Thursday, February 28, 2008

E for Excellent

Tag your it! That's the theme of this post. Papamoka from Papamoka Straight Talk recently included this blog in a 'top ten' list of Excellent blog reads.

I'm flattered. Papamoka focuses a great deal on national issues and isn't a Fall Riverite so I appreciate the compliments from someone who reads the blog simply because he enjoys it.

So, Papamoka has issued the challenge that if your on his list to name your 10 choices and so hereis my list and my request that those listed here do the same. Note, my choices are in no particular order.

Aces Full of Links - When I started blogging Aces Full of Links was one of the first area blogs that I stumbled across. It's one of the first that I linked to, and one of the first to link to me. The great thing about Aces is that it is so eclectic. Dr. Momentum blogs about everything, local issues, national, and just any subject that catches his interest. It's like the grab bag of blogs, you never know what you'll find and that's part of the fun. If you want to read some great insight on the Presidential election or hear all about his experiences with a moka pot, (with pictures!), Aces is THE blog to add to your favorites!

Fall River Community - When it comes to Fall River blogs there is this rumor that I HATE competition, mostly because I say 'I hate competition'. The truth is there is room in this city for more than one blogger and I'm glad to have Fall River Community, (FRC for short), adding his opinion in the mix. FRC constantly amazes me with the research he does and I admire his ability to find a topic that somehow has slipped under the radar. With his ability to find a great subject, provide great research and offer a well thought opinion, Fall River Community is a blog that everyone in this city should visit.

Papamoka Straight Talk - The first time I stumbled across this blog it was due to a post on progressive talk radio and I've been coming back ever since. Although I don't always agree with Papamoka's views I know what's written comes from the heart. Papamoka tends to focus on national issues and has gained the respect of several larger blogs. When I recently wrote an opinion on the Presidential election I asked Papamoka if he would post it on his blog because I KNEW it would get more attention! The post spurred numerous comments from those who found their way back to A View From Battleship Cove and was even picked up by the Washington Post. Clearly his is a blog that is well read and well thought of.

As a topic, you would think that Lizzie Borden had been well covered. After all the the Borden murders took place over a hundred years ago and the facts of the case haven't changed much in all that time. Still in Lizzie Borden circles the discussion is still fertile and there are a handful of blogs that do a great job of keeping history fresh. For those looking for more than just the retelling of that fateful August day, I urge you to check out Tattered Fabric, Lizzie Borden: Warps and Wefts, and Mondo Lizzie Borden.

Pandora's Tea Room - I wish I knew just how to describe this blog! Let's call it conversation for adults. The topics can range from simple observation, political, hypothetical or philosophical! Sometimes Maggie is providing insight and other times she's soliciting opinions. Either way it is never dumbed down. I say this is conversation for adults because anyone who wants to participate better come with their wits about them or otherwise go sit at the kids table.
If you want to give your brain a workout this might be the blog for you!

New England Bites - Once upon a time I thought about providing restaurant reviews of some of my favorite eateries. I'd like to think that if I had done it I would have done as good a job as New England Bites. It almost seems comical. A mother/daughter team walk into a restaurant, order, take pictures of the food, eat, and post the whole experience on the internet. The results are no laughing matter. New England Bites provides well written reviews that describe atmosphere, decor, cleanliness and of course the quality of the meal. Each review also includes a breakdown of the bill. I find myself visiting their site to see what their opinions are of places I've been and to learn about places to go.

Tips for New Bloggers - After 2 years I don't know if I consider myself new, but I do think this blog is a great resource for bloggers. When I find myself contemplating a blog change, or looking to tweak the blog in some way I use this site as guide and a resource. I've often said blogging can be hard, this site helps make it easier.

My final choice has proven to be the toughest. I narrowed it down to a blog I read infrequently but enjoy, and one that I check on often but has lately been updated infrequently. In the end I decided that I had to include Keri Rodrigues' Blog. Honestly this second blog of the WSAR radio host hasn't the energy or the following of the first, which was hijacked. Perhaps Keri's current blog suffers some because she's recently had a baby (which would be understandable), or perhaps the old readers just haven't found their way to this new one. Regardless, Keri is a news maker and a new post on her blog is a must read by the rest of us who consider ourselves Fall River savvy.


Papamoka said...

Thank you so much for the compliments Lefty. You my friend are a class act blogger. Quality of content in your blog is one of the main reasons I included your site in my top ten "E" for Excellent list. Keep on blooging Lefty!

Dr. Momentum said...

I guess I can't dodge a tag when it comes with a compliment like this. Thanks for including me and I guess I'll have to make a list of my own!

Luckily, Google Reader tells me what my top blogs are, so I can just refer to my stats there.

Looks like you're on that list, as it tells me I've read 100% of your posts. :)

Maggie said...

Wow, I'm really flattered. Reading over the comments section of your "shameful reality" post, and I realized why comments on my blog seem "grown up" in comparison. IF I RED COMMENTS FROM ANON EVYRE DAY I THINK I'D SHOOT MYSELF WITH A GUN THAT IS MY 1ST AMENDMENT RITES. LOL. (I'm just kidding, of course. I don't know why people bothered addressing his remarks, but they were patient and informative. And Keri was downright funny, of course. Get your own uterus, indeed!)

I don't read many blogs, so I really can't make a list. I just read my friends' blogs. When I started, only my male friends had blogs, and I had this idea that I'd create a blog for women to talk about woman stuff. And I sent an invitation to all my female friends. Guess who comments on my blog? Yeah, their husbands. I guess if you're going to blog, you're going to blog, and it just isn't right for some people.

phayemuss said...

Dittos of gratitude, Lefty, for naming my blog. At my own blogrole, I list my favorite but come across new ones frequently as new favorites - as we all do.

I try to keep my blogging from being an intrusive force into my daily life, i.e., making me feel compelled to write. You know, if you don't have anything new or interesting to say, be still and observe. ;)

So often bloggers simply post contents of other blogs on a subject, directing the reader to that site. Hell, I can do that with Google alerts. Thus, I'm always impressed with those that have rich content, well articulated opinons, and wtihin the parameters of what I'm interested in. Yours fits that bill beautifully. :)

Faye Musselmwan
Payson, Arizona

Lefty said...

You are all quite welcome for the praise and compliments. You all really deserve them. I appreciate the return compliments and can only say that I'm glad for your readership.

Oh, and Maggie, the anon that you're talking about is a fairly recent finder of my blog. I have to say the majority of the comments left on the blog have been thoughtful and worthwhile additions to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

thanks very much for the link to new england bites!

New England Bites said...
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Lefty said...


Your welcome and you deserve to be mentioned! Your site is a great read and I'm glad to help promote it.

As for WSAR I was actually on, on Friday as co-host with Eddie Garcia.

I'm glad to hear some of my readers are discovering your site!


New England Bites said...
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