Monday, October 15, 2007

Mayor Whitty, may I make a suggestion....

In 11 short days Mayor Ed Lambert will step down and City Council President Bill Whitty will serve as the acting mayor until a newly elected mayor is sworn in next January.

Because key people have left the Lambert administration for new employment, Whitty inherits an office being run on a skeleton crew. As brief as his tenure will be, Mayor Whitty will be expected to perform the duties of his office seamlessly and has already stated his will fill some critical spots, chief of staff among them.

Where can Bill Whitty find someone to serve as chief of staff who has the right experience and is immediately available? Whitty needs someone who is not just qualified but someone who has specific knowledge of the day to day operations of Fall River's government.

My suggestion is Eric Poulin.

With six years experience in the Mayor's office, Eric has the qualifications needed. He understands the specifics of Fall River's day to day operations. He also has specific knowledge of the Lambert administration that could prove essential to issues that Mayor Whitty may have to face. Eric's experience with the LNG fight should also prove a valuable asset to our acting mayor as well as his knowledge of public housing.

In short I doubt that there is a more suitable candidate that has the experience, the knowledge, and the qualifications of Eric Poulin. Certainly none that could be immediately available. When you consider that Whitty can only appoint someone for up to 60 days, finding anyone else that of Eric's stature does seems impossible.

While it would be unique to have to former mayoral candidates serving in that office, I have no idea if Eric Poulin would be willing to serve the city in this capacity. I also have no idea if Bill Whitty would offer it. However I would urge both men to consider it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that suggestion just blew my socks off!

Whitty is in a tough position in trying to lure people to a 2 month job with no guarantees of staying on after January.

Btw, did Poulin ever get the CDA position after the election?

Lefty said...

As far as I know, Eric has not returned to his former position.

Blew your sucks off? I take it you like the suggestion?

Let's hope someone tells Bill Whitty to read my blog!

Anonymous said...

That's a great suggestion! I voted for Eric Poulin anyway so I already believe in how good he is. Is Whitty's web site still up? Maybe I'll go send him a link to your blog. :)

Lefty said...

I'm glad you like it. I'm convinced that he would be a huge asset to Whitty and possibly the next Mayor as well.

On a different topic I wish you would consider using a some sort of name with your comments. It's nice to know when a series of comments belong to one person!

just jenn said...

As a Poulin supporter, I agree with you 100%. Eric is a very smart man and I truly believe this city would be better with him working for it.

Roger Williams said...

You can stop whoring for Poulin, Lefty: he lost! Let him work in the private sector for a while before he attempts to attach himself to the public teat.

Lefty said...


If you would like to attribute this post to my 'whoring' for Poulin that's fine.

The fact still remains that Whitty will need people in key positions. I can think of know better choice than Eric Poulin.

Vicki said...

So because Eric Poulin lost it means that he shouldn't work for Whitty? Why not? He's qualified and he knows what has to be done. He would have made an excellent mayor (in my opinion) and I think that Mr. Whitty would be very lucky to have Eric Poulin on his staff.

RadioKeri said...

Maybe Roger's right ... I mean considering the fact that he knows nothing about the situation, the campaign or Eric Poulin himself, I think his opinion merits consideration.

Oh wait, no it doesn't.


I think Eric would make a valuable contribution. But they're not going to pay him more than what he was getting before -- about $37,000 a year -- which is peanuts compared to what he is worth. He'd be a fool to "help" a guy like Whitty who paid a dear price for being too cocky in the race -- including taking several below the belt swipes at Poulin.

But then again, the guy is super idealistic -- and might consider a position if the offer was right. Maybe we can convince him to take pity on the city and overlook the poor treatment by Whitty for the benefit of the city he loves.