Friday, November 16, 2007

Robert Correia elected in part due to Coalition for Marriage and Family Action!

Folks if you assume that Bob Correia defeated Dave Sullivan to become our next mayor because he had more experience, better vision, more campaign funds, more signs, better radio ads, or just did a better job convincing Fall River voters that he was the right man for the job you may be missing a key reason.

According to both and Bay Windows efforts by the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action may have made the difference in electing "pro-marriage and pro-life State Representative Robert Correia.." over "same-sex marriage supporter and fellow state representative, David Sullivan."

Interesting because the issue of same sex marriage vs. "traditional marriage" never popped up during the campaign. Silly of me not to realize it was even an issue in the Mayoral contest!

I wonder if Bob knows who he should be giving all the credit to?

"Through the grassroots activities of our Marriage and Family chapters as well
as our financial support for candidates, we are making a difference to elect
pro-family candidates at the local level."

Whether you agree or disagree with the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action on their definition of "pro-family" there is one thing you'll have to concede.

"We're also building our grassroots network, an effort that is vital to
recruiting pro-family legislative candidates in the future to defeat anti-family
incumbent legislators."

If getting more "pro-family" legislative candidates in office is truly vital to this group then supporting Bob Correia for Mayor makes no sense. His victory means removing him for the State Legislature and losing his vote and voice. it also means leaving Dave Sullivan who supports same-sex marriage up at the State House! This irony did not go unnoticed by Bay Windows.

Lefty's view: Groups like this may think that they wield a great deal of power and influence but what I see here is mostly backwards thinking.


Fall River Community said...

I haven't read the accompanying links yet, but your analysis is spot on. The same sex question in the legislature failed to meet the support of 50 legislators which would mean that these groups should want to keep those voices at the State House if they want to try again in the upcoming future.

There is not much that Bob Correia can do about same sex marriage from the 6th floor.

I'm surprised that this issue did not come up during the campaign since I think it would have benefitted Correia and the Catholic Democrats.

RadioKeri said...


But in addition to losing a vote, they're also losing use of Bob's office on Beacon Hill -- where apparently he frequently held lunches for these folks.


just jenn said...


You are completely right - this is backwards thinking. Although you need to remember that these groups were founded and are based completely on backwards thinking and close minded individuals. So none of this surprises me.

It does, however, give me one ~ and only one~ reason to be happy that Bob Correia is our mayor-elect... it means that he no longer has a vote on the same sex marriage issue.

big picture guy said...

I've yet to figure out how Boob Correia can sleep at night.

On another note, I was chastised for worrying about a school committee candidate's wife's views, but were my fears that far-fetched?

Quote from knowthyfactsnotthyneighbor blog:

"...and the husband of Catholic Citizenship Fall River Diocese Coordinator Bea Martins, Joe Martins, was elected to the Fall River School Committee. Also in Fall River, pro-marriage and pro-life State Representative Robert Correia won his race for mayor against same-sex marriage supporter and fellow state representative, David Sullivan."

Again, lower municipal seats are the breeding ground for the legislature. That's why I like to know where candidates stand on two of the most important issues to me (marriage equality and reproductive freedom) before casting a vote in these races.

Given the demographics of the soon-to-be-vacant rep. district (uneducated, religious and poor), electing a marriage equality supporter will be a challenge.

General said...

Actually this did come up during the election. The Herald News ran a front page story on it and asked every mayoral candidate their views on same sex marriage. How soon we all forget.

By the way, the local churches, especially Santo Christo, were making sure the parisheners knew about Sullivan's voting record on same sex marriage.

Anonymous said...

Big Picture,

I think chastised is a bit strong to characterize the nature of the previous post.

I still hold on to the premise that I won't judge a candidate on the views of their spouse or any other relative or friend.

Again, if Mr. Martins starts proposing crazy abstinence only nonsense, there are other members of the committee to vote against him, the public can go to the meetings to show opposition to the plan, and even if he is successful, you can always vote him out in 2 years and reverse the policy.

Same applies to the legislature, I would hope that Correia is replaced by a candidate you supports same sex marriage and abortion rights, however, I will not exclude a candidate solely on those grounds.

