Friday, October 26, 2007

Support our Troops

The First Congregational Church is celebrating "Make A Difference Day" this Saturday by assembling care packages for our troops in the middle east.

Our men and women in uniform stand the test of courage everyday that they serve. Despite the risks they perform their duty with great bravery and dignity.

If you have wanted to show your support to the troops here is your chance. The First Congregational Church is looking for assistance to help touch the lives of our dedicated soldiers. They will gratefully except donations of requested items or monetary donations. They will do the work of packing and shipping them to our soldiers serving so very far from home.

Check out the "Make A Difference Day" page on the church website or contact Jennifer at the church office, (508) 672-5862 or email her at

Please consider supporting this worthy cause.


just jenn said...

Thank you Lefty for putting this "out there" to your readers.

We are really counting on the community (in addition to our church members) to help make this a huge success.

If I may add a few details:

The church is undergoing a large amount of construction and is surrounded by a temporary chain link fence. If people are interested in donating items, we are asking that they use the Cherry St. entrance to the church. The door will be open and there will be a sign and/or balloons to direct people to the correct door.

Also, if October 27 is not a good date, we will happily continue the project after that date.

People should feel free to call or email me at the phone number/email address Lefty provided in his post.

Thanks again Lefty for posting this - I truly appreciate your help in making the project a success.

I will update you and your readers on this weekends progress on Monday.

just jenn said...

As promised... an update.

We collected enough items to fill 19 boxes flat rate priority mail boxes.

These boxes will be brought to the post office over the next four weeks (we were asked not to send more than 3-5 boxes a week). The boxes can take up to 40 days to be delivered.

In the meantime, we will continue to collect items (and monetary donations) from people who were unable to make it this weekend. I can be reached at (508) 672-5862 or via email at More details can be found at the church's website

The First Congregational Church sincerely thanks everyone for their help in making this project a success.

Thanks again!
Jennifer Rego