Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election Observations

Election day has past and here in Massachusetts Hillary Clinton & Mitt Romney are the big winners. Locally here in the 7th Bristol district, Kevin Aguiar gets the Democratic nod to face Ray Leary in the March special election for State Representative.

Some thoughts and observations - the local election

Early on I really, really thought Leo Pelletier would win, but Leo not participating in the forum just highlighted a lackluster campaign. Leo is popular amongst Fall River voters but so is Kevin and now voters couldn't vote for both. Kevin ran a pretty aggressive campaign considering the time constraints. I'm not surprised that Aguiar won yesterday.

I am surprised that Tony Sousa finished 4th and failed to break a thousand votes. With his experience in Boston, with his education I feel he was worthy of serious consideration more so than some of the other candidates.

Winning yesterday almost certainly guarantees a win for Aguiar come March, but will he be challenged in the primary in the Fall?

Some thoughts and observations - Super Tuesday

Despite the Kennedy seal of approval and the endorsement of Governor Patrick, Barrack Obama did not win in Massachusetts. With all that 'endorsement power' against her I think Hillary Clinton's win here is remarkable. I don't want to read too much into this, but I wonder if Hillary can win here in the face of all that if it's a sign that she will emerge as the Democratic candidate.

On the Republican side, former Governor Mitt Romney emerged as the victor. In my opinion Romney HAD to win Massachusetts because losing his 'home' state would have really signaled the end of his campaign. However, despite Romney's win, John McCain got 41% of the vote. To me that's a clear sign that Romney isn't as popular in his here in Massachusetts as his win might indicate. I also think that Mitt Romney owes a big thank you to Obama and Clinton. IF the Democratic pick was all sewed up and the Massachusetts primary was more or less symbolic I think you might have seen independent and Democratic voters switch sides for a day just to vote against Romney. Mitt Romney talks about all the great things he did in Massachusetts, but I think he's one of the few who believe it. Despite his win here, I think it's pretty clear that Mitt isn't going to be the Republican nominee.

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