With abortion, there is a decision from the US Supreme Court, what can 1 legislator in MA do to overturn that?

And same-sex marriage, the petition was defeated so its not really a concern for me anymore either. Perhaps if a petition starts again I would consider that more of a factor in choosing a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Santo Christo's tax-exempt status should be challenged?!?

Anonymous said...

General is correct, there was a front-page story on this issue early on in the campaign asking mayoral candidates where they stood. It was very early on though as I recall the field wasn't at 8 yet but I do remember thinking that it was a weird question to ask in a Mayor's race, I mean it is good to know whether or not the Mayor is a bigot of course but even if Bob is prejudiced I'm not sure how much he can do on the 6th Floor of Government Center. I definitely didn't vote for him and would prefer not to see him there but the law is the law, I mean is he going to tell the City Clerk to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples? I don't think he would try a stunt like that.

I would've preferred for Fall River to have elected a more progressive Mayor who wasn't hostile to the homosexual community. Providence seems to have a fairly active gay community and a gay Mayor and they seem to be doing a bit better than us so I guess the homosexuals aren't so evil after all.

It is still amazing to me in the year 2007 that someone can run a behind the scenes whisper campaign of hate and come out on top. It seems like that is what was done here, Correia didn't play the issue up in the media but it seems like he did with the numerous Church groups in Fall River which is a city that is dominated by a number of Catholic churches and the homophobic Catholic religion, and I say that being a Catholic myself.

I guess you can say that the religious right delivered for Bob Correia just like they did for George W. Bush in 2 elections. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... NOT! Makes me feel like moving out of Fall River actually but I'll give Bob a chance first and hopefully things don't regress too much and get too backward. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Lefty said...

It's great to see some good discussion going on here!

Big Picture Guy - I think the Coalition's remarks about Joe Martins are much like those on Bob Correia a lot of hype, not much on substance. I doubt that Martins has plans on running for higher office. Even if he shares his wife's views, I'm more interested in his public record than his personal views. I'm glad Joe was elected to the School Committee.

Also considering that I am firmly in the 7th district I'm a little insulted by your statement.

"Given the demographics of the soon-to-be-vacant rep. district (uneducated, religious and poor), electing a marriage equality supporter will be a challenge."

Several commenters here are South End residents and education, religion, and wealth aside, they are thoughtful people more than capable of making reasoned decisions.

General - it's discouraging to hear that local churches were pushing their own agenda. If the 7th district gets a more liberal rep. after the special election I will be absolutely gleeful when these same Churches realize that they just shot themselves in the foot.

to anon 2:47 - I suppose I could make all sorts of generic remarks about homosexuals as a demographic but the reality is we as a city should not exclude anyone who feels they can help move the city forward. As for the coalition or 'religious right' delivering this election for Bob they might like to think so but I'm not giving them that much credit.

General said...

The way the local churches got involved was by printing in their newsletters the votes taken by our local delegation. This went on several times. Over and above that several church groups took that voting record and made sure everyone knew that their right to vote was taken away.

Of course they never explained to the people a little thing called equal rights.

As far as having a good discussion. That is true, but I hate to say it: Have you tried to have this type of discussion with the average Fall Riverite??

Lefty said...


I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I wonder if these churches even thought about the fact that these issues were not really under the influence of the Mayor. I wonder if they took into consideration the needs of the city or just focused on a few issues, that while important to them, were irrelevant to the position of Mayor.

As far as conversation I am lucky enough to say that I have enjoyed incredibly intelligent dialogue with just about every city resident I have ever engaged.

General said...

Lefty, I am estactic that you and others have developed blogs for the city of Fall River. For many years we had to depend on the H.N., which many of us that are in the know, does not print very much info.

Can I suggest that you have an ongoing blog called "past events"??

My idea is this, many issues that take place today have taken root years ago. For instance:

The Fall River Court House, originally that project was supposed to be built for $41 million and now it is $80 million!!

How about the Fall River Sports Complex? $100,000 spent studying that. What happened???

