Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is there anybody out there?

If I was confused before September 11th about who is running, I'm even more confused now. Here it is almost one month after the preliminary election, and you could hear a pin drop in the city of Fall River. I've yet to hear any candidate for office define themselves, or their opponents. I have seen a few things come from the Sullivan campaign, but nothing more than a few press conferences. I've yet to see any candidates at my door explaining who they are, and why I should vote for them.

The city seems to be content with the way things are going. The top 9 vote getters are going to ease their way into office. Out with the old... in with the older seems to be the policy. Change in this city apparently means that you elect candidates based on longevity, and not vision. Don't get me wrong. I like many of the top vote getters, I just wish that there would be more debate. Something to sink your teeth into. I thought after the September 11th preliminary we would get to finally see what some of these newcomers are about. You made it through, you have your shot. Who are you, why are you running? Tell me something about yourself! Is it just me, or would most of these candidates fail in a job interview? Kudos to the few candidates with websites. I'm glad to see some of you have the decency to introduce yourselves.

I'll say it.. Who is running? Who is even IN this race still? I haven't seen any of you. Are you content to just sit pretty and let the council ease their way back into power?

It is hard to know for certain, with the huge debacle that occurred at Government Center this past month, but I am fairly certain these are the candidates that are running:


Robert Correia
David Sullivan

I'll give David Sullivan some credit for staging a few press rallies. He seems to at least be running a campaign this time. As for Bob Correia, I guess he pretty much showed us what he was made of in the preliminary. Show up late to a few debates, stop by a few candidates times, and that's good enough for Mayor of Fall River...

There are a couple debates coming up. Let's hope these debates define these candidates. It would be a shame if we eased on through the election without getting to know more about these candidates. Sure, they've been our Reps for 30 some odd years, but what have you done for me lately?

Leo Pelletier
Cathy Ann Viveiros
Linda M. Pereira
Patricia Casey
Thomas Kozak
Brian Bigelow
Joseph Camara
Raymond E. Hague
Steven Camara
Michael Lund
Gus Suneson
Americo Miranda
Michael L. Miozza
Timothy Bennett
Brian M. Dias
Paul R. Viveros
Patrick A. Richards
Nathaniel Amaral

Out of the candidates for Council, I see a few glimmers of hope. I'm not going to hit on each one, but there are a few that catch my immediate attention.

Leo, Cathy, Linda, Pat, are pretty much cemented in my opinion. I don't see any of them moving too much in either direction.

Kozak I think could really take a hit on this election. I just don't see him out there telling me how great a councilor he was. Besides that, what are you going to do for me now? I've only even seen a few signs for Kozak around town. Granted they are probably the biggest signs I've seen around town...

Joe Camara, I see pretty much the same way I see Kozak. Good councilors, but what are you planning on doing once you are re-elected?

I have to say Brian Bigelow was the biggest surprise to me. I thought he'd break high into the top 18, but I didn't see him pulling off a top 9 spot, much less number 6. I think Brian has a good chance at solidifying his lead if he comes out and shows people what he is made of. I'll be watching Bigelow intently.

Props to Ray Hague who has been out showing us what he is made of. The Herald recently spotlighted him bringing his public safety subcommittee out to the voters in Borden East. Shame on the councilors that didn't show up to make it a quorum This shows me he is active and wants to involve the people in the decision making. Hopefully, voters see this and give him a more impressive spot than he garnered in the preliminary.

Steve Camara came in 9th. Not bad for a guy who we didn't see too much of during the preliminary race. He apparently has a disdain for signage, so I guess the old adage "Signs don't vote" works for Mr. Camara. He has a potential to go either way. If he is smart he improves his vote count, if he runs the same lackluster campaign, I think he moves down below the top 9.

Mike Lund. What can you say about Mike Lund that hasn't already been said in his full page ads in the local newspapers? Oh, you could say that he also has radio ads on WSAR. To me this goes to show you that money counts. Money may not be able to buy love, but it sure can buy votes.

Gus Suneson. We all pretty much know where Gus stands. Watch his weekly television show if you don't already know.

Americo Miranda? What, you made it through? I thought for sure you were gone? Oh well, I guess you didn't just forget to take your signs down. So where are you? What do you want to be Councilor for? Why should I vote for you?!

Michael L. Miozza. This guy is on public access more than Gus Suneson! He even has a website. Of all the candidates for council I know where you stand. Get out there tell the rest of the voters!

Timothy Bennett? I've seen him a few places, but not really gotten to see what his platform is. Are you running on your Green Futures platform? If so let us know about it.

Brian M. Dias - I think you have a website... But it disgusted me too much to look at past the first impression. What exactly were you going for here, worst political website design ever?

Paul R. Viveros - The toilet guy... 'nuff said.

Patrick A. Richards - Wow, I thought you were gone too? I guess I should have checked the ballot one more time. Maybe this time they won't screw it up too much and we will actually know who is on it. Hopefully the seniors aren't too afraid to go out and vote this time.

