Friday, November 09, 2007

City Council by Ward - or - Where do Fall River's Newly Elected Councilors live?

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I have the idea that Fall River should have a City Council by Ward.

It's not a perfect - there are 9 councilors and 9 wards, but some could argue that there should be some 'Councilors at large'.

Regardless, I think having a Council by Ward would allow each area of the city to have representation. Also Ward representation would allow for that Councilor to be more accountable. After all a Councilor who isn't serving the needs of the people could be much more easily challenged. Neighborhood issues that were not being addressed would certainly become very prominent in a Ward election and it's very possible to for a challenger to mount a campaign and meet the people and get the message out in one Ward. I also believe there should be local campaign finance laws in place but that's a topic for another post.

The map above isn't broken down by Ward - (mostly because I don't have a Ward map - any former candidates want to donate one?) but it does show where are newly elected City Council reside (stop laughing you Lund nay-sayers!)

Surprisingly the representation seems pretty even between the North and South ends of the city. Also surprisingly the representation is spread out pretty well around the city. The only exception is Mike Lund and Cathy Ann Viveiros who both live on Shore Drive (I'm asking you to please stop laughing.)

It would be interesting to be able to break this down by Wards and then see what Ward races would have developed and speculate if we would have wound up with mostly the same council.


Anonymous said...

Stop laughing? Why? Because the people of Fall River were cheated by politicians... again?

Anonymous said...

The politicians didn't cheat the people of Fall River the people of Fall River cheated the people of Fall River. Only 18,000 people came out to vote out of 46,000 plus registered voters. Let's not forget about all the people who are eligible to vote but who didn't even bother to register. Most folks in Fall River don't show up to vote so in the end you get what you deserve, you get what you vote for or who you don't vote for...

Anonymous said...

The Motor Voter law made it easy for people to register to vote while they were renewing their license. This made it very easy for people who have no interest in voting to take 30 seconds to register to vote. The result is that there is a large number of uninterested registered voters which makes voter turnout look very bad.

Another issue is quality of voters. Some countries have compulsory voting, which I think is not a good idea. I don't want 40,000 voter turnout if those voters don't know the important issues of the campaign. I think I would rather have 10,000 greatly informed voters.

Unfortunately, in Fall River we have low voter turnout and a lack of uninformed voters (an opinion held by those supporting unsuccessful candidates).

Although we have a responsibility to vote, the candidates also have some responsibility in inspiring and mobilizing the electorate.

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of candidates and some real good candidates running this year. If people didn't feel inspired or mobilized by this fact then Fall River is in sad shape. I hope our new Mayor does something so that the city doesn't end up in an even sadder state but I'm not optimistic.