How about in 2005 the H.N. ran an article about the Housing Authority looking into changing the Cardinal Medeiros Tower into assisted living?? Again money was spent on studying.

Over $500,0000 spent on the waterfront study!!

I can go on and on. My point is this. The H.N. has played ball with the local Pols in power. They write an article and give the Pol free press. They ask no questions. And most importantly no follow-up. I think a blog to start forcing a follow-up on these things would be great.

I just do not know how to do it??

One last one, do you remember Ed Lambert answering Sullivan about Watuppa Heights?? Ed said there was $10 million in the unreserved account.

What?? No questions from the H.N.!!

Now we have Terry Sullivan saying that the water bills will be going up. Why not transfer a million or 2 from that account??

My guess is that $10 million does not exist!!

Sorry I was long winded.

Lefty said...

This is a very interesting idea General and one that is worth discussing.

I think such a post or blog needs to be carefully and fairly done because too often we hype on numbers without considering logical reasons. A good example is the outcry of the escalating costs of the CSO project. Yes the project cost more but the inflationary costs HAVE to be factored in. I'm tempted to say the same is true with the courthouse but that project is so recent that doubling the cost seems extreme.

Again, this is worth discussing and I would welcome the chance to if you would email me at

Fall River Community said...


What I have been doing lately is saving HN stories online onto my computer by category... arts, zoning, budget, etc.

So, if I need to refer back to an issue I don't have to depend solely on the HN archives. I encourage others to do the same.

Hmm, I just thought of this one... with the prominence of Google and Outlook calendars, we can use these calendars for reminders of projects. So if an article says that X step should be completed by Y time, we can imput that into a calendar as a means of accountability.

In Fall River, the opportunity for citizens to "redress their grievances" is 3 minutes in front of a politically weak governing body.

If the President has to face the press daily though his Press Secretary, is it too much to ask the Mayor or a representative to hold monthly or every other month press conference to update on city projects and to answer some questions?

Also, I would like to see a public meeting with all the Department Heads so that they are all on the same page, (like a Presidential Cabinet meeting).

There seemed to be some issue where in the rat issue the Health Department said thay didn't have the manpower, but I'm sure they could team up with DPW.

DPW sees the whole city every week, if they see some unsanitary issues, there should be a connection with the Health and Police Departments.

General said...

fall river community,

I like it. It sounds that many of us on this board has a great deal of information, either in our heads, our files or on the computer.

Here is another one:

The Watuppa Heights plan was supposed to be submitted to DHCD May of 2003!

Fall River Community said...


What is the FR Sports Complex, is it the new fields at Durfee or another project?

Lefty seems to be interested in an "accountability blog" of Past Events in order to keep track of city projects. I would encourage you to contact Lefty to discuss such a possibility.

I think Quequechan River project could use a boost from oversite as well.

General said...

Nope. The city actually received money from the state to do a study (yes another study) on developing some sort of sports complex. I do have info on it somewhere. I keep everything.

Yes. I will contact him

Anonymous said...

i am fairly new to fall river (just short of six years) but was drafted to work as a warden in the september 11 and november 6 elections. what i learned was positively hair-raising.

anybody here interested in a meetup in town to discuss fall river issues and educate me on political background?

i will check back here in the next couple days to see if anyone is interested.

karen marie (aka "anonymous" becanse NOT registering with google is one of the few ways left to assert my right of privacy)

Lefty said...

KM Anon,

Meeting up can be problematic but I'm always up for a good discussion. If you'd like to talk just take a look at the blog IM box (top left under the title)if the indicator is green chances are I'm online so feel free to drop a line!

Anonymous said...

Remember to change the world you must start in your own back yard ...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the response, lefty ...
today is certainly more than "a couple of days" (which is when i said i'd check back in my original post) ... yeah, i understand how calendars can get ...

has anyone attempted organizing a "drinking liberally" here in fall river?

currently the button on the left, under the blog title is red, so i'm ssuming lefty is out having more thanksgiving fun.

hope all had a filling and happy thanksgiving, and that the party continues through sunday!

karen marie aka anonymous