Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sympathy for Maureen Glisson

This morning I picked up the paper and read an editorial roasting Maureen Glisson. Later I turned on the TV to see a replay of last Tuesday's council meeting where they roasted Maureen Glisson. Now I'm listening to WSAR and guess what? They're roasting Maureen Glisson

In fact, since the fiasco of Fall River's preliminary election it doesn't seem like a day goes by where someone isn't roasting Maureen Glisson.

For those who don't know, Maureen Glisson heads up the Elections Office here in Fall River and as such presided over the preliminary election. As we all know now, the election was riddled with errors, from issues with the ballots, candidates being told they won, lost, and won again and nobody seeming to know what had happened.

Obviously, Ms. Glisson needs to be held accountable but for God's sake let's stop flogging this woman in public for what I think is political gain, media gain, and pure entertainment.

People seem to be crucifying Maureen Glisson just for the sake of having something to be outraged about. It's ridiculous and I think it needs to stop.

What needs to be done is a quiet impartial investigation. It needs to be determined if Maureen Glission is capable of doing her job or not. Is she competent or incompetent. While I believe this needs to be conducted in the public eye, it doesn't need to be a public circus.

Honestly, watching what is going on, I have great deal of sympathy for Maureen Glisson, while all the while realizing she brought most of this on herself. Perhaps I'm being too charitable but when most people make a mistake at work it doesn't result in public embarrassment.

I would urge the city council to conduct a thorough investigation and then make a public recommendation to the Mayor. It should be fair, procedural and non-political. Anything less is just a reactionary attempt to appeal to the voters.

Lefty's view: Personally? I could forgive the errors on the ballot, mistakes happen and I would think that proofreading the ballot was done by more than one party and if so, everyone missed the error. I would also that the printer would know that the ballot was supposed to be alphabetized and could have caught the error as well. What I can't forgive is a the half-ass effort to shift the blame. Even worse is the mistakes and mishandling following the preliminary election. At a time when Ms. Glisson needed to be taking steps to assure the voters of the integrity of the election she instead brought about more concerns. I'm not convinced she can undo the damage that she has done to her office or her reputation. So, I would say Maureen if you think there is a way that you can assure me as a voter that I can rely on you and your leadership please do so, otherwise please step down.


Anonymous said...

"I'm not convinced she can undo the damage that she has done to her office or her reputation. So, I would say Maureen if you think there is a way that you can assure me as a voter that I can rely on you and your leadership please do so, otherwise please step down."

You are idealistic and that's a good thing but realistically it won't come down to Maureen realizing she can't do the job and stepping down because she wants to do what's best.

There is no need for a grand investigation because the facts are in and they are that numerous screw ups occurred. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, that much is true, but she needs to find another job at this point because it would be best for her and the city. The problem is that at $67,000 a year don't expect her to just quietly resign. All we've got on our side is media and political pressure to try and push her out the door and hopefully it is enough to get her to step down but if not the next Mayor is going to need to have the guts to do it!

Lefty said...

Thanks for the comment!

I certainly would plead guilty to being idealistic, but I also try to be fair.

I would much rather the council and the mayor be too thorough in gathering their information than not thorough enough.

I agree mistakes were made. I personally feel the ballot mistake pales in comparison to the mix up with the election results but I could forgive Maureen IF I believed that she is competent in her job and this was simply an unfortunate chain of mistakes. But I don't believe that. The hapless way Ms. Glisson has attempted to spin this has made me concerned for the integrity of her office.

If I were a councilor or the mayor I would quietly urge her to resign. I agree it's not likely that she will. Which is why I think the council needs to be very thorough in gathering the facts and then issuing it’s findings and it's recommendation.

However, I think the Mayor, without hesitation, should dismiss her citing the public's lack of confidence in her ability but I doubt Mayor Lambert will do that but perhaps Mayor Whitty will. If so it would be the lasting legacy of his brief reign.

RadioKeri said...

"Obviously, Ms. Glisson needs to be held accountable but for God's sake let's stop flogging this woman in public for what I think is political gain, media gain, and pure entertainment."

I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement completely.

WHO is benefitting from this politically? None of the politicians are talking about it!

