Saturday, December 01, 2007

BELATED - SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Here it is November's SouthCoast Photo of the month!

A busy day yesterday kept me from getting this posted last night, but I can think of no better way to close out November than with a picture of the recently vandalized toilet sculpture!

Although I disagree with the Herald that it was justifiable vandalism, it's good that it's gone.


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Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as justifiable vandalism and it disgusts me that so many people were excited over this. The Herald News should be ashamed of itself for a printing such ridiculous piece. Are they saying that if I think their building (or any other building, artwork, etc) in this city offends me ~ I have the rights to trespass on someones personal property and destroy it? I am not a fan of the many religous statues on peoples property... but I do not take it upon myself to destroy them.

I, personally, did not like the display, however, it is his property and he can make whatever statement he would like on it. So many people were so up in arms over this display that they wasted time, every and money fighting it as opposed to fixed the core problem - the reasons a private citizen felt the need to use his first amendment rights to erect such a display. Lets fix the real problems facing this city not act like a bunch of bumbling idiots over a couple toilets.

General said...

Paul was making a statement. There was a good reason for what he did. I thought there was a better way but he felt that was the way for him to go.

When it comes to the Herald News - They are part of the problem. I recently attended a school committee meeting where an extremely important vote took place. On a heated debate the majority of the idiots voted to turn over their power to the superintendent. Nothing in the Herald News.

When the mayoral debate took place and Bob (the puppet) Correia said the Governor had vetoed his LNG bill (LIE) the Herald News did nothing.

Now they practically endorsed vandalism.

By the way, think about this, the vandalism took place just prior to the Governor coming down to Industrial Park. MMM???

A certain business man in FR owns property at the industrial park. MMM???

It took a little time to do that destruction and the exits to the site is limited. The police came late. MMMM????

Yes, one poster is sooo correct. There are major problems, but the people that are keeping the status quo going in the city control things if you get my drift.

They make off that they want change, but all they relly want is total control.

Now that Correia is mayor watch the waterfront and who will gain control. Watch....Watch....Watch

SetTheRecordStraight said...

Paul Viveiros was right all along. Fall River is going down the toilet. Mayor "Boob" Correira and "Boob" Karam are perfect examples of what is wrong with this city. I wonder what the Herald News would say if someone vandalized the bathtubs with the statue of the so called "Virgin" Mary that you see throughout the city. Also did those residents applied for permits?

I guess those type of dispalys are ok...

shamrock said...

How is it that Paul V. spelled industrial correctly on the toilets but not "SPEACH" on his latest installation piece? There are soooo many more syllables in industrial!

Anonymous said...

The Herald's way of thinking is equivalent to people who vandalize or damage property at abortion clinics and think it is okay. Obviously if you don't like something or it goes against your beliefs then you resort to destruction and everything is okay right? Might makes right so let's go crazy!

adv said...

C'mon now. Anyone who, at this stage in life, takes the Herald News seriously should be thrown under one of their trucks. Their editorials are at the level of semi-retarded fifth graders (We think litter is bad, so take pride in your city, etc.) They don't have a single investigative reporter, they rely heavily on AP-fed stories, they don't believe in digging for dirt that really sells newspapers, and they pander to the local elite (if you want to call them that). In fact, they help keep the city down, because they're all about anti-progress and the status quo. The Editorial Board there actually thinks things are going well in FR. Well, them and the City Hall, the School Committee, WSAR, a few connected developers and lawyers who are doing well for themselves...the rest of us can just get bent.

So cut them some slack. Anyone who thinks Paul's display actually effected business in this city must be smoking something pretty good (and where can I get some?). No, let's get right down to the nut of it: the owners in the Industrial Park were fearful that there would be an excellent source of adult entertainment on the way to and from work, and that would affect efficiency and profitability. They know that their $9.00/hr employees can't really afford that type of fun, and they fear that these workers don't have the self-control or discipline to pass on such an opportunity. And neither would the owners, for that matter, but who is going to judge them? It's all about profits and the protection thereof, and the small-time industrialists were able to exert their limited power through the official channels of the city to harass Mr. Viveiros. Does this sound about right? Did it really ever have anything to do with the toilets?

So much for the First Amendment when it comes to respectable journalism.