Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome Mayor Whitty

Speaking of Whitty, would anything be worst for him than to lose the election and have Lambert resign so that he had to fill in as acting mayor until the next mayor was sworn in? - A View From Battleship Cove "Preliminary Observations" 9/8/07

The carpet probably needs to be cleaned and the walls probably need paint but for a tenure of just about 10 weeks Bill Whitty will be able to look around the office on the 6th floor and call it his.

With Mayor Ed Lambert stepping down on October 26th, the 27th will be Whitty's first full day on the job. It has got to be a bittersweet moment to inherit a role that you've worked so hard to win on more than one occasion. It has got to be cruel to inherit the mantle of responsibility, to take the helm no matter what the weather but not have the opportunity to put forth your platform, to share your vision, to set the course.

Bill Whitty will certainly place a few a photos on his desk and hang some pictures on the walls. They'll be to few to make him forget whose office it was, and not enough to really make it his own.

When a the new mayor is sworn into office come next January Bill Whitty has stated that will be the end of his political career and although I didn't support him, I think Bill Whitty probably deserves better.

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