Media gain? What GAIN exactly? As a member of the media, I really don't have much to gain from watching unchecked incompetance in the city of Fall River. There are alot of topics to choose from ... and other issues to discuss. I have been on this situation for WEEKS because the only thing we have to GAIN from this situation going unaddressed is continued voter apathy and continued incompetance.

Pure entertainment? Sorry, wrong again. I take no delight in watching a highly paid political hack screw up our elections process -- the cornerstone of our democracy. This is a crucial issue -- one that MUST be addressed and addressed IMMEDIATELY -- due to the MULTITUDE of mistakes that were made -- outside of simple ballot printing mistakes and counting errors.

Personally, I think it's pretty lame to blame the media for what you're basically calling pretend outrage in this situation. The woman is clearly incompetant -- has been skating by because other people in the office have been covering her ass -- and ought to be fired. I have no sympathy for someone who's been basically raking in the big bucks for doing nothing and finally gets caught. Maybe you have more patience for this kind of crap, but this is exactly the problem we have with a multitude of positions in the city -- and we're not talking about the trash pickup schedule in this situation. We're talking about the ELECTIONS PROCESS.

And for the record -- I have it on pretty good authority that this issue would NOT have been addressed by the Mayor or the Secretary of State had the media NOT made a big deal about the situation. It simply would have been swept under the rug or ignored. Perhaps you think that would have been a better resolution???

Why the hell would you advocate giving this woman a PASS?

Lefty said...

Hello Keri,

I knew that this post would get a reaction and I suspected it might be you.

Working in reverse..

I'm not giving Maureen a pass. If I was a councilor I would have been in her office urging her to resign. If I were the mayor I would have insisted on it and if I didn't get it I'd fire her.

The integrity of her office must be maintained and the people must have confidence in that integrity. I agree with you this comes down to my RIGHT to vote and the expectation that my vote count.

In some ways I do think this is been escalated by the press and has a degree of pretend outrage. How can we as a city be outraged about our elections office when 2/3 of the registered voters stayed home? NOW we care about the elections process??

Political gain, I've watched that council meeting a few times and to see a number of councilors play 'bad' cop and ask the same damn questions.. I'm sorry if you disagree but to me I think they figure it plays well for the voters.

Media gain, I'm not trying to imply that the media in manipulating this but c'mon how many more Herald News got sold because word of mouth about the terse editorial? How many people made sure to tune in to WSAR to hear what was being said? It's a hot talked about topic and the media gains by having something in the forefront like that. Truth is in some sort of quasi sort-of-way I'm just as guilty of it by blogging about a topic that I know will get some attention.

Pure entertainment. Well Keri maybe you're a better person than I am because I, like many see politics as almost a sport and seeing Maureen scurry around like a mouse being chased by a cat does have some sort of morbid appeal. As much as I thought the council meeting was full of grandstanding it did make for great viewing.

Maybe I do have more patience or I'm too idealistic. Maybe I try too hard to be fair. I think you and I agree on what the end result should be we just having a different take on how to get there.

I wouldn't want this swept under the rug and maybe I shouldn't feel bad that Maureen being flogged but I do. At the same time I realize that she has brought down all of this upon herself and would do herself a great service by just stepping down.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a registered voter here in the city of Fall Reeve ;-) and I think that this woman should just resign from her job. Since that's clearly not going to happen--you'd have to be crazy to give up a cushy job like she has right? But since it's not likely she's going to just resign from her position she has to be made to quit or she has to be fired.

How will this happen if the people don't know all the facts? Yes...2/3 of the voters stayed home for this past election, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be kept informed of how the people who WE PAY spend OUR money. My tax dollars pay this woman's salary, am I right? Well I want a competent person to have that position. For $67,000 a year I think that's the least any of us can expect--for crying out loud this lady makes more than the two people in my household make together and probably more than most of the families in Fall River do. For some reason that's an even bigger slap in the face. She's living better than most of the people who are paying her salary...but I digress. What are your consequences when you mess up on the job? The consequences of my screwing up in the workplace are that I get fired and no longer have that job. What consequence is Ms. Glisson going to have? Just go on as usual and keep her job because people feel sorry that she's getting roasted by the media? That's ridiculous. I say if the media coverage is making her uncomfortable--too bad! It's her fault for not doing her job properly.

