Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election Observations

Rainy, cold and windy Fall River residents trudged to the ballot box to place their votes for leadership for the next two years.

What I should say is that the small percentage of people who felt it was important enough to vote trudged out in the inclement weather. Honestly, I'm disappointed

Less than 18,000 people cast votes for a city of 92,000. Roughly 30,000 people didn't vote.

I congratulate the winners. After a long a campaign trail they have managed to come out on top. I also congratulate those who didn't win, because they had the bravery to subject themselves to public scrutiny and the belief that they could be part of positive change.

However I do feel great sympathy to those who didn't make it because with so many voters staying home there is the realization that if only they took part the results might have been much different.

Let's get to some observations!

Our new Mayor is Bob Correia. Bob talks about unifying the city and to do that he is going to need to reach out to all people and prove that he is not cold and arrogant as he sometimes has appeared. I hope he can do this because to move the city forward you do need unification. Oh, and look for School Committeeman Kevin Aguiar to make a run for Bob's vacated Rep. seat!

For Dave Sullivan the vultures are circling over head as wannabe State Rep candidates plot their campaigns. My advice to Dave is to better promote himself, remind the people of what he has worked to accomplish. Also with Bob no longer in the state house we've lost a lot of influence that we've had (which I agree doesn't seem like much.) I would urge Dave to lobby hard to get into a leadership role which would give him more influence in which to help the people he represents. I would think that a State Representative who has a good relationship with the Governor would be valuable in a leadership role.

I am perhaps most disappointed in the City Council race because I feel there were some excellent candidates out there who were running for the first time that deserved consideration and we failed to elect a single one of them. I'm not going to comment on all 18 candidates but let's highlight a few.

Mike Miozza - Mike remains my biggest disappointment for this election season. People will talk about what a great candidate Eric Poulin was and I would agree, but Eric was facing an uphill battle from the start. Mike on the other hand was running for a council with 3 open seats, he in my opinion, probably worked the hardest of any City Council candidate to get his message out there. In plainer terms he worked the hardest so you would know who you were voting for. He laid out good, well thought out plans and easily ran a more vigorous campaign than half of the elected council. Yet, he still fell more than 2000 votes short of being elected to the council. That's a crime. Often we blame candidates for not telling us where they stand, well Mike Miozza did. Were you listening?

Nathan Amaral - Like Mike, another Herald News endorsee who didn't make the cut but what he did do was go from a 'skin-of-his-teeth' 18 place finish to a solid 13th place finish. Nathan really surprised me with some campaign savvy down the stretch. I've had a few people tell me about this guy or that who would be part of our political future and I shake my head, but I think Nathan Amaral could be someone we're going to see again.

Mike Lund - I've never met Mike and I hope he turns out to be one hell of a City Councilor, but I have doubts. I hear talking about the great ideas he has but I haven't seen them. What I did see is a guy who outspent every other council candidate. His total of 16,263.32 in the last reported quarter really could be more than most other candidates spent on the entire race. On top of that there have been rumors about Lund's reasons for running and even about if he really lives in Fall River. Like I said when it comes to Lund, I have my doubts and it is up to him to prove me wrong.

The School Committee race had one single change, the addition of Joe Martins.

Joe Martins- Joe was a candidate with solid experience and firm ideas of what he wants to accomplish. On top of that he resume includes very real results in the success at Diman. You have 6 people that help play a role in shaping the future of our school department. I think if your concerned about education Joe Martins is someone you really considered voting for. Based on the results, (an incredibly strong second place finish) people not only gave Joe their consideration they also gave him their vote.

Shawn Cadime - Cadime, and really most of the School Committee never ran a particularly good campaign. To much reliance on name recognition and not enough effort in making the case of why you deserve reelection could have cost Cadime who ended up being the only candidate for reelection not to secure a Herald News endorsement. I hope he questions why and it makes him a works to prove the Herald wrong.

Final thoughts: Now that the political season is over I wonder what I'm going to blog about! The last couple of months have provided me with lots of posts and lots new readers. I hope that going forward you'll continue to stop by and that they'll be plenty to talk about.


just jenn said...


I promise that I will still read your blog...

Thanks for all your hard work this election season.


Fall River Community said...


What do you mean election season is over?

We have the Presidential primaries coming around, I think MA is in March.

Not to mention that as a fellow South ender... we have a State Reps race coming up!!

Anonymous said...

Dave Sullivan had better get used to the vultures circling over head. Here is a guy who CLEARLY has other plans. Read the Herald News accounts about his election night gathering and the crowd chanting "two years, two years", a clear reference to the rumors that Correia is a one term mayor ( a subject for another discussion visa vi the benifit to his pension if he resigns his current seat in Jan. 2008 as opposed to resigning in 2007). If you are a resident of the 6th Bristol District, which includes the north end of Fall River, the village of Assonet, and the town of Berkely, how would you feel a year from now when Dave Sullivam asks you to re-elect him as your rep.? it wasn't more than a few weeks after the last time he got re-elcted that he announced he was running for Mayor of Fall River, which must have really sat well with those residents of his district who don't live in Fall River. Once you have made it known that you don't want the job that you have, it is hard to go back and ask for that job back.

Anonymous said...

and had Correia lost he would've been running for State Rep again. I don't think Sullivan and Correia running for Mayor meant they didn't want to be state rep it just meant they wanted the Mayor's job more but only one could get it and the other stays a State Rep. Don't fault either man for having aspirations and ambition.

Lefty said...

Thanks Jenn! Thanks for reading and participating!

Fall River Community - You're right election season isn't over and who takes a shot for Bob's Rep. seat will be something I follow closely!

Anon I and Anon II - I truly think that Sullivan's loss will make the ambitious wonder how vulnerable he it, but if Dave demonstrates that he is a 'street-level' Rep. and works to improve his position in Boston (and I think he is capable of doing both) he should be more than capable of facing the challenge.

Anonymous said...

i didn't hear any rumors about lund not living in fall river but i did hear a rumor from a fellow poll-worker that nathan amaral doesn't live in fall river but used his family's business address.

anybody got any dope on that?