little more thought, another phone call, maybe a couple extra keystrokes, and real journalism. All things that I find completely lacking in the Sterile News.

Dr. Momentum said...

I noticed that, too.

I guess they find your blog threatening.


RadioKeri said...

I'm not surprised.

I'm more upset that they didn't put the effort into it -- didn't track down the facts -- and treated it like no big deal.

Fall River Community said...

The Herald News is a joke.

First, the writers aren't aware of the differences between then and than. The lack of proper editorial supervision had them referring to a Colonel as a Colonial.

Second, they printed every praising Letter to the Editor about Mike Moran prior to his arrival at the paper.

Third, today they have an article about MA DEP rejecting the plan from Weaver's Cove to dredge the Taunton River. I read about the rejection two weeks ago in the Providence Journal!

Keri didn't just break the story, her activism brought the story to the forefront. A single sentence acknowledging Keri's involvement would have been appropriate.

phayemuss said...

I think the FRHN is just flat ass scared of Keri so make a point of not mentioning her at all - good, bad or otherwise.

This warms my heart no end. ;)

Faye Musselman
Payson, AZ

shamrock said...

Perhaps when the HN gives themselves a "Gate House Media Award" for their coverage of this story, they can thank Lefty and Keri in their acceptance speech or in the following "we just gave ourselves another award" article!

Seriously though, great job to both of you for your excellent reporting - i am defintely looking forward to your next collaboration.

Lefty said...

All the credit goes to Keri. It's totally her story and her work.

I would love for the Herald to mention that the story broke here first. Not only because I have a little bit of blog ego, but also because I would love for local blogging to get a little more respect. But, I'm really outraged that the Herald just totally neglected any mention of Keri's role in this.

adv said...

Give it up folks. This city's sad excuse for a newspaper is as bad as it gets.

While it's true that the newsprint industry is struggling, it's papers like our rotten Herald that exacerbate the problem; I mean how can anyone blame people for not reading such a wretched paper, when it's so awfully written and edited?

Some days I feel like the events depicted in the movie Idiocracy are progressing right before my eyes. God help us.