Sunday, November 25, 2007

While you were eating...Some things you may have missed

The turkey dinner is over and we've all moved on to turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and turkey surprise. With all the chaos of Thanksgiving and Black Friday here's a few things you may have missed.

Former Council Candidate stands firm against Weaver's Cove plan.
Mike Miozza warns in his recent letter to the editor that as long as Hess LNG is working to build its facility as Weaver's Cove, we must work to defeat it. Mike's letter isn't a rally cry but instead a well thought out voice of reason. Clearly leadership doesn't always come from our elected officials.

Good Review for Ugly American!
Think of a restaurant that specializes in hamburgers and visions of 'golden arches' dance in your head. Ugly American, located on New Boston Road isn't looking to compete with fast food giants instead its menu highlights quality and choices you won't find on the drive-thru menu. The menu sounds tempting and the good review from makes this a place I can't wait to visit.

Dig Deep and Donate!
The Herald News has kicked off it's holiday fund that will benefit both Citizens for Citizens and the Salvation Army. There is a tremendous need for the services provided by both these agencies. It's heart wrenching to think of a child going hungry, a family unable to heat their home and our elderly struggling to survive. Sadly this is a reality for far too many people. Where would they be without the helping hand that these organizations provide? Today's Herald News editorial perfectly states the case. The bottom line is no matter how much or how little you can afford to donate, it is a donation that is appreciated and a donation that is needed.


General said...

Mike Miozza should be on the council along with Tim Bennett. Less and less people are involved in the political process, especially the young people. What this translates into is special interest groups, ie: developers, lawyers, and others have control in Fall River.

We no longer have a democratic representative government. Our system has imploded.

just jenn said...

Mike Miozza is right. He SHOULD be on the city council but we all know how that went...

Ugly American makes the BEST food. Hands down, best burger I have ever had. Try THE Cheeseburger with the crispy cheese skirt! Incredible!

Tis the season to donate and no matter how little you have ~ there is always someone with less. Be thankful and give what you can afford!