Fall River Community said...

With the exception of Ms. Glisson and the Mayor, everyone agrees that Glisson should resign or be fired. If you read Lefty's blog, never does he indicate that Glisson is doing a good job, or that she should remain at that position.

However, there is a problem in that the only way she will lose her job is if she resigns voluntarily or is fired by the Mayor. It is unlikely that the outgoing Mayor Lambert will fire his own esteemed appointee. We can only guess what Whitty, Sullivan, or Correia will do as Mayor.

So, what is the logical result? Since the Mayor refuses to fire Glisson, the political pressure is acutely focused on Glisson for her to use some good judgment (eek!) and resign.

The situation has created a feeling that Glisson must resign and therefore we should beat her up (not physically) until she resigns.

I think that was simply the phenomenon that Lefty was observing. He wants Glisson to be accountable and resign.

P.S. Did I mention Maureen Glisson should resign?

Lefty said...


I'm not sure if you've read the post or any of the comments I've left because never once did I say or even imply that Maureen Glisson should keep her job.

I was gracious enough to say if she thought she could make a good case for it that she should do so but my confidence in her is gone.

All I say is let's do this with a little bit of dignity!

I'm not giving her a pass, and I'm don't have so much sympathy that I forgive her mistakes.

I think the mistakes are minor compared to the cover up.

I can deal with mistakes because mistakes happen. The lousy cover up is what has made me doubt the integrity of her office.

And I do find it somewhat insulting that there are some who had no interest in the political process before no interest in our future leadership and all of a sudden they take an interest because of a screw up.

As for the media attention on her, I've said it's her own fault. Just because I feel some sympathy or pity for her doesn't mean I don't realize she's only got herself to blame.

If you want to fault me for being too patient, or too idealistic fine but before anyone else says I'm giving her a free pass or think she should keep her job because I feel sorry for her, they better go back and read what I wrote.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

[And I do find it somewhat insulting that there are some who had no interest in the political process before no interest in our future leadership and all of a sudden they take an interest because of a screw up.]

Who? Who is taking interest now that wasn't before?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Lefty was referring to anyone in particular. However, of those who are calling for Glisson's resignation to restore the electoral process, some must not have voted in the recent election.

Although, I guess an argument can be made that all taxpayers, and not just voters, have an expectation that Glisson do her job currectly.

Lefty said...

I wasn't referring to anyone particular, and you've nailed it, that there most be and certainly are some that are now calling for Glisson's resignation now who had no interest to vote in the recent election.

But, I shouldn't say it's insulting because as citizens we all have a right to expect that anyone doing the city's work to do it correctly OR to at the very least make every effort to do it correctly. What I should say is that I find it frustrating to see people engage themselves now when they didn't before.

reynolds said...

Glisson made mistakes and then she lied about them. The key part of the statement is the 2nd part, she lied about them! She tried to blame the printer and suggest that they would pay. That was more wrong then the many series of mistakes that she made although those were awful too.

The many mistakes demonstrate incompetence. The lies and deceit to cover up the mistakes demonstrate a lack of integrity. What more do we need to investigate? Add to all this that Glisson told the Council to their face that she accepted responsibility from the beginning. Another lie and a very bold attempt to rewrite history.

I agree with you Lefty that Glisson should resign or be fired but I disagree that we need any more investigation before we do that because it seems like we have all the information that we need to make a rational decision, i.e. that she needs to go.

Also, what's up with Pat Casey and her supporters trying to cover up for Glisson? Casey herself tries to do a little dance around Keri's questions and then has her campaign manager calling in to the show to talk about how great Casey is but the funny part is even her manager said Glisson should go which is something that Casey wouldn't do. I heard Casey also planted a campaign worker to speak out during citizen input time in defense of Glisson. Oh the hackery!

Lefty said...

thanks for commenting reynolds.

I appreciate support and respect the disagreement. I'm also fearful that by the end of this I'm going to throw myself back into the fire.

You and I are in agreement that mistakes are minor compared to the cover up. If someone could give me a rational reason I could forgive the mistakes. The cover up in my opinion has sealed Maureen's fate.

