Thursday, January 31, 2008

State Rep. Race who should win and who should participate?

It's mere days to the Democratic primary that will narrow the field of candidate's for the 7th Bristol District seat from 5 to 2. So far the race has been lackluster and it seems the better known candidates have been relying on name recognition.

The one forum scheduled for the 4 Democratic candidates has been pushed off as the Herald News and WSAR have tried to accommodate the schedule of City Councilor Leo Pelletier. Finally, fed up by Pelletier's lack of willingness to participate, the forum is scheduled for tomorrow. One candidate, John Rodrigues has stated that if Pelletier doesn't participate, either will he. That means that unless something changes only Kevin Aguiar and Tony Sousa are willing to take the time to present themselves to the voting public. It's upsetting that Rodrigues has decided not to participate but it's frustrating to have Councilor Pelletier tout his work ethic when he's not willing to work for our vote. Feeling this same frustration the Herald News took Leo to task in their recent editorial.

So come February 5th who should walk away the winner? I really can't say, however, I would be reluctant to vote for a candidate who didn't participate in the only forum.


Anonymous said...

After reading the editorial in the Herald News it seems to me that the "MEDIA" is taken an affront to Leo Pelletier turning them down ....Maybe Leo figures himself ahead of his opponents and that the debate can only hurt his chances

Lefty said...

Well, I certainly have gotten the feeling that Leo feels debating will hurt him more than help him. However in such a short race how else do you get the message out?

Anonymous said...


It's not an affront to the media, it is an affront to the voters - the media is simply a vehicle to connect the candidates with the voters.

If Leo calculates that he is ahead, that's great. It is not an excuse from avoiding the forums and it also shows that his reasoning of the City Council conflict was an absolute lie.

Avoiding the media and lying about excuses for missing debates is inappropriate for a candidate who takes governing seriously.

Anonymous said...

I like leo, but this is not his race and any vote other than Mr Aguiar is a vote for Leo

Anonymous said...

If you are ahead then you do not debate if you can help it, that is one of the primary rules of running a campaign ...Leo figures himself a winner ....The time to oppose him is short ....He is smart not to do anything to hurt himself ....This is not paradise this is the REAL world ....Getting the message out is something the candidate who is BEHIND needs to do ...Finally the Herald News is whining about Leo not debating

Lefty said...

Anon (8:58),

I agree, if Leo is ahead he is smart not to do anything to hurt himself and Leo doesn't need to debate because he can rely on name recognition.

However, as a voter you should want each candidate to tell you where they stand. You should demand it!

Yes, the Herald is whining about Leo not debating. However they are doing so because they (and WSAR) have tried over and over again to accommodate HIS schedule. If Leo simply doesn't want to debate he should have urged the Herald News and WSAR to go ahead and hold the forum on the 22nd.

Now, Leo himself says he was not ducking the forum, but I just can't understand how he couldn't fit this into his schedule.

Anonymous said...

In elections there are always the favorites and the underdogs. However, it would be silly for Hillary Clinton or John McCain to avoid appearing at the debate because they are the favorites.

Heck, why should the Patriots fly all the way to Arizona for the Super Bowl? We all know they are the favorites.

Someone should tell Coach Belichick, "Coach, if you play the game, you might lose, better off creating a scheduling conflict and not risk it!"

Candidates for elected office debate, its part of the process. If Leo feels he is too good to debate, he should at least be honest and not had behind false conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Hillary, McCain or the Patriots ...Leo figures himself the WINNER not just the favorite, and as the WINNER any move on his part that might make him the LOSER wouls be foolish

Lefty said...


I agree. Assuming that Leo ducked the forum on purpose, it's a risk, but a calculated one. Leo could easily feel that skipping the forum will hurt him less than participating.

However could Leo foresee the negative feedback from WSAR and the Herald News? I have to think he didn't count on that negative editorial.

At the outset I really felt Leo might win this election, now I feel skipping the forum might be his undoing.

Far Right said...

How many people are really going to use "THE FORUM" to base their vote on, not many I am will to bet ....Most likely they will base it on who they appeals to them more ....In todays world Flash is better than Content

Lefty said...

far right,

I don't think skipping the forum will hurt Leo. I think the hype about Leo skipping the forum is what is going to hurt.

Far Right said...

People in this lovely Commonwealth vote for a candidate for two reasons

1) What a candidate can get them personally
2) How popular the candidate is

Talking about what a candidate can do for the community as a whole is an Illusion of Grandeur ..The vast majority of the electorate don't care ....It has been and always will be a GIVE ME state on every level

Anonymous said...

All of this is why we need to start thinking about November:

It Said said...

Leo is taking a calculated risk, but its a risk he can afford to take..his name recognition is likely to carry him, he knows that, so why is everyone whining when debating is not a format that serves his purposes as a candidate?

If anything, it will make for a closer race between he and Kevin Aguiar, with a possibility for a mild upset..

Lefty said...

it said,

I think it may be a risk Leo can afford to take, but that doesn't mean that he's above being called out on it.

Anonymous said...


I wish you had been able to get ahold of Belichek and convince him that a scheduling conflict was in his best interest.

Anonymous said...


The point is that win or lose, the game must be played.

Now, if Leo feels that avoiding the debates is in his best interest - that's fine.

Hiding behind a City Council meeting and other assorted excuses is cowardly.

Just be honest with the voters.

Leo can run for the debates now, but how will he do it in the State House?

Do yourself and the district a favor and vote for anyone other than Leo.

Anonymous said...

"Do yourself and the district a favor and vote for anyone other than Leo."

So now this blog has gone from a couple of candidates better than Leo to every candidate is better than Leo ....Tell me again that this blog is not all about Leo bashing

Anonymous said...

Leo Pelletier brings to life every misconception about the people of Fall River (except his last name's not Portuguese). He cannot debate, and should not be sent to the legislature.

Because he returns phone calls does not mean he will make good legislative decisions. If elected, he will be an even bigger embarassment than his predecessor.