Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vote Today!

Today is voting day. Today is the day that we vote for the change we want to see. The experiment we call Democracy here in America requires that we all get out and vote. If citizens continue on the path of low voter turnout and high voter apathy, we will be heading down a path to lose our rights.

Democracy use it or lose it!

So get out today and vote. If you are reading this, you probably already know enough about who you want to see elected. One only has to look at the last election on September 11th to see that your vote counts. The spread for the second place in the Mayoral race was less than 300 votes. 300 people could have swayed the election in any number of directions. Looking at the last place finishers Amaral and Canuel, the spread was within less than 100 votes. Your vote really does count! So get out and make change happen!


Vicki said...

I guess I'll use my chance for democracy--already have in fact. Now I just have to obsess all day and wonder if my choices get voted in. I'm crossing my fingers.

Fall River Community said...

I also already voted today and the count was about 50 more today than the same time during the preliminary election.

Like Vicki, I will also be obsessing ALL DAY and crossing my fingers.

Lefty said...

Thanks to Fear and Loathing for getting this post in when I was unable to.

It's sad and shocking that in a city of 90 thousand with 46 thousand registered voters that the average turnout hovers around 15 thousand which means 1/3 of the registered voters are deciding the fate for the rest! 1/6 of the city's population is deciding who the elected leaders will be for the EVERYONE.

We shouldn't allow so few people to be the voice for the rest of us.

The solution is simple - take part of our Democratic process and vote!