Now, I suggest a thorough investigation. Truthfully I think most of it, if not all of it has already been conducted, but I think it the duty of the council to make sure that this is as thorough as possible so no one can come and question it.

The shameful thing is it shouldn't have to go this far because Glisson herself should offer to resign or the Mayor should have pushed for her to resign or fired her.

As far as Pat Casey, I heard her call into Keri's show I thought she was pretty forthright in her answers. She did refuse to call for Maureen's resignation but I'm fine with that. In fact I don't think a city councilor should be making a statement like that on the radio.

I would say if you have question about Pat Casey call her up or go meet with her in person.

It's not too hard to get in touch with any of our councilors.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

[As far as Pat Casey, I heard her call into Keri's show I thought she was pretty forthright in her answers. She did refuse to call for Maureen's resignation but I'm fine with that. In fact I don't think a city councilor should be making a statement like that on the radio.]

I agree with your thoughts on Casey's radio position. With all due respect to Keri, I feel she was trying to unfairly paint Casey into a corner.

I too have watched all of this banter, and don't see any immediate need for the council to ask for Glisson's resignation.

That being said, I personally think she should resign and save us all of this embarrassment. She clearly screwed up.

She is the head of the department. She should have found out immediately what happened with the ballots and reported it directly to the Mayor and Council. (Not the Press, sorry the Press is a silent partner and should be told what is going on ONLY after the proper channels were taken. That being said, if the proper channels fail, I am all for the Press finding out and shouting it from the rooftops.) This action would have restored my confidence in the voting process. My confidence is NOT restored when the head of the department tells the Council (and the press here) that she has no idea who is going to be at fault, and by the way no you can't know who the company is. The whole thing reaks of coverup. The people, via the press, had the absolute right to know who the printer was. That is public information.

The head of a department should know, or should have known, many things by election night. She should have known EXACTLY how many absentee votes were returned. This is vital information for the head of the elections department to know. It could make a big difference depending on how close the vote is. She should NOT be making assumptions based on how she 'feels the vote should have turned out.' Votes are facts, and they should be tallied properly. If there is a need to 'feel something is wrong' then there is a serious problem with the voting machines.

The last problem I have with Glisson's performance was with the improper reporting of tallies.

Glisson's job is to give accurate vote tallies that are given from the machines that night. These are not the official votes so they should be taken with at least a grain of salt. If the vote tallies change, for whatever reason, from the night of the election to the time the votes are signed off on, that is ok. She should give them all the information she has from the machines, and then tally the absentee votes. She then should close her door and take her phone off the hook. The department should then take as long as it needs to get the votes correct, and THEN confirm the vote totals.

What she did was way different. She bent to the 'pressure of the media' to ask for the tallies. She then told Michael Canuel that he had made the cut, and by proxy told Amaral he did not. This was a big screw up. It wouldn't have been a screw up, if she had just kept the whole thing quiet until the votes were finalized.

How do you give out vote tallies, and fax a radio talk show host that Canuel is IN, when you aren't ready to release the final totals.

Get it right, then tell us. All you have to do the night of the election is give the totals as you have them at the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the voters should fire Casey and the Mayor should fire Glisson and that's the bottom line...

Lefty said...

Well I've said before that if I were Mayor she would be fired.

As far as Casey goes I hold her in higher regard than several other councilors because at least I see her active in the city. She shows up for a neighborhood cleanup in jeans and a sweatshirt and another councilor will be there in a suit..hmmm wonder who's leaving when the cameras disappear?

But people can vote for who ever they want AND there are several challengers who deserve serious consideration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lefty--

Oh seems that I let my emotions get away from me again and I spoke--or typed in this case--when I let myself get angry and upset. I wasn't upset with anything that you said Lefty, I was upset about the situation and as I was writing it just seemed to get worse to me and it probably came out that I was attacking what you said which was not supposed to be the case.

I DID read everything you wrote and I agree with it. Mistakes happen and they can be forgiven, but what cannot be forgiven are the attempts to shift the blame and cover them up.

Why should the people of Fall River trust someone who lies? Sorry, but we deserve better than that Ms. Glisson, and you should step down.