Nathaniel Amaral - Good luck, you're going to need it. Coming in dead last.. er not at all, er dead last, er not going to be on the ballot, ok you did get on... Isn't going to help you get elected. I want to see more of your platform.

Michael Canuel. It's too bad you didn't make the top 18. You've got the best website of the lot! Keep this up and you might just be councilor next time around.

Kevin Aguiar
Marilyn Morin Roderick
Shawn E. Cadime
Mark Costa
Joseph Martins
Timothy P. McCoy
John F. Picard
Robert Maynard
Helena Teresa Fonseca
Ronald R. Silvia
Michael D. Ramos
Rachael B. Gettys

Kevin Aguiar, Marilyn Roderick (didn't she run for Mayor or something), Shawn Cadime, Mark Costa. You are golden. Sit on your ass and don't bother lifting a finger to run. The people love you, why not bask in it for a while?

Joseph Martins? Where did this guy come from? Oh, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School is where. He seems to have picked the right time to run. Diman keeps getting good press at least once a week. People must have seen his work at Diman and figure he is going to bring that experience to the City of Fall River Public Schools. I think not only is this guy a sure bet to be on the committee next year, I think the city will be better off for it.

Tim Mccoy. I think you have a good chance of getting bumped off this year. I'm not saying you will, and you probably won't. But, if ever there was a year for it, this is it. If I were you I'd be out at everything I possibly could. Tell people who you are, and why you want the job again. You don't get to rest on your laurels this year.

Picard I've definitely seen around town. He's been at a lot of events, I've even heard of him before. He's run for the position a few times, this could be the year. Let's see more of Picard out there in the streets talking it up.

Robert Maynard - Who?
Helena Teresa Fonseca - Might have heard of you once...
Ronald R. Silvia - Who?
Michael D. Ramos - Oh, I've seen your signs.. who are you?
Rachael B. Gettys - I buy gas at Getty because I can't go to Hess... oh wait, I'm sure you're not related.. Who would know? I haven't seen you anywhere.

In summary... I'm calling you all out! Get your arse out there and knock on doors. I want to see you work for it! Go door to door, tell us why you want it, and what you can do for us. Because, in the end, that's all we care about. What's in it for us? How will you make my city a better place to live?

Fear and Loathing in Fall River


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I find it very frustrating that most of the candidates don't have websites up. In this day and age they MUST realize that most people are going to the web to get their information. It's even worse when people--(I'm thinking of Mike Lund here)--actually advertise their website on their signs and then they don't have one. Why should I vote for you Mr. Lund? Obviously you can't even get it together enough to get the site up for your campaign so why should I think you could get it together to help run the city of Fall River? Just my .02 on that.

How do you even contact these people to find out what they stand for? I don't get the paper delivered to my house and as I said, I work all day and can't listen to WSAR so I go to the place where I can to make an informed decision.

Fall River Community said...

I first met Mr. Lund at the Master Plan event that was held at Heritage State Park. I asked Mr. Lund, "I see your website has a webpage on it, but there is no webpage up yet, when do you think it will be up and running?"

I kid you not, he said, it should be up sometime around THE 4TH OF JULY !!! (If my memory serves me correctly, the Master Plan meeting occurred a few weeks prior to the 4th of July.)

About contacting the candidates, WingsTV has a link to the addresses and telephone numbers of all the (preliminary) candidates.

P.S. Are there any plans for a debate for City Council or the School Committee? I remember at least 1 event for each of these groups in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FRC--

It just may be my imagination but I'm thinking that Mike Lund is just a little behind in getting that site up. ;-) July 4th was only what? 3 months ago? LOL

Also, thanks for the wingstv address. I'll go check it out later.

Fear and Loathing in Fall River said...

I have no inside information on this. My guess is that they put the website on the signs before they bought the rights to it. Someone probably bought it out from under them...

Anonymous said...

I talked to Mike Lund and actually asked him about his website and when it was going to go up. He told me that someone has been telling him he'll do it but he is a few weeks behind. :o

Anonymous said...

A few weeks? More like several months.

The election will be over and the site still won't be up and even if he gets it up tomorrow that's still sad considering there are about 19 days left until the election. If that explanation made you happy and you took it from Lund without question you sound like the type of voter who would vote for Mike Lund...

Lund can't get his act together just to get a website up and he clearly wants the position to move forward with his own business interests which include getting condos built, etc. Don't let his pretty face and the pics with the wife and dog fool you...

Anonymous said...

The dog in the photo of Lund and his wife isn't even his.

Anonymous said...

You mean the dog is a prop? Unbelievable! Using a prop dog/fake dog to try and look like the ideal postcard version of a family... distasteful! Hopefully the dog doesn't feel cheap and used but hey a canine has to eat... those kibbles n' bits don't pay for themselves...

Anonymous said...

What I have a problem with is the candidates using their kids as props. The "Vote for my Daddy" ads are just too cute by half.