Monday, April 30, 2007

The Blogs back, but where in the world is Keri Rodrigues?

The blog of WSAR's Keri Rodrigues is seemingly back from the dead but where is Keri?

A new post showed up at, the first since the blog went offline back in February. While the blog itself is at the same url and still boasts the title "The Keri Rodrigues Broadcast" Keri herself is nowhere to be found. The author of the blog post and seemingly the person responsible for resurrecting the blog is "Brock", perhaps Brock Cordeiro a regular guest on Keri's show?


Update #1
After emailing Keri she has confirmed that she has nothing to do with the blog being back!

SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Here it is April's SouthCoast Photo of the month!

I have taken many pictures of breathtaking sunsets on the Mount Hope Bay. This picture is perhaps the most dramatic and one that I'm particularly proud of.

When people I work with outside of the Fall River area poke fun at our city and the SouthCoast I often wonder if they get to experience sunsets as potent as this.

Are you an avid picture taker? Do you have a shot you're particularly proud of? Perhaps just a shot that you'd like to share? Submit it here for the SouthCoast Photo of the Month! Send submissions to

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Happening in Fall River

From time to time there are items in the news that interest me enough to want to comment but not enough to want to devote a whole post to it.

Here are a few recent items that I think are worth mentioning.

Commuter Rail
The Boston Globe has an Op/Ed piece about extending commuter rail to Fall River and New Bedford. (Registration Required) It's the author's view that the state cannot afford to maintain the existing infrastructure and has no clear funding lined up to pay for construction of the New Bedford/Fall River line. On top of that where is the state going to come up with the 26 MILLION dollars needed to operate the line annually?

Lefty's view: I have to admit, I too have been questioning if we can really afford to do this project.

Hess LNG
Hess is once again predicting success for its proposed LNG facility in Fall River. (Registration Required) Spokesman, Gordon Shearer, stated he was "cautiously optimistic" that the plan would eventually get through all the hurdles while admitting that the strong opposition against had driven the estimated costs up by as much as 75 million dollars. Fall River's mayor, Ed Lambert dismissed Shearer's statements as "spin" intended to comfort nervous shareholders.

Lefty's view: Once upon a time Ed Lambert was considered foolish to try to oppose a facility that would certainly be built, today that certainty has become "cautiously optimistic".

Spring Cleaning
Fall River has announced it's annual Clean and Green initiative. The city is asking residents to do their part to help clean up Fall River. DPW director Kenneth Pacheco states that the city cannot do it alone and urges everyone to do their share!

Lefty's view: Taking pride in the community you live in goes a long way to making it a better it better place to live.

Preserving a Treasure
St. Anne's Shrine was rededicated after recent renovations. Fund raising helped pay for the $250,000 dollar project that returned one of Fall River's best known landmarks to its former glory.

Lefty's view: regardless of ones religious beliefs St. Anne's is an absolutely breathtaking structure that deserves the support of the entire community to aid in its continued preservation. The fact that the city has such a fabulous and awe inspiring structure is part of what makes Fall River special.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fall River Spirit Profiles Keri Rodrigues

The Fall River Spirit, the weekly free newspaper has profiled WSAR's Keri Rodrigues in a piece entitled Advocate.

My original intent on mentioning this was just to bring it to the attention of those who might not read the Fall River Spirit. However after reading the article over a few times I find myself being fairly unimpressed and critical of it.

To start the accompanying photograph has to be the most unflattering picture the photographer could have taken. Really! If your going to do a feature on someone at least take a good picture!

The first half of the article pretty much gives us Keri's background. She wanted to be a talk show host from the age of 6, David Brudnoy was an early inspiration, went to Temple, several stops including Worcester and Providence before coming here to Fall River. We then have the obligatory flattering quote by the boss, a few quotes from Keri herself about how she feels about the role of the media in democracy, how she feels about Fall River, its people and its future and inserted in all that is the one paragraph that speaks to advocacy.

The article is entitled "Advocate", yet that part is summed up in one paragraph!

Rodrigues has been visible and active in the Fall River area, not the least of which are the area schools. She has worked with the Coalition for the Responsible Siting of LNG, and is the chairwoman of the SouthCoast American Diabetes Association. This past holiday season she was part of a day-long fund-raiser for the Salvation Army which raised more than $5,000 for the charity.

That's it?!

Because Keri can be controversial, because she has been interactive and until recently had her own blog, I have blogged about Keri before. I think fairly, I have some issues with her 'style' but I give her VERY high marks on her advocacy.

It would be very easy for Keri to host her show, go home to her dog, sit back and wait for a better job to come along, but MUCH to her credit she has gotten very involved in the community. In fact she MOVED to Fall River from very nearby providence to be part of the community. She has spoken out on LNG, attended rallies, used her show to grill our representation and make them address an issue they might not want to. When John Kerry came down and spoke at an LNG rally at Weaver's Cove it was because Keri Rodrigues used her show to advocate the issue and put pressure on Senator Kerry to come stand with the people of the SouthCoast. She has championed the cause of diabetes but the article does not mention that she too suffers from diabetes or that the incidence of diabetes has risen sharply in the Fall River area in just the last few years. Of course there are some who feel she is sometimes unfair (PROJO link registration required) in championing her causes.

I think it's great the Keri is getting some mention for her advocacy. I just wish the author had made more effort to actually write about the things she advocates.

Friday, April 13, 2007


It seems law enforcement officials in Fall River and neighboring Tiverton, RI were a bit baffled by a stabbing homicide that took place on Hancock Street early Wednesday morning.

It seems that in a drug deal that went wrong that Stephen Barreto stabbed William M. Dupras in self-defense when Dupras and two accomplices beat him in an attempt to rob him.

Mr. Dupras was able to flee and was brought to St. Anne's Hospital. He was later transferred to Rhode Island Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The investigating police believed they knew who did it and why but where turned out to be the puzzle. It turns out the boundary for Massachusetts and Rhode Island runs down the middle of Hancock Street and although the scuffle appears to have taken place in Rhode Island, blood evidence of the alleged stabbing was found on the Massachusetts side of the street, putting the homicide under the jurisdiction of Fall River police.

It will be interesting to see if and how the 'boundary' question is used in Mr. Barreto's legal defense.