If I made you think I didn't read what you wrote or agree with it, then I must apologize Lefty. I come here because I do respect what you say even if I don't necessarily agree with it. I think part of me is hoping that she reads your blog--hey, I found it so I'm assuming everyone in Fall River reads it ;-)--anyway, part of me is hoping that she realizes it's not just people in the media who want her to leave her job, it's the every day people too.

Lefty said...


Thanks for the comment and I appreciate the apology, although it's not really necessary.

I too am guilty of letting my emotions get the best of me. I knew the idea of being sympathetic to Ms. Glisson would get a reaction. I was surprised however by the reaction it got.

I do think the whole 'beating up on Maureen' thing has gotten out of hand, and yet I realize that if it wasn't for all the attention nothing would come of this.

I know I can be idealistic..but it just shouldn't be necessary to have to scream and yell in hysterics to get our government to do what it's supposed to.

Roger Williams said...

None of you pansies has the BALLS to see what MUST be done. Reprimand her? Fire her? What is, the Teletubbies? If there's any justice, the mob will literally CRUCIFY her!

Hop on it.

Anonymous said...

"I know I can be idealistic..but it just shouldn't be necessary to have to scream and yell in hysterics to get our government to do what it's supposed to."

I too am idealistic and agree with you 100% on this. Oddly enough, all of my friends and family can tell you that I'm the biggest softie they know--LOL. In certain circumstances I have to let my common sense override my mushiness though. This is one of those times.

Roger Williams--I personally think she is getting "crucified" in the media and I think that's okay. Letting the mob "literally CRUCIFY her!" would be a bit too much. ;-) I want the lady to have cosequences but that would be a bit too much even for me. :D

RadioKeri said...

Just in regard to my attempt to "corner" Pat Casey ...

I would look into the back story of how Maureen actually got this job 5 years ago. It has ALOT to do with a personal relationship between Pat Casey and Glisson. Any city councilor OTHER than Casey will tell you this. And Casey is also the only city councilor who is "willing to give her the benefit of the doubt" on this issue ...

What I was trying to do is simply get a city councilor to be honest about her personal reasons for sticking up for someone who she helped get into the job. It's the worst kind of hackery -- and I hate it.

I think you folks deserve to know the truth about the ENTIRE situation -- believe me -- I don't do these things for sport.

Anonymous said...

It definitely was hackery, Casey's stumbling and bumbling explanation to Keri was pathetic as was the Herald story where she said "not that I want to stick up for Glisson but..." and Casey having her campaign manager call into Keri's show to defend her wasn't exactly genius but the funny part was even Casey's manager ended up saying Glisson should resign. Having another campaign worker pose as "Joe Citizen" and speak during public input time in defense of Glisson was also way over the top... all this hackery to protect someone who is doing a terrible job, anyone that would say Glisson is mediocre would be being very generous.

Lefty said...


How does Pat's relationship with Maureen have "A LOT" to do with Maureen getting her job?

The council vote to approve was 6-3? What about the other 5 councilors?

Are you perhaps suggesting that the Mayor made the nomination because of the efforts of Pat Casey?

As for talking to the other city councilors, if we're not going to take what Pat Casey says at face value why would I do that for any of the other councilors?

I think Pat was honest in saying why she supported Maureen's nomination. I also think she was correct in not answering questions about Maureen resigning.

We can read more into Pat's statements, or assume that she had her campaign manager call or have all sorts of fun speculating. But, since we can't PROVE any of these things it really is just speculation. Maybe you have the proof that I don't but I think that if we're going to hold anyone's feet to the fire we need be dealing in proof not speculation.

Anonymous said...

It's not speculation, it's a fact that Casey's campaign manager did call into Keri's show to defend Pat's poor performance and Pat did have a campaign worker speak during citizen input time in defense of Glisson. Do you want to start naming names, would be glad to give you both her campaign manager's name and the gentleman that spoke at public input? Her campaign manager has a distinctive voice and thus was easy to identify on the air and the gentleman that spoke during public input is always around Pat and quite sure his name probably pops up on her campaign finance reports. I know you are a Casey fan and that is fine but please stop with the denial, the truth is that Casey tried to help Glisson cover up her mistakes or if that is too strong a statement let's say that she attempted to create a defense for Glisson through her own actions and the actions of her campaign staff. The whole cover up by Glisson and her allies such as Casey was wrong, let's just admit it and stop trying to protect Casey and/or Glisson because the facts are in... we can speculate why Casey would attempt to defend Glisson and when we do Keri's explanation seems logical in that according to several of Casey's colleagues she pushed for Glisson to get the job. The pieces of the puzzle fit so why the staunch defense of Casey with the facts staring you in the face?

Lefty said...

It's fact that Casey's campaign manager called in. It's speculation that she did so on orders from Pat Casey. As for the campaign worker, I don't have enough information, but again what facts do you have to say that this person spoke because Pat told him to?

As for me what denial? I've said that Maureen should have resigned or been fired. As for Pat Casey, I just don't see enough evidence to go and accuse her of trying to protect Glisson.

My staunch defense is not making accusations with out proof. You say that Keri's explanation "seems logical" and ask me if the "The pieces of the puzzle fit" why defend Casey. Well because it's circumstantial evidence. Get me a city councilor who will go on record and to say how Pat pushed for Maureen. Get her campaign manager to say "I only called because Pat told me to" In other words get me some direct evidence.

This has nothing to do about how I feel about Pat Casey because I would apply the same principle to anybody.

With your willingness to except circumstantial evidence because it seems logical I sure hope you don't serve on a jury.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a skit from Chappelle's show where Chappelle is in denial about R. Kelly's guilt even though there is videotaped evidence, he sets forth a number of ridiculous "unless" statements... "unless" his grandmother was there to witness it...

Do you think Casey's campaign manager would admit that she was asked to call in by Pat? Is it far-fetched to think that she may have been asked? Pat is on the air and doesn't do too well (or maybe you think she did an amazing job) and her campaign manager calls in shortly thereafter to say how great Casey is but fails to note she is Casey's campaign manager... hmmm...

Do you think the gentleman that spoke during citizen input who said he was an "amateur statistician" who just happens to be a campaign worker for Pat although that wasn't stated which I suppose is fine but do you think he would admit that he was asked to speak by Pat? (Interesting that he noted his amateur stats hobby and not his affiliation with Pat.)

So unless you can get the hacks to admit that they were engaing in hackery you won't accept that it is fairly interesting that so many Casey campaign workers went to bat for Glisson and that Pat herself unlike other City Councilors did not even want to vote on a resolution to ask the printing company what happened? You who called for an investigation are sticking up for Pat Casey who was the 1 in an 8-1 vote against investigating and asking the print company exactly what had happened? Did Pat Casey ask you to blog about her? I think you are pretty fair and I suppose she didn't but you certainly have a very high opinion of Pat Casey which you are entitled to but in reality it doesn't appear that she deserves to be on such a high pedestal, let's bring it back down to earth please.

Lefty said...

well I think videotape would be pretty direct don't you?

1. Casey's campaign manager called in first..and Keri urged her to have Pat call in. So yes I think it's likely that her campaign manager decided to call in all on her own. This is pretty much what her campaign manager said and I really have no good reason to doubt it.

2. I stated earlier that I don't have enough info on the 'amateur statistician'. Again I have nothing concrete to say she asked him to speak so I'm not going to assume it. My suggestion to you is find him and ask him yourself and contact Pat Casey and ask her too.

3. I never said I couldn't draw a conclusion and find all of this intersting. However, I am not going to throw it out there with out being very clear that it's all speculation, assumption, and opinion. I am certainly not going to state it's fact, get on my damn soapbox, and start making accusations.

4. Casey voted against contacting the print company because the council hadn't spoke to Glisson first. I think she was right and I had this opinion before knowing Casey was the lone hold out. I think it's improper for an employee to contact an outside party without first having the courtesy to speak with the employee. If my employer pulled that crap with me I'd be looking for a lawyer.

5. This has NOTHING to do with Pat Casey. My opinion would be the same no matter who the councilor was.

Roger Williams said...

Well, Lefty, if you trafficked in rumors spread by anonymous sources, you'd be hosting a talk radio program by now. Obviously, blogging doesn't adhere to the highest journalistic standards (pace Columbia), but you're ahead of all the actual news industry workers on this one so far.

Then again, maybe you're just being trolled?

RadioKeri said...

Wow Roger, jealous much?

Maybe if you're a little nicer I'll let you hold one of my Associated Press awards for excellence in rumor trafficing ... WAIT -- I don't have one for that -- but I do have one here for excellence in political reporting. (I hate when people challenge my integrity and make me get snotty.)

I'm more than comfortable in reporting on the relationship between Pat Casey and Maureen Glisson -- as well as Casey's advocating for Glisson to get the position 5 years ago because of the well-placed source that gave me the information. You see, it's my job to evaluate sources and investigate whether or not that source has provided me with accurate information -- and then report the truth to the people. The public can choose whether or not to believe me from there. These are FACTS in association with this story, not "speculation, assumption, and (or) opinion". But if you think Pat Casey herself is going to admit to these things -- knowing they have a significant political consequence -- you've got to be crazy. I believe the problem is an infamiliarity that some on this blog have with the history of this situation.

That being said, to my dear Roger:

Chin up little camper -- and keep writing those brain-busting blogs about the firefighters on your street -- and maybe one day you'll get the balls to call in to talk radio.

As for being "ahead of the actual news industry workers" I suppose that would be true, if you consider basing your opinion on knowing only half the story as "being ahead" ...

Keep hatin'!

Love, Keri

Anonymous said...

lefty, i accept your rebuttal but i think that since glisson was not being forthright from the beginning i don't blame the council for wanting to speak to the print company without speaking to her first although clearly their intention was not to not speak to her first because it seems that an invitation to her got lost and that's why she wasn't there at the first meeting when this was discussed but either way glisson wasn't giving straight answers to the media and others so i think the council had a right to think that she might have treated them the same way and indeed she eventually did when she appeared before them.

the council did the right thing by seeking out the print company to get their side of the story and in calling glisson down to get her side of the story. pat casey was wrong not to want to get the print company's side of the story whether or not the council had spoken to glisson first. an investigation means speaking to everyone and gathering all the facts, of course glisson is an employee and it would be nice to speak to her first, to some whom to speak to first may be semantics but i agree in theory you talk to your employee first but clearly theory goes out the window here because in practice you had a department head who was all over the road in her retelling or rehashing of the story to the media so i think the council did the right thing by going to the print company for their side and also inviting glisson twice to come and give her side but allegedly the first invitation didn't get there and the second one did which led to glisson's less than stellar performance before the council not to mention her less than truthful assertions that she took responsibility for this mess from the beginning.

i love your blog i just think you are being a bit naive and/or are unintentionally spinning for casey by saying she just wanted to hear from maureen first, i believe the intention behind her not voting to hear from the print company was because she was trying to help cover for maureen. i know you tend to want to believe the best about pat casey so i will understand your reluctance to come to that conclusion and we will have to agree to disagree. i confess to having a negative view of pat from what i've seen and heard from her over the years. i truly believe she is the female version of leo pelletier. i have no love for councilors that make me cringe when i see them on the news supposedly representing the people of fall river. not everyone in fall river substitutes the letter "d" for the letters "th" so if i have to hear pat casey see dese, dem and dose instead of these, them and those one more time i'm going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

correction: if i have to hear pat casey say dese, dem and dose instead of these, them and those one more time i'm going to be sick.
my point is that pat casey does not come across as being intelligent and it adds to the negative stereotypes that people already have about fall river.

Lefty said...


I have no problem agreeing to disagree and I do think a lot of this is semantics.

I think the council should have spoke to Glisson first because that's how I would expect to be treated. I concede Maureen has not shown she deserves that courtesy.

I don't blame Pat for her vote, because it's how I would have voted. I do realize that I would voted that way because of my sense of fairness and my idealism. I also realize that those motives might not apply to Pat.

Believe me I'm not trying to stick up for Pat or defend her. I'm just trying to be very fair and not rush to conclusions. (I know..that's what Pat said!) I've also talked to 'sources' and used judgment that I value and came up with no good reason to doubt her. However I realize that Pat could be going out of her way to be more than fair to someone who she knows.

On the other hand I don't really hear anyone else on the council calling for Maureen to resign.

I really appreciate the compliments on the blog and hope you'll keep commenting.

Lefty said...

Can someone please explain to me how Roger pisses Keri off and I get thrown under the bus??

Keri, in my last comment to you I wasn't challenging, I was looking for more information. I also conceded that you may have more info on this than I do.

What I know about this I've read, researched, and heard (including on your show). I've reached out to people who I thought could provide more insight and I determined if I thought what I was being told was reasonable and true. I took into account all of this in formulating my opinion.

In the end what I've stated in what I'm comfortable with stating based on what I know and my best judgment.

Anonymous said...

lefty, your comment at 6:47 shows me you are a reasonable man. i absolutely agree that you may have voted the way you said you would because of the reason you gave and i'm glad you are willing to accept that pat may not have had the same motivations for voting the way she did, it may have been more in line with "hey i need to stand up for my friend." that may be speculation okay i'll admit but i'm willing to speculate and lean toward that theory based on what i know of pat and her ties with glisson and the lambert administration as a whole. you are right though in that i don't hear any councilor calling for glisson to resign, not even leo! it does look pretty bad for the council when leo pelletier has to become the voice of reason during all of this. i just want a council that won't embarass the people of fall river when they speak, is that too much to ask?

Lefty said...

well me may not agree on everything but chances are I'll be voting for 7 or more new faces on the council.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there lefty, we need some new faces.

I know Cathy Ann Viveiros and Steve Camara aren't technically new but I wasn't too disappointed to see them do well because I've read and listened to what they had to say during this race and I think they will do some good on the Council, they got my vote in the preliminary but now that it looks like they will have enough to get in I won't be voting for them again because I think we need more new people and that doesn't include Brian Bigelow. It looks like he will get in too but all I can say is yuck! He didn't strike me as a genius on the School Committee and I doubt he'll improve on the Council. That leaves me with looking at the 10th place finisher who is Mike Lund and I say no way because I think he is in the race to help himself and I believe in public service over self service, I could be wrong but I really feel this way based on my following the race.

Finishing 11th was Gus Suneson who was a Councilor before for 1 term and I think it was for good reason, Gus is good as a local character but not as a City Councilor, I find him eccentric to say the least if not a bit scary at times and sometimes think that maybe the elevator doesn't always go to the top floor.

In 12th was Mike Miozza who I believe is the most intelligent City Council candidate that the city has seen in a while, I watched him interviewed on public access several times and his shows and wouldn't it be nice to have a Ph.D. on the Council? Maybe I shouldn't be impressed with the piece of paper but I am and with the intelligence he displays so I'm plunking for Miozza this time around in the hope that he can crack the top 9.

Lefty, I wish we could get several new Councilors and I voted pretty much the way you say you are going to in the final in the preliminary. Now that it doesn't look too realistic that people really want change I'm going to do my best to convince people to vote for the City Councilor who has the best shot at getting in and making a difference so I'm plunking and hope others will too for Mike Miozza. Just my take.

I wonder what others think about the field of Council candidates, I mean I like people like Brian Dias too but again I think Mike has the most realistic shot at cracking the top 9 and I think he would be the best Councilor that we had on the Council in a long time if he could only get in...

Roger Williams said...

Can someone please explain to me how Roger pisses Keri off and I get thrown under the bus??

Because Keri was ground up by the INTERNET HATE MACHINE, just like Randi Rhodes. My point still stands - Lefty doesn't roll with anonymous sources, which means he may just be overqualified to be a radio host on a small market AM radio station.

PS: Next stop, Dubuque, Iowa?

Anonymous said...

can some people (named roger williams) please keep the petty bickering off these boards? if you want to fight with keri then go and do so on her blog, many people including myself come on this blog to read about fall river and local politics in our city and you contribute nothing to that debate so as far as i'm concerned your blog posts are worthless, your attacks do nothing to inform the local populace coming on here to read about their city.

Roger Williams said...

Thanks for the comment, Keri.

Anonymous said...

i'm not keri and you are annoying, stay the hell away from these boards when you have nothing to contribute loser! what do you know about fall river and fall river politics besides nothing?

Lefty said...

Okay...the referee is calling a timeout.

from this point on I will delete comments that I find objectionable and that do not further the discussion of the main post.

Anonymous said...

no comment?

Anonymous said...

what was the "relationship?" Why doesn't anyone spell it out for me, yes, like i'm a